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Mobilicity Signal Booster for M2M

All M2M amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your Mobilicity service.

Mobilicity M2M Signal Boosters for use in ATMs, lotto & vending machines, remote monitoring systems, etc.

Maintain and boost 4G LTE cellular machine to machine connections

Signal 4G

3G & 4G LTE
Direct Connection
For M2M Installations
CAD $349.99
Maintain and boost 4G LTE cellular machine to machine connections

Signal 4G Hardwire

3G & 4G LTE
Direct Connection
With Hardwire Kit
CAD $349.99

Machine to machine cellular or wireless connections can have fluctuating signals or network availability. For seamless operation, the network must have hundred percent uptime. When in use, the signal strength must be optimum to facilitate constant communication that is necessary. Internet and Intranet connectivity, to other forms of communications performed wirelessly from one device to another or between computer terminals, can be negatively affected with poor signal strength, or if the network access is not good enough. To get optimum network access and signal strength, you can use a Mobilicity signal booster for M2M.

There are three main kinds of Mobilicity Signal Boosters For M2M - Security 4G, Signal 3G, and Signal 4G

Unlike personal phones and even private networks, M2M applications cannot be put in jeopardy and they cannot malfunction due to poor network or signal strength. M2M applications are not confined to the major cities and downtown areas. They are spread far and wide across the country and often in remote locales where the general signal strength on most devices would be unimpressive. Regardless of what kind of signal strength that a Mobilicity powered device gets, the device will get improved, more reliable and consistent signal strength, which will be the key to properly functioning and available M2M application. Listed below are three kinds of signal boosters to enhance Mobilicity network connections.

Security 4G Mobilicity signal booster for machine to machine applications

weBoost Security 4G M2M (471119) Machine To Machine Signal Booster For Security Systems is compatible with 3G and 4G LTE networks. Mobilicity cellular connections for security systems and panels can get improved 4G data speeds and increased 3G and 4G network coverage. The booster facilitates a direct connection and can be used for alarms, entry systems and any kind of security setup. With reliable network availability and signal strength, this booster allows the devices or security systems to be failsafe, and so they can always send out the alarms or signals whenever necessary.

The Security 4G M2M booster makes uploads and downloads faster which include many kinds of software upgrades or one-way and two-way communications. Even when there is no communication, the network reception of the device will be improved exponentially by this Mobilicity signal booster for M2M. With wider coverage and consistent network availability with hardly noticeable fluctuations, security systems can be more reliable. The booster can be easily installed without professional help. There's expert USA-based customer support available, and it can increase the battery life of systems by up to two hours in areas that have weak signals.

Signal 3G Mobilicity reception booster for machine to machine applications

• WeBoost Signal 3G (470109) M2M Direct Connect Signal Booster Kit is compatible with 2G and 3G networks. The booster is ideal for cash dispensers, vending machines and any other business equipment that operates on a direct 3G connection. Network unavailability or signal fluctuation can jeopardize the primary functioning of the machines, and that is when the Signal 3G booster can make the difference. This booster is an amplifier that can increase the coverage area and can strengthen the signal. This Mobilicity signal booster for M2M also works in areas where there is substantial obstruction between the cell site and the device. The booster also averts drops in data packets transmitted and loss of signal. While many boosters require a strong signal outside for optimum coverage and signal boost, this one can also operate well even in areas where there is perpetually weak network coverage or signal strength. The Signal 3G booster works with Band 5 frequency of 850 MHz through to Band 25 frequency of 1900 MHz. It can help with a maximum gain of 15 dB. You can use this booster for all kinds of M2M applications and it provides bi-directional amplification of signals. The booster comes with a 2 year warranty.

• WeBoost Signal 3G (470209) Compact M2M Cellular Booster Kit works with 2G and 3G networks. It strengthens the network reception and works perfectly for fleet management service applications. It works great for stand alone machines such as ATMs and Lottery machines, among many others. It ensures consistent signal strength for optimum functioning of the machine, in which it is installed. The kit comes with a 3G dual band signal booster, repeater, or amplifier as well as required cables, adaptors, mini antenna and a two year manufacturer's warranty. This Mobilicity signal booster for M2M can increase the signal strength by as much as 15 dB.

• WeBoost Signal 3G (470309) M2M booster with hardwire kit is a popular Mobilicity signal booster for M2M vending machines, cash dispensers, security equipment, and fleet management services, among others. It works with 3G networks and can facilitate all kinds of M2M applications. The two-way amplification helps to get reliable network reception. The booster can improve the signal strength by 15 dB, and it can also increase the battery life of the device.

Signal 4G Mobilicity reception booster for M2M applications

• WeBoost Signal 4G 470119 M2M Signal Booster Kit works with 3G and 4G LTE networks. The booster offers bi-directional amplification of signals and thus improves outbound and inbound communications between two devices. From security systems to vending machines, any application that uses a 4G network will benefit with this Mobilicity signal booster for M2M. This booster works well in confined places and in areas where there are plenty of obstructions between the device or machine and the cell site. There is a mini antenna that can be mounted magnetically which further facilitates the increasing of the signal strength. While you can install this booster without any professional help, it is best to have an expert do it so the installation can be strategic and thus have the most notable impact. The booster does not necessarily need very strong network presence outside to boost the signal strength inside. It can work in areas where there is very poor reception or network coverage. However, the level of amplification will depend on the overall network accessibility and signal strength outside, in general. The Signal 4G Mobilicity signal booster for M2M offers a gain of as much as 15 dB in signal strength thus facilitates faster uploads and downloads, better and more consistent network reception, and more reliable functioning of different kinds of machines.

• WeBoost Signal 4G (470219) M2M hardwire signal booster kit is one of the strongest M2M signal boosters available right now for 4G networks. It is presently in use for lotto machines, bank automatic teller machines, and various kinds of vending machines which proves their reliability. This Mobilicity signal booster for M2M applications offers two way amplified reception and communication. With around 15 dB signal boost and consistently upbeat network reception that is much better than what is normally available, any M2M application will function more smoothly and quickly.

Aforementioned Mobilicity signal boosters for M2M have been proven to be extremely effective with 3G and 4G networks of the carrier, not just in the prime regions, but across the great vast country that is Canada. As a company or individual, you must determine the needs of your M2M application and what kind of boost it requires. Based on the traffic or the scope of the operation and the kind of signal strength the device is usually receiving, you can choose one of the signal boosters from the list.

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