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Fido Signal Booster for M2M

All M2M amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your Fido service.

Fido M2M Signal Boosters for use in ATMs, lotto & vending machines, remote monitoring systems, etc.

Maintain and boost 4G LTE cellular machine to machine connections

Signal 4G

3G & 4G LTE
Direct Connection
For M2M Installations
CAD $349.99
Maintain and boost 4G LTE cellular machine to machine connections

Signal 4G Hardwire

3G & 4G LTE
Direct Connection
With Hardwire Kit
CAD $349.99

Fido Signal Booster For M2M

Mobile phones and tablets are not the only devices that encounter network problems. Any kind of machine that requires 2G, 3G or 4G connectivity, whether data alone or data and other modes of communication, will have network issues. Mobile phones and tablets are the most widely used consumer electronics which is why the focus of signal boosters is often centered on them. Signal boosters are also necessary for machines that require 3G or 4G connections. Myriad kinds of machines are running on Fido’s network. From high speed wireless internet powered vending machines, to smaller dispensers and important ATMs across the country, a plethora of machines require a strong and reliable network. While Fido has one of the strongest networks in Canada, there are areas where the signal strength is poor and there are times when owing to various reasons, the network coverage suffers. For any machine or device having network problems, you must consider using a Fido signal booster for M2M.

Types of Fido Signal Boosters for M2M

There are three main kinds of Fido Signal Boosters For M2M - Security 4G, Signal 3G, and Signal 4G. There are signal boosters for virtually all needs and sizes. With Fido signal boosters for M2M needs, you are talking about something that is designed to work with a variety of different machines. These machines include fleet telematics, ATMs, vending machines, asset tracking devices, and even remote monitoring control systems (think of something like a monitored alarm). If you want to take full advantage of your Fido 3G or LTE 4G networks with these machines, you can definitely benefit from the use of a Fido signal booster for M2M. Replacing those 3G modems with 4G modems inside cabinets of such stand alone machines? Try our 4G LTE booster kits to speed up data transfer many fold!

The exact type of Fido signal booster for M2M that you choose will depend on various factors. Existing network coverage or the signal strength, the type of machine and the kind of boost you need will determine the exact model of Fido signal booster for M2M. You also need to factor in the kind of technology the booster would have to ensure that it will be suitable for the operation. The types of Fido signal booster for M2M can be categorized into Security 4G, Signal 3G and Signal 4G.

Security 4G Fido Signal Booster for M2M

weBoost Security 4G M2M (471119) Machine To Machine Signal Booster For Security Systems works for 3G and 4G LTE networks. Any type of security system using Fido's network will get a signal boost which will increase the 4G data speeds. The very coverage of 3G and 4G networks would be enhanced. Areas that get very weak signals will get better signals. Areas that get medium signal strengths will enjoy excellent network coverage. The Security 4G M2M booster is ideal for all kinds of alarms and more elaborate security systems. The booster increases the network strength sufficiently enough to facilitate heavier downloads and system upgrades that can be painstakingly long and be plagued with glitches otherwise. This Fido signal booster for M2M is also reliable and thus you don't have to worry about outage, something that you cannot afford with security systems.

Signal 3G Fido Signal Booster for M2M

weBoost Signal 3G (470109) M2M Direct Connect Signal Booster Kit works for Fido's 3G networks. As the name implies, it can really improve the signal strength and increase the coverage area by that virtue. Unlike security systems that can have centralized connections, many machines or systems will have to be installed at varying locations. Machines such as cash dispensers, or any type of vending machine have to be placed at a particular location and that may not get the best of coverage. Also, there are many internal infrastructural issues in buildings or premises that can interfere with the network coverage. Such machines cannot go kaput due to poor network or fluctuating signal strength. This Fido signal booster for M2M has the ability to increase the signal strength by up to 15 dB. While that may not appear to be much, it is actually significant when you consider the fact that you can get the improved signals just about anywhere. If the signals are fluctuating or there is apparently no network reception, then this booster will be very handy. It will amplify the signals and by that virtue, increase the coverage area. You wouldn't have to compromise on the strategic positioning of the machines. The Signal 3G booster offers bi-directional amplification of signals and has a 2 year warranty.

weBoost Signal 3G (470209) Compact M2M Cellular Booster Kit is compatible with 3G networks. It can be used for ATM machines or cash dispensers and a plethora of other operations. The Fido signal booster for M2M is a 3G dual band signal booster, and the box comes loaded with the cables, repeater, mini antenna and adaptors. It has a two year warranty. The maximum signal strength gain with this booster is also 15 dB.

weBoost Signal 3G (470309) M2M Booster With Hardwire Kit is also capable of gaining 15 dB of signal strength. It offers two-way boosting, and is widely used in the security industry, for vending or dispensing machines, and in the fleet management industry.

Signal 4G Fido Signal Booster for M2M

weBoost Signal 4G 470119 M2M Signal Booster Kit is compatible with 3G and 4G LTE networks. It facilitates two way communications, both inbound and outbound, with its bi-directional boosting of signals. Machines that require uploads and downloads will particularly benefit with this Fido signal booster for M2M. A notable advantage of this device is that it works really well in all kinds of places. There are areas that are too confined and there are places that have too many obstructions. Both these types of areas will impair the chances of optimum functioning of any machine that is depended on a cellular network. Too many obstructions between the cell tower and the site where the machine is installed would inevitably cause some network issues. Also, any kind of infrastructural blockage within a premise will also impair the network strength. This Fido signal booster for M2M can overcome those obstacles and enhance the signal by up to 15 dB. Due to its consistent boosting, machines will rarely encounter fluctuating signal strengths and blackouts are unheard of, that is unless the entire spectrum is unavailable for some reason.

weBoost Signal 4G (470219) M2M Hardwire Signal Booster Kit is compatible with 4G networks. This is widely believed to be the most potent Fido signal booster for M2M. Currently, this booster is used in ATMs, lotto machines and all kinds of vending machines. It is the reliability of the signal strength that the booster improves, that has made this device so popular. While the maximum signal strength gain is 15 dB, similar to other boosters on this list, it is the consistence that makes all the difference.

Fido Signal Booster for M2M

Commercial operations relying on networks can easily be compromised and can even halt completely, if the signal strengths are poor and if the coverage is suffering. Unlike personal devices that can still be managed, businesses have to bear losses if the various machines and systems don't get enough coverage from Fido. Every Fido signal booster for M2M listed above is compatible with the specific networks of the carrier, and will work with an array of machines or systems. Furthermore, these boosters offer reliable coverage and they would be able to consistently increase the signal strength whenever it fluctuates just slightly. You can assess the kind of coverage you are getting at a particular place, and how a machine or system is working. Accordingly, you can choose the relevant Fido signal booster for M2M. Do consider the exact location where the device is installed and the nature of its operations before choosing a Fido signal booster for M2M.

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