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Mounting plate (weBoost 901138) for DataPro, Signal 3G, and Signal 4G Amplifiers

  • Mounting Plate (weBoost 901138)
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Mounting Plate (weBoost 901138)
Mounting plate (weBoost 901138) for DataPro, Signal 3G, and Signal 4G Amplifiers
US $5.99

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Product description of Mounting plate (weBoost 901138) for DataPro, Signal 3G, and Signal 4G Amplifiers.

weBoost mounting plate (weBoost 901138) for DataPro, Signal 3G, and Signal 4G Amplifiers 

Popularly known as Signal 3G mounting plate, it is used to mount DataPro, Signal 3G, and Signal 4G Boosters. If you are one of the cell phone users who keep on complaining about several reception and signal issues, you must check the devices offered by Wilson Electronics, now weBoost. All their devices provide various benefits for reception problems. 

Quick Summary

It is necessary that before you install the product, you should read carefully the installation procedure. This will guide you to what to expect from the beginning to finish. You should also familiarize yourself with the materials included in the product package. This will allow you to determine particular pieces that you might need in the future. Seek help from the company’s technician for a better mounting result.


Another brand this product was known by was Wilson Electronics SignalBoost 901138 and has been known since many years as the 901138 signal 3G mounting plate. This particular type of device that the company offers can be used together with any type of compatible device you have that may need to be mounted. This will work depending on the installation and project application.

Mounting plate kit (weBoost 901138) includes:

Only a mounting plate is included with this purchase (weBoost Mount Plate Kit UPC: 811815020035), but optional kits and optional accessories may be purchased separately if needed (listed below).

The Optional kits are:

  • 470109 cable ext (951151)
  • 470209 cable ext (951151)
  • 470309 cable ext (951151)
  • Power supply 859969
  • Power supply 859989
  • 12 inches magnetic antenna 311125
  • Mini magnetic antenna 301126
  • DC Power Supply

Detailed Summary

You can easily install your signal 3G by following the quick steps below:

  1. Mount the outside antenna to your desired location. The location should be free from obstructions.
  2. Locate the best area to mount the booster kit. It must preferably be away from direct sunlight, moisture, and excessive heat. Proper ventilation would be very helpful.
  3. Attach or connect outside antenna to the signal booster through the cable provided.
  4. The external adapter should be used in order for the signal booster to be connected to the cellular device. Look for the data card or cell phone label and attach it to the external adapter.
  5. Before you power up the device, be sure that all the connections are tight. 

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Warranty Information.

Get an industry-leading two years manufacturer's warranty on all consumer grade weBoost amplifiers. All Wilson Electronics' commercial grade WilsonPro cell phone amplifiers have three yrs. manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, we provide sixty days extended return policy on all brand-new and used or refurbished weBoost & Wilson Pro cell phone boosters and GSA items. If you have questions or require help, please email us or call our customer and tech support at toll free number 1(800)501-3153. We will be happy to guide you. In addition to lowest price, all cheaper refurb. items are factory tested and include one year manufac. warr. Unless on-sale/ clearance products explicitly state the word "refurbished", all items we stock are brand-new!

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