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Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation by Certified Installers

If your needs are beyond our standard coverage kits, we will be glad to design a custom cell phone signal booster system and install it for you to improve reception to your desired areas (no limit - we can use multiple commercial amplifiers to expand indoor cellular coverage as much as needed).

Regardless of your location within USA and Canada, we provide cell phone signal booster installation service nationwide within both countries by a Wilson Electronics certified installer.

Submit requested information in the form on the right, and we will provide prompt quote plus time-frame required for installation at your home or business anywhere within United States and Canada.

Ideal For:

  • Extremely Large Homes and Mansions.
  • Large Office Buildings.
  • Large Apartment Complexes.
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities.
  • Manufacturing Plants.
  • Distribution Warehouses.
  • Schools and Universities.
  • Hotels and Motels.
  • Shopping Malls.
  • All other types of large structures.

Simple Process.

Please submit requested information so that our Wilson signal booster experts can engineer a custom designed cellular amplifying system to fully meet your needs. This quote by a Wilson certified installer will be provided to you at no cost nor obligation, along with all necessary supporting documentation.

Measure Signal Strength.

Please note that antenna signal bars of cell phones unfortunately only provide a rough estimate of external mobile signal strength. Find out how to measure signal strength most accurately in decibels for most effective quote.

If not, please be sure to provide the address of property in comments section in submission form on the right (as long as it is within USA and Canada) so we can have outside signal strength measured most accurately for you.

However, please note that if we have to come out to have building exterior cellular signal strength measured for you, that may incur a fee if you decide not to proceed with installation after equipment and installation quote is provided. Thank you.

Nationwide Cell Phone Signal Booster Installers

Complete and submit following form for a quote by a certified, bonded, and insured cell phone signal booster installer. Get a FREE custom signal booster install design, a list and cost of all equipment required, and the cost of installing it. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our custom design blueprint, suggested equipment, and installation time-frame. Serving all fifty United States, its territories, and Canada. Request a site survey, custom kitted design, and installation quote, today.

Custom Cell Phone Signal Booster System Design (Free of charge!)

For many large residences, office buildings, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, utilities, warehouses, educational institutions, hotels, malls and other large commercial properties, there is a serious need for improved wireless signal reception. Unfortunately, with large square footage comes challenges, as even the best standalone wireless signal boosters can only provide coverage for areas of up to 100,000 square feet. The good news is that CellPhoneSignalBooster.us can still help you improve signal reception in your building or on your property with a custom cell phone signal booster system design covering unlimited space. Our Wilson Electronics certified installers have expertise of designing and installing boosting systems covering millions of square feet. You can rely upon our Wilson certified installer's experience and expertise for site survey, design, and installation of cell phone signal booster systems for your commercial establishment such as a building or any type of architectural structure. We're experienced site surveyors, system designers, and installers of cell phone signal booster systems of any size.

A Great Alternative to DAS.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are typically very expensive and large systems that tap directly into a cellular carrier's network and use a network of antennas to distribute the signal throughout the inside of the building. The cost of these systems run into hundreds of thousands and up to millions of dollars. Our custom cell phone signal booster solution is a great alternative to a DAS installation because it will perform just as well and cost a fraction of the amount that a DAS set-up would cost.

The Problems with DAS

If your home, business or institution has needs beyond what can be met with conventional and commercial wireless signal boosters that you can purchase from a top manufacturer like Wilson, you could choose to have a Distributed Antenna System or DAS installed. With one of these systems, wiring is added to connect your building to one specific cellular carrier's network and then antennas are used to carry the signal throughout your space.

For many businesses, DAS is either an incomplete or financially unfeasible solution for boosting wireless signal strength. Because these systems tap into one carrier, they cannot improve connectivity for users of all mobile device users. Plus, they cost hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars to install.

A Customized Solution

Custom cell phone signal booster system design from Cell Phone Signal Booster is an affordable, effective alternative to DAS. With our service, we custom design a system that uses the highest quality cell phone signal boosters to improve signal strength across an entire large building. Because our designs do not include DAS, they can reduce dropped calls, improve the clarity of conversations and hasten upload and download speeds for mobile device users across all carriers. Plus, they cost a fraction of the price and much less time to install.

Why Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Cell Phone Signal Booster is an industry expert in cell phone signal boosting technology. With our years of experience, we know how to put together the most effective system design at the lowest cost to our customers. We only carry the best cell phone signal boosters from trusted brands such as weBoost and Wilson Pro as well, so you can be confident that your custom design will include only the most reliable, advanced solutions available on the market. Plus, we provide our service completely free of charge.

Get Your Free Design

So how exactly can you get your free custom cell phone signal booster system design from CellPhoneSignalBooster.us? The process is easy. Just complete the form above with your basic contact information, the number of floors, the coverage area per floor and the outdoor signal strength. Then, upload your floor plan and provide us with any additional information that you desire. We will review the information you provide and get back to you quickly with your customized plan that will break down the best way to boost cell phone coverage for your space.

Remember, the quote is completely free and comes at no obligation to you, so fill out the form now and let us develop a customized solution for you!

ALL of our signal boosters work with ALL cell phones and ALL cellular service providers, including :


Cell phone signal boosters for all service carriers


Since 1999, over 1.5 million of our cell phone boosters have been sold. Companies using them include:

Companies that use our cell phone signal booster

Thank you for your business.
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Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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