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MTS Signal Booster for Car

All car, truck, RV, marine amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your MTS service.

MTS Vehicle Signal Boosters for cars, trucks, RVs, boats and other vehicles.

Boost cell phone signal in your car, truck or RV with Drive Sleek

Drive Sleek

Voice & 3G
Single User
In-Cradle Use
CAD $299.99
Boost cell phone signal in your car, truck or RV with Drive Sleek OTR

Drive Sleek OTR

Voice, 3G, 4G
Single User
Truck Edition
CAD $400
Boost your cell phone signal in your car Drive 4G-X

Drive 4G-X

Voice, 3G, 4G
Multi User
For Cars
CAD $649.99
Boost 4G LTE cell phone signal in your truck

Drive 4GX OTR

Voice, 3G, 4G
Multi User
For Trucks
CAD $750
Boost your 4G LTE cell phone signal in your RV

Drive 4G-X RV

Voice, 3G, 4G
Multi User
For RVs
CAD $699.99

MTS Signal Booster for Car

MTS is one of the premier carrier providers in Canada. It is a company that offers innovative services and products to business customers all over Canada, particularly to Manitoba market segments. They also leverage on the entrepreneurial skills and spirit of their more than 5,000 employees. The company has a close relationship with its clients to make sure that they can receive the perfect solutions such as unified communications, converged IP networking, digital TV wireless, high-speed internet and a lot more. 

As one of the leading providers of communications in Canada, the company has various strengths that focus on their goal to provide the best services and make their company one of the most trusted and dependable companies that can offer the perfect services. 

The company knows that the industry of telecommunication in Canada is evolving constantly, which makes it important to have increased technological innovation. With increase in competition, and new regulations and to meet the changing expectations of every customer, the company is always on the lookout.

MTS as a company believes that if they are able to provide the best services that companies and individuals need, they will succeed in their mission. This is what this company wants to do, and become the leading name when it comes to providing the perfect solution for every individual and business.  

Continuous innovation is also one of the aims of MTS. This is because the company also believes that the changing technology will require innovation. As a result, one can definitely guarantee that they can acquire the perfect solutions needed. 

Aside from providing the best technology for businesses and end-users, MTS is also offering the right services for car users, like mobiles and gadgets that need to be connected. To make sure that MTS devices will properly work, then it is imperative to get the best booster compatible to this device. 

Why Get MTS Signal Booster for Cars 

As technology evolves, so does the need for additional technology to make our tasks or activities a lot simpler or easier. Even though MTS is already providing competent technology for your car’s devices to properly operate, it would still be best if you can acquire a good signal booster for your car. This is a very useful tool, especially for people who are traveling or in a remote location. Finding a signal in remote locations can be a headache, but now, there are several great signal boosters for cars. With the compatible MTS Signal boosters for cars, car users will surely have the peace of mind knowing that they have the best technology that they need to make things a lot easier.

Finding a suitable car signal booster for MTS is all you need to guarantee that you can take advantage of MTS cellular service to its maximum extent when traveling in your vehicle. This is, without a doubt, a must-have.

The Finest Varieties of MTS Signal Boosters for Cars

  • 3G-S Cradle Booster Kit - If you’re looking for the best 3G MTS signal booster for a single user in a vehicle,, then the 3G-S Cradle Booster Kit is definitely a must-have. This is the best signal for ‘2G voice’ and ‘3G data’. Seeing this can provide up to 23 decibels, this is the perfect choice for boats, RVs, SUVs, vans, trucks and cars..  It can effectively support one data device or phone at a time. The phone should be placed on the cradle to ensure that one can get the best signal. This is also a dual-band car or vehicle booster kit, which can be an excellent way to ensure that you get the desired signal. 
  • 3G-M Wireless Booster Kit – Another excellent choice if you are looking for the top notch 3G booster kit for multiple users in a vehicle. The best thing about this booster is it helps to increase the 3G and voice signals, as well as for modems, phones and tablets. It also effectively supports all North American carriers, which makes this is an incredible choice for multi-users that travel across the US-Canadian border for work or pleasure purposes. Installation of this MTS signal booster for cars is very easy. Expect to have a reliable internet connection every time that you are connected.
  • 3G-X Most Powerful Wireless Booster Kit – Another excellent choice for a reliable 3G signal booster for multi-users in cars is the 3G-X. Among other MTS compatible signal boosters, it is considered as one of the best choices, primarily because it can offer at least a 50 decibel gain for cellulars in vehicles like boats, cars, SUVs, RVs and trucks and it also supports several phones and data devices at the same time. One does not have to put mobile devices on the cradle to get a signal. It also offers very strong signals, at least 60 percent larger service as compared to other signal boosters. 
  • 3G-XR Signal Booster Kit – Another option if you’re looking for the best signal booster for MTS is the 3G-XR Signal Booster Kit. It can be a perfect companion for large vehicles for campers, like motor homes, RVs and others. The best feature of this signal booster is that it also supports several mobile data services and phones at the same time. Hence, making it one of the top choices if you and your family are planning to hit the road for a weekend getaway. Since this is an outdoor signal booster, expect to have a durable signal booster that can acquire the right reception and signal especially for large vehicles. This is also considered as one of the best and most powerful signal boosters for cars today. With the MTS Signal Booster, there’s no need to shop around for anything else; this is considered as an all-in-one signal booster, particularly for the travelers. 
  • 4G Signal Booster Kit for RV – This is also one of the perfect options for use in RVs if you need 4G data speeds. It is designed cover up to 1,500 feet which assures that it can cover a wide area range.


weBoost signal boosters for MTS phones are reliable. Scroll back to the top and choose the most suitable one for your needs that meet your budget.

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