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Inland Cellular Amplifier for Home

All home & building amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your Inland Cellular service.

Inland Cellular Home Amplifiers for houses, offices, apartment buildings.

Boost the Inland Cellular cellular signal in your car, truck or RV with Drive 3G Flex

3G Flex

3 Ft. Radius
3G Home & Car
Boost the Inland Cellular cell phone signal in your home with Home 3G. Covers a single room.

Home 3G

1,000 Sq. Ft.
Voice & 3G
Boost Inland Cellular cell phone signal in your home with weBoost Eqo signal booster. Covers 1 or 2 rooms.


1,200 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Boost the Inland Cellular cell phone signal in your home with Home 4G. Covers a single room.

Home 4G

1,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Boost Inland Cellular cell phone signal in your home with Connect 3G Omni. Covers entire home.

Connect 3G Omni

2,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice & 3G
Boost Inland Cellular mobility signal in your home with Connect 4G. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G

3,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Boost Inland Cellular reception in your home with Connect 3G-X. Covers your entire home.

Connect 3G-X

7,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice & 3G
Boost Inland Cellular mobile signal in your home with Connect 4G-X. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G-X

7,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Wilson Pro Commercial Grade Signal Booster for Inland Cellular

Commercial Grade

25,000 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G

Inland Cellular Amplifier for Home.

Are you searching for the best Inland Cellular cell phone reception amplifier for your home, workspace, warehouse or large building? Here you will find the most ideal ones to meet your coverage needs from weBoost and Wilson Electronics. 

Inland Cellular offers cellular services to everyone looking for something different from the huge cell phone service providers. With a huge network of local services there’s always a local customer care service answering all the questions people have, fixing phones and ensuring all the mobile related services and products are top of the range and high quality. 

Inland Cellular also stretches its coverage across all the entire United States and Canada to offer its customers the chance to keep in touch, enjoy internet services and remain socially active whenever one is travelling. 

A locally operated and owned cellular company, Inland Cellular has been operating since 1992 as a wireless communication company offering data and voice services across the country.  The company offers its Mobile broadband internet and other internet services across Washington and Idaho and estimated to serve about 403,000 users. This makes Inland Cellular the twentieth largest mobile broadband provider across the United States by area of coverage. 

In Idaho, Inland Cellular covers a population of 100,988 people with 0.768 Mbps maximum speed and 1.5 Mbps maximum speed serving 302, 218 people across Washington. Through Flex you have a new way of purchasing a top of the range quality Smartphone through the company. You also have the chance to upgrade when you want. The Flex monthly unlimited talk and text plan goes for $20 while data plan start from $20 for 1 GB per month, $60 for 6 GB per month and $80 per month that gets you 12 GB. 

Flex features include international coverage to make the most of your Smartphone anytime wherever you might be via the Inland Cellular service. Accessing the latest Smartphones with the best technology is also assured without worrying too much about contracts. The service also allows monthly bill savings through low up front costs and monthly affordable payments without upgrade fees. 

Inland Cellular data only service allows you to get the data you require to use with such devices as W-Fi hotspots for home, Wi-Fi and Mi-Fi mobile hotspots. To access long distance and local calling from home, Inland Cellular offers a $19.99 monthly plan, great for business office or home. 

Inland Cellular’s business solutions include keeping one connected while travelling locally or nationally by offering all the right business related connection tools. It means your laptop, mobile devices and other gadgets will help you remain connected, from top new devices, Tablets, USB Modems, Smartphones, incentives and discounts. The cellular company also offers shared plans to share unlimited data, messaging and talk time. You only need to add a family or a friend and enjoy a sharing service that saves money. 

Inland Cellular also offers high speed 4G LTE service in diverse areas for its subscribers through many devices.  The company’s cell phone reception boosters for homes include the following.

Small area Inland Cellular for home and building.

3G Flex. Comes with a 45 dB gain for 3G and 2G voice within three feet radius. 

Medium area Inland Cellular reception boosters.

Home 3G. Product boosts reception for 3G and 2G voice and data within a thousand feet, features 60 dB gain and great for condos and apartments. 

Home 4G. Boosts 4G LTE, 2G and 3G networks up to 1000 square feet, 60dB gain and great for 1-2 rooms. 

Connect 3G Omni. Amplifies 3G and 2G voice and data for 2,500 square feet, window mountable with a 65 dB gain.

Connect 3G Yagi. Boosts 3G and 2G voice and data networks up to 3,500 square feet, includes window mountable antenna. 

Connect 4G. Great for Inland Cellular 4G LTE, 2G and 3G networks for up to 3,500 square feet with a 65 dB gain including a window-mountable antenna. 

Large area reception boosters.

Connect 3G-X. Cell phone reception booster for up to 7,500 square feet and boosts 3G and 2G voice and data networks. 

Connect 4G-X. Great for the 4G LTE, 2G and 3G voice and data networks with a 70 dB gain. 

Very large Inland Cellular reception boosters.

Commercial grade Wilson 4000R. Rack mounted reception booster with 50 Ohm, covers an area between 100,000 and 140,000 square feet featuring Extra Dynamic Range and color LCD screen.

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