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List of AT&T MVNOs

AT&T Mobile Virtual Network Operators List that our cell phone signal boosters work with:

Which cellular service provider companies use the AT&T Wireless Network to provide cell phone service?

420 Wireless Aeris Communications, Inc. AirVoice Wireless
Black Wireless Boom Mobile campusSIMs
Consumer Cellular Cricket Wireless Defense Mobile
FamilyTalk Wireless Flash Wireless good2GO Mobile
H2O Wireless KDDI Mobile Jolt Mobile
Net10 Wireless Pix Wireless Pure TalkUSA
Red Pocket Mobile SkyView Wireless Straight Talk
TracFone UWT Mobile  

Have you ever wondered why AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are the big players in telecom markets? What about the smaller ones like Cricket Wireless, Boost and MetroPCS? As a cellular consumer, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the basics of cellular services, what networks are you using and what are you paying for.

 An MVNO or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator is essentially a reseller of telecom services. An MNO or a Mobile Network Operator is the original owner of these services. MNOs lease out these services to MVNOs. 

Simply speaking, AT&T Wireless Network is an MNO. Carriers such as Cricket Wireless, Consumer Cellular, H2O Wireless and Tracfone are all AT&T’s MVNOs. 

MNOs have their own network infrastructure (this includes cellular towers that send signals to mobile phones) and purchased radio frequency spectrum. MNOs participate in government auctions and bid for radio frequency spectrums which they then purchase. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are four major mobile operators that own their own frequency bands and networks in the USA.

Contrary to this, MVNOs don’t own network infrastructure or their own radio frequency spectrum. Instead, such cellular resellers buy minutes at wholesale rates from a major carrier. Then, they simply resell them at resale prices. Note that while reselling, they use their own business brand and name. 

If you are out of contract with your provider and need a low budget solution to your calling plans, you should opt for one of these resale cellular companies. For one, there is no binding contract with such alternative cellular companies. Their monthly plans are quite inexpensive. They offer flexible plans to suit your usage and requirements. Perhaps the best advantage of opting for MVNO operators is minutes roll over. If you have purchased a cellular plan on a contract basis, any accumulated minutes or data is collapsed if left unused. On the other hand, prepaid plans offered by smaller cellular companies tend to get carry-forwarded in their pay-go options. FFC also allows mobile number portability so that you can change your carrier without changing your phone number. Also, the Bring Your Own Device practice allows you to port over your unlocked device, without buying a brand new locked phone. AIO Wireless is a well-known AT&T MVNO. It is known to offer progressive discounts for purchase of additional service lines from them. StraightTalk is another of AT&T’s reseller and also the largest reseller of cellular services in the United States. 

H2O is also one of AT&T’s cellular reseller. It is more suitable for those who want to opt for a yearly plan. While AT&T itself offers limited plans depending on your usage, H2O Wireless offers a $100 per year plan. This plan offers you 2000 minutes of text or calls for one year. 

However, no matter what operator you chose to buy plans with, signal boosters are designed to work on bandwidths, rather than specific carrier. Hence, if a booster is an AT&T booster, it will also work with H2O, Cricket Wireless or any other carrier that resells AT&T’s plans as an MVNO.

MVNOs have been in the telecom landscape for about 15 years now. A survey by statista.com shows that there were 599 Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Europe by the end of 2015[1]. Yet another report by GSMIntelligence says that within a span of 5 years between June 2010 to June 2015, MVNOs have increased by 70% in the world [2]. This number had reached 1017 in June 2015 [2]. Moreover, the worldwide MVNO directory released in February 2016 shows more than 500 companies are operating 754 pure MVNOs and 945 total MVNOs[3]. There are 5700 management contracts between telecom companies. [3]

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