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If you have purchased a home or building cell phone signal booster kit but need more indoor coverage in different areas where reception is still weak, you can purchase a cell phone signal booster antenna expansion kit to add additional antennas to the boosting system. Adding more antennas to your weboost or Wilson Pro amplifier kit helps expand interior coversge further. Adding additional antennae would also help provide coverage in far flung areas/ rooms/ spaces in farthest corners of home.

These cell phone signal booster antenna extension kits include all required parts such as cables and splitters that will be required to connect to your existing cell phone booster system. Please choose between interior panel antennas (they push signal uni-directionally in one single direction - great for long rectangular spaces such as corridors) or interior dome antennas (these push signal omni-directionally in all directions in 360 degrees pattern - great for large square spaces or central locations).

Be sure to check your cell phone booster kit impedance whether it is 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm and choose signal expansion kits below marked 50 or 75 Ohms accordingly (your cell signal amplifier should have it written in its specifications sheet or check our website product description for your booster kit). Enjoy better inside reception within your home or office building with one or more of our cell phone signal booster antenna expansion or extension kits shown below.

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