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List of Sprint MVNOs

Sprint Mobile Virtual Network Operators List that our cell phone signal boosters work with:

Which cellular service provider companies use the Sprint Wireless Network to provide cell phone service?

Sprint MVNOs  
Aeris Communications Inc. Best Cell Boom Mobile
Boost Mobile CellNUVO Charge
Chit Chat Mobile Defense Mobile EcoMobile
Español Mobile Expo Mobile FamilyTalk Wireless
Flash Wireless good2GO Mobile Helio
Infinium Wireless i-Wireless Kajeet
Madstar Mobile Net10 Wireless NetZero
OTG Mobile Patriot Mobile Pix Wireless
Project Fi Proven Wireless Ready Mobile
Red Pocket Mobile Republic Wireless Ring Plus, Inc.
Scratch Wireless Straight Talk Telcel América
Tello US Tempo Telecom TextNow
The People's Operator USA Ting Total Call Mobile
Touch Mobile UWT Mobile Virgin Mobile USA

Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are four of the biggest cell phone carriers in the market. Apart from these, there are many smaller carrier networks as well. These alternatives are known as MVNOs. The big four are also known as MNOs or Mobile Network Operators. MVNOs or Mobile Virtual Network Operators do not possess network bandwidth or infrastructure of their own. Instead, they operate by buying minutes from bigger carriers in bulk and selling these under their own brand names at flexible prices to consumers. 

Based on infrastructure, MVNOs can be classified as skinny, thin or thick. Skinny resellers don’t own any infrastructure but they market their services under their own brand. Light resellers are similar to skinny ones but they can set their tariffs independently from their MVNO’s retail prices. Thick MVNOs are enhanced service providers that also offer added services, apart from those offered by their network owners. [8] 

MVNOs are also classified on the basis of their functionality and size. Discount MVNOs offer simple services such as only voice and SMS and cheaper handsets based on sub-prime markets. Niche MVNOs provide specific services to niche markets such as the youth or small businesses. These services offer many useful value added services and add-ons, apart from basic services, to their customers. Retail MVNOs use the existing points of sale such as supermarkets to provide their services.  Advertising-driven MVNOs provide certain free services such as free minutes or SMS for sending ads to subscriber’s phones. Brand MVNOs are not very different from traditional MVNOs but they take advantage of the brand value and customer loyalty of their owner networks. [9]

There are about 1000 such virtual operators worldwide and they account for more than 10% of mobile users. Price is a driving factor for their popularity as their offers are designed to suit individual needs. [1] Hence, customers can choose from a wide variety of carriers according to their calling and data usage needs. It is also possible that an MNO might own its MVNO as well as operate it but the MVNO will brand itself independently. [3] This type of relationship is known as sub-branding. For instance, AT&T lets Cricket Wireless operate on its network and also owns it. A report by GSM Intelligence mentions that worldwide MVNO operators rise by as much as 1000 per year. They attribute it to regulatory policies that increase competition and interest in the virtual network markets. Europe accounts for two-thirds for domestic MVNOs. Also, it has been observed that MVNOs can exist only in mature markets wherein penetrations have crossed the one hundred percent mark. [5]

Speaking of virtual carriers, Sprint is known to be friendlier to its MVNOs compared to its counterparts. In 2014, Sprint announced that its mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) partner Unified Signal will launch the ITalk targeting data users. ITalk would tap into Sprint’s CDMA and LTE network to provide data services to its customers.[2]  Customer reviews have claimed that Sprint prepaid accounts are the only ones that offer roaming as well.[4] Boost is a popular Sprint MVNO. In 2016, Sprint launched a new reseller called Tello which gave users the option to either bring their own unlocked device or buy one from them. Then, Tello lets you choose the number of minutes, text or the amount of data in GBs on the plan. If you don’t want any of the three services, you also have the option of setting it to zero. [6] 

In an interview with FierceWireless, Sprint’s vice president of global sales and business development, Karen Freitag, said that the wholesale and MVNO market had “a lot of growth potential”, especially in terms of revenue generated. He also quoted that he regarded MVNOs more than just cellular resellers and they served the niche markets. When asked about the network constraints due to MVNOs, he explained that although MVNOs offered unlimited plans to their customers, their plans itself with Sprint were not unlimited. While the resellers themselves operate on a business model that suits them, Sprint networks their traffic and plans accordingly. Moreover, he attributed a major part of their success to their relationship with their virtual network operators. [7] 


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