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MTS Signal Booster for M2M

All M2M amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your MTS service.

MTS M2M Signal Boosters for use in ATMs, lotto & vending machines, remote monitoring systems, etc.

Maintain and boost 4G LTE cellular machine to machine connections

Signal 4G

3G & 4G LTE
Direct Connection
For M2M Installations
CAD $349.99
Maintain and boost 4G LTE cellular machine to machine connections

Signal 4G Hardwire

3G & 4G LTE
Direct Connection
With Hardwire Kit
CAD $349.99

MTS Booster for M2M Machine to Machine Connections & Applications

Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. (MTS) is one of the leading service providers of wireless technology throughout the United States. weBoost helps the Machine to Machine (M2M) devices extend their cellular capacity by amplifying the cellular signals that connect them. Through the MTS Signal Boosters for M2M, machines like ATMs, cash dispensers and other monitoring devices can work efficiently, exceeding their capacity to provide excellent services. Here are the services that M2M signal boosters can perform.

Signal 4G

  • When the ‘Signal 4G booster’ is connected into an LTE modem, it can offer an improved 4G signal that is applicable to almost all scenarios in M2M. The booster is useful for ATM machines, lotto machines, vending machines and similar types of equipment requiring a fast and reliable 4G connection.
  • The MTS signal booster can be directly connected to the modem in one part and then linked to the outside antenna. Once it is properly set up, the 4G signal is then intensified by the device. 
  • The inbound and outbound communications can then be directed over the enhanced connection.
  • MTS Signal 4G by weBoost is fully packed with all the things needed for a complete installation. Included parts are: Amplifier, mini-mag antenna, instruction manual, cabling and hardwire power supply. Rest assured that you will get is a high level of satisfaction by using this booster kit for your M2M devices.
  • The 4G booster can be installed manually as it is DIY-friendly. 
  • This booster is ideal to lots of businesses, as the device is compatible to all available LTE modems together with all of the wireless networks in Canada.
  • The device can also be installed with other types of hardware, including different kinds of antennas, which allow almost any kind of M2M installation.


Signal 3G

Signal 3G for MTS comes with a mini-mag antenna with sub miniature version A (SMA) male connector. The short antenna can be connected to the tool with the provided cable, and situated in a suitable area to guarantee maximum signal enhancing.

weBoost Signal 3G also comes with the instruction manual, which you might need to make the installation process a quick and easy one. The device is made in a manner that makes it suitable with a wide variety of other equipment, with different kinds of antennae. This means that it can be situated within almost any type of M2M environment.

Once the device is installed, you will notice the M2M 3G-signal booster will begin offering a greater signal in both the outbound and inbound connections. This carries the benefit of creating a greater stability in connection through the linked equipment. Communications for transferring important data will be more efficient. This implies that any information you send will be received on time, and vice versa. 

Through this signal booster, monitoring of equipment is effective and easier, which can make all the important business information readily available and updated. Additionally, the direct connect signal booster can also enable the equipment to earn a fixed 3G connection in isolated areas, wherein the quality of signal is generally very poor.

Security 4G

This 4G MTS booster for M2M applications is constructed for security systems utilization. This may include the door entrance system, alarm system or any type of security systems for both residential and commercial establishments. The security 4G device can be connected and installed to your device so that a reliable signal for 3G & 4G will be provided.

Benefits of Using MTS Signal Boosters for M2M

Once the booster is connected to MTS devices, you will obtain the following benefits:

Better Reception

With the help of the 4G signal booster kit, MTS cellular connected modems can have a better reception of 4G and 3G data. This creates a perfect fit with the low signal areas, making the security device more consistent wherever it is situated. It is also ideal to use in any location, even when a reasonable signal already exists, since it eliminates fluctuations in the signal strength.

Fast downloading and uploading of files.

Once the security 4G kit is connected, quicker uploads and downloads can be expected. This means that all important data and information can be transferred to the security equipment. Longer waiting time is also reduced because of the signal booster technology.

Wider scope

If the device is installed in a larger M2M facility, you can expect to have a wider scope. This is primarily the reason it is suitable for M2M; it can be incorporated in any type of location. Machines that possess wider coverage have the chance to increase income return.

Consistent connection

With 4G kit, all the subscribers can enjoy the opportunity of consistent 4G connection. This is important for the data transmission of sensitive and time critical information. Packet loss is also reduced; making all the files that you receive and send available whenever it is needed.

The technology that MTS provides to its clients is very significant in today’s generation, as almost all the things that people own are run and operated by internet technology. This means that high and trusted signals play a very significant role for fast data delivery. With M2M signal boosters that are suitable for any application connected to MTS mobile technology, everybody will have the opportunity to increase the rate of simplicity and convenience in performing any transaction.

Increased security

Through the MTS signal boosters, the security of M2M transaction can be increased. Any reason for non-delivery of services or products can be eliminated, especially for the ATMs. Being one of the trusted wireless service providers in Canada, MTS can further increase their reach of giving every customer an excellent experience of utilizing any M2M device and application. The fact that almost all devices need assistance of technology, poor signal can be the reason for making these technologies insignificant to people. That is why the MTS signal boosters can help reduce these possibilities.

Customer satisfaction

Maintaining efficient delivery of quality services to the customers can now be achieved through the signal boosters from MTS. It only requires you to have the right signal booster for your M2M devices  to help your machine provide the expected services. With accurate incorporation of strategies and tools from MTS, the M2M devices can work properly and professionally. 

Data transmission will no longer be an issue for you, since it is one of the important characteristics of M2M connected devices. However, it requires sufficient cellular reception so will not encounter any issues or problems that will reduce income return. Application of signal booster in MTS wireless connected applications can increase the possibility of transforming the machines into ideal devices that work properly and swiftly. ATMs are among the M2M devices that require consistent signals.

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