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Inland Cellular

weBoost / Wilson Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Inland Cellular

Inland Cellular Phones
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Choose the category type of wireless booster needed above that is compatible with your Inland Cellular Service. Or use the product selector shown in the top right corner, that will help you to quickly find the most suitable cell phone booster.

Inland Cellular Home Signal Boosters:
Boost signal in homes, offices, apartments, cottages, farms, and small buildings.

Inland Cellular Vehicle Signal Boosters:
Boost signal in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and other vehicles.

Inland Cellular M2M Signal Boosters:
Boost signal for machine to machine applications such as fleet telematics, ATMs, vending machines, asset tracking systems and remote monitoring control systems such as monitored alarms, etc.

Inland Cellular Amplifiers and Repeaters.

Are you looking for the best cell phone reception boosters that work on Inland Cellular network? Do you need it for your vehicle, boat, house, office or large building? Here you will find all the best weBoost and Wilson boosters you need. 

Inland Cellular is a wireless, cellular and data company owned by a Roslyn Washington company of the Wies family, the Inland Telephone Company who holds a majority stake. Its offices are located at 1332 G Street with stores in Moses Lake, Lewiston, Moscow, Walla Walla and Orofino with others being considered in Clarkston, Pullman and Grangeville. 

Inland Cellular history goes back to 1990, when it was licensed in Uniontown. In three years the company had gone into market opening its initial retail location by 1993 in Clarkston. This was followed by the moving of the main offices in 1998 to its current location in Lewiston. In 2010, it opened a store in Lewiston, Moscow in 2011 and others across Clarkston, Pullman and Grangeville. 

Inland Cellular’s 4G LTE high speed internet for Walla Walla, WA region was launched in October 2016. It is meant to allow the company’s subscribers to experience the benefits and features in a faster network and rapid data service. This is possible in diverse devices provided by Inland Cellular, both for business and personal use.

The cellular company operates across Washington and Idaho. Its mobile broadband internet is accessed by 403K users, which makes Inland Cellular 20th U.S. mobile broadband provider in terms of area coverage. Idaho’s 100,988 subscribers access maximum speed of 0.768 Mbps while Washington’s 302, 218 subscribers’ access maximum speeds of 1.5 Mbps. 

The company also offers its users shared plans. This helps users share unlimited data, minutes and messaging to maximize communication. Shared unlimited text and talk start at $40 per month. Data begins at $20 per month for 1 GB, $40 for 3 GB per month and $60 for 6 GB per month. 

The IC Home Inland Cellular plan allows users to save with the service in long distance and local unlimited calling. Plans start from $19.99 per month. This is a cost effective business office or home cost effective solution.  

Data only plans allow users to get connected through various devices. This includes Wi-Fi home hotspots, Mi-Fi mobile hotspots and USB modems. You can also shop or upgrade into a Smartphone with the right features with Inland Cellular’s FLEX purchase perhaps to enjoy the 4G LTE high speed connection. FLEX plans include unlimited text and talk for $20 per month as well as data plans that start at $20 for 1GB per month, $60 for 6 GB per month and $80 per month for 12 GB. 

If you’re spending to get wireless service, it would be a great idea to purchase cell amplifier to boost reception indoors and in vehicles so you can actually use the service and make the most of the dollars you spend to get the service from Inland Cellular. Consider our many options for home, vehicle, and machine to machine boosters that meet your specific needs. Call us if you need assistance.

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