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MTS Signal Booster for Home

All home & building amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your MTS service.

MTS Home Signal Boosters for homes, offices, apartments, cottages, farms, and small buildings.

Boost cell phone signal in your home with Home 4G. Covers a single room.

Home 4G

1,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
CAD $599.99
Boost signal in your home with Connect 4G. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G

3,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
CAD $799.99
Boost mobile signal in your home with Connect 4G-X. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G-X

7,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
CAD $1299.99
Wilson Pro Commercial Grade Signal Booster

Commercial Grade

25,000 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
CAD $1500

MTS Signal Booster for Home

It is extremely annoying when a mobile network oscillates while you’re in the middle of an important conversation. Poor signals inhibit a seamless phone usage, call and text, as well as online streaming. This often is a common inevitable situation that most people find frustrating. Most mobile phone users are desperate to find a solution to this problem, particularly for those who use MTS (Manitoba Telecom Service) phones, one of the largest wireless telecom service providers in Canada. Signal issues are often caused by massive users of mobile phones offered by the same company.

MTS Signal Boosters 

  • 3G Flex. A very portable signal booster, that is perfect not just for office or home use, but can also be used while you are in travel. This is one of the most versatile products in weBoost range. You can take it wherever you go to improve your signal connection or your 3G data. 
  • Home 4G. This is the latest version of Wilson DT 4G 460101 and is more powerful with a 60 dB gain and 1000 square ft. coverage (basically covers 1-2 rooms).Just like the other signal boosters, this improves mobile reception inside your home, specifically in small spaces like small condos, small homes and small apartments, allowing better talk & text, as well as high-speed internet. This supports multiple devices including 3G and 4G smartphones and 2G voice phones. Additionally, Home 4G doesn’t require an outside antenna.
  • Connect 3G. This is an improved version of the previous signal booster kits. This provides powerful gains on 3G signals and voice while providing a maximum coverage of 3,500 (with strong outside cell signal) which makes it an ideal signal booster kit for large spaces. It is capable of providing wider coverage to numerous rooms. The wide ranging coverage makes it perfect for office environments where there is a poor signal or even dead spots. For better convenience and reliability, it makes use of an Omni-directional antenna to acquire signal from any direction, so you don’t have to point it in a certain direction where a MTS tower exists.
  • Connect 4G with Antenna. This is specifically designed to work with mid-sized areas to improve mobile receptions. This latest model of Wilson DB pro 4G supports voice signals, 3G and 4G. However, unlike the Connect 3G Omni, this uses a directional or Yagi antenna which needs to be pointed to a MT cell tower to receive the desired signal strength and coverage.
  • Connect 4 G-X. This is the most powerful signal booster that boosts signals for 4G LTE. Previously known as Wilson AG Pro 4G, this offers gain up to 70 dB and a coverage reaching 7500- 10,000 with a string outside signal, making it a perfect signal booster for large spaces. Depending on the outside strength signal, you can take advantage of improved reception, better and clearer voice calls and faster online streaming.
  • Commercial Grade. For very large spaces, luxury homes or huge commercial retail that needs optimum signal coverage, Commercial grade is the solution. Many different signal booster kits fall under this category, most have a coverage reaching 50,000 sq. feet with a strong outside signal. Commercial grades provide the highest uplink power for multiple users and a reliable signal. This also has the highest downlink power which provides the largest coverage in indoor areas.


Small Area MTS signal Booster 

MTS signal booster by weBoost eliminates dropped calls, stuck messages and even poor internet speed and enables seamless mobile phone usage. If you live in a small space and have trouble with mobile signal reception, MTS signal booster for small spaces such as the 3G Flex and Home 4G will help you resolve this problem. Such signal boosters are specifically designed to cover a small area that needs signal boosting. 

Medium Area MTS Signal Booster

Medium areas require a stronger amplifier to receive the desired strength of signals. To maximize mobile performance, acquire reliable signal booster for 2G Voice calls, 3G and 4G data by picking a 4G booster kit. It eliminates interference for all mobile bands, frequencies, and carrier networks in Canada. This way, you can boost reception for others in family that use another Canadian carrier, or guests that arrive with phone fro other carriers.

Large Area MTS Signal Booster

MTS signal boosters that fall under this category include the Connect 4G-X or 3G-X. They cover large offices and homes up to 7500 square feet. The 4G signal booster boosts voice calls, 4G LTE and 3G data while a 3G signal booster only supports or boosts 3G data and voice calls. Depending on your need, MTS signal booster for large areas enable multiple users to have improved reception that allows better communication and online streaming experience. No more dropped calls, stuck messages or late emails that are often vital for communicating important matters, particularly business transactions.

Very Large Space/Area MTS Signal Booster

Very large spaces refer to luxury homes and huge commercial infrastructure which means signal booster needs advanced technology and incredibly powerful features to meet the demands of such huge spaces. Commercial grade signal booster kit will effectively deliver such demands for better mobile operations, including talk and text, as well as online downloading, uploading and even playing online games.

MTS 3G, 4G and 4G LTE signal Booster

Before the integration and popularity of 4G LTE use, MTS previously relied on 3G services (which still exists). Talking about 3G technologies, MTS offers HSPA and UMTS via 1900 MHz and 850 MHz frequencies. Frequencies offered are utilized by all MTS cell phone users in crowded spaces such as stadiums and arenas which results in higher demand and so decreases signal reception. Due to this concern, MTS signal boosters installed at such locations offers users better connectivity and signal strength. 4G service is actually closer to the 3G nature and uses almost the same frequency as 3G; this means the signal booster which can amplify a 850MHz frequency can help in connectivity of both 4G and 3G.

Nonetheless, the most powerful is the 4G LTE which covers 2100 and 1700 MHz frequencies too. A boosted signal of 4G LTE provides faster speeds compared to either 3G or 4G. MTS even indicates that their LTE network is capable of providing  customers with up to 150 Mbps for online streaming.

MTS Innovative Technologies

Various innovations are made to guarantee customer satisfaction. MTS uses Fiber to Home network, a technology that replaces copper wiring used traditionally with fiber optic cables to deliver Internet, Voice and TV services to every household. This supplies massive bandwidth into homes, providing customers with more reliable and high-quality services. Through this, customers can now have access to the blazing-fast broadband connection and to the MTS Ultimate TV service.

To further maximize speed, MTS also incorporates 4G LTE, which provides online streaming faster and better than before. Also, even if you’re not covered by LTE network, or outside its coverage area, you’re still able to use your portable devices on the 4G HSPA+ wireless network, which makes it perfect for travels.

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