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Is 5G Really the Cord-Cutter’s Boon?

Posted by on Sep 14, 2018

Earlier this year, Verizon had hinted at 5G home broadband services in partnership with Apple TV and YouTube TV, some of the streaming world’s biggest giants to deliver high-speed video streaming services straight to people’s living rooms. Well, it seems the future is here.

Is 5G Really the Cord-Cutter’s Boon?

When exactly does 5G service offering begin?

With services commencing from October 1st, Verizon has launched the delivery of 5G broadband services to Houston TX, Indianapolis IN, Los Angeles CA, and Sacramento CA, four of Verizon’s first 5G testing grounds.

With Verizon 5G Home, consumers can kiss data caps and sluggish streaming speeds goodbye. 5G Home will not only offer download and streaming speeds up to 1 Gbps – a speed double than what 4G services currently deliver, but it will also bring about a host of other facilities to an TV viewer’s doorstep.

On pre-booking from Verizon’s official website, the buyer will become a First On 5G member. Benefits include free 3 months of free YouTube TV (YouTube’s broadband-delivered video streaming service) following which subscribers can continue availing the same service for $50/month for existing Verizon Wireless customers and $70/month for new Verizon Wireless customers, sans any annual contracts. At the time of signing up, Verizon also gives you the power to choose between Apple TV 4K or Google Chromecast Ultra, two of USA’s favourite streaming media adapters. Verizon is also gearing up to launch 5G services when 5G smartphones and mobile devices become available in the first half of 2019 and 5G Home subscribers will have early and benefitted access to everything Verizon 5G has to offer.

Pre-orders for Verizon 5G Home have already begun in full-force from September 13. While early-birds there are rushing to get their hands on technologies’ latest baby, other areas such as Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, Miami and Washington DC where Verizon is currently testing its 5G waters and metropolises like New York and Chicago can also expect the 5G wave to hit them in the first half of 2019. Or maybe even sooner.

Is USA in the Lead for 5G Migration Worldwide?

A new report unveiled at the Mobile World Congress America this week has already declared USA and Canada as the forerunners of Global 5G migration. This is apparent given the current statistics: the total projected market for mobile devices is 400 million and this report already numbers a whopping 49 percent of that figure, or roughly 200 million 5G mobile connections in USA and Canada by the year 2025.

Earlier this week, even T-Mobile USA announced the use of Layer3 TV (which it acquired last year) to use its upcoming 5G network to bring broadband streaming services to urban and rural areas.

Will High Speed 5G Streaming Cost More?

With so much going about in the 5G circles, especially with respect to TV, are the days of broadband TV finally breathing their last? For consumers who have spent hundreds of dollars on subscribing to TV channels they hardly watch for a better part of the decade now, 5G streaming TV comes as a huge respite. But will this last in the long run? Or will TV streaming services too succumb to hidden costs like their broadband counterparts did a few years down the lane?

As reported by USA Today, an analyst with ReCon Analytics, Roger Entner hints at this. Eventually, channels in high-demand, such as sports and entertainment channels with spike their rates based on increased costs of programming. Hence, even though connectivity costs will go down, the consumers will spend the same amount as before. Can cord-cutters rejoice yet? It’s better they hold their verdicts till 5G unveils itself completely a few years down the lane.


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