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How do Network Repeaters Work?

A network repeater works by receiving a signal and transmitting it at a higher level to cover longer distances. Find out more how network repeaters work right here. This article will explain the function of the repeater and when it is appropriate to use one. Repeaters are available in both commercial and residential strength. However, both function primarily in the same manner. Therefore, regardless of whether you own a bungalow or you’re an owner of a multi-story corporate building, we hope this information will help.

What is a network repeater?

Wireless repeaters or network repeaters are designed to increase the range of wireless devices by boosting the boundaries of a Wi-Fi’s local area network (LAN). The repeater finds a signal from the wireless router or modem. The strength of the signal is amplified by internal signal amplifier of the network repeater. This boosted signal is then distributed through the wireless router to the devices which have access to the network.

Due to the increase in strength, the coverage area or the WLAN (wireless local area network) is increased.

When is a network repeater used?

Network signal boosters are used when wireless devices seem sluggish or there’re connectivity problems. You may note that many customer support lines will ask a user to attach an ethernet cable to the modem when trying to pin-point a connectivity problem. This is because of the distribution of the signal over multiple devices. The more devices which are accessing the network, the weaker the signal will be on the WI-FI network. To see if repeating the signal will help with connectivity, try first connecting the device by ethernet to the modem. If you notice an increase in performance, then odds are high that you have a weak WLAN and that a network booster would be beneficial.

Network repeaters can also be used in commercial or residential properties which have multiple stories. In most cases, a standard router will not be sufficient to send a strong signal through the construction materials of the floor/ceiling where the main router is housed. For example, if your home office is on the bottom floor and has the modem, then getting a signal in upstairs bedroom may be difficult as the signal has to go through sheet rock, steel, other electrical wiring, hardwood floors, etc. Using a signal repeater increases the strength of the signal to get through obstacles and increase performance.

The two types of repeaters.

When determining which network signal booster you should buy, consider where you will be using the device. Many network repeaters have built-in antennas to allow for a plug and use option. Yet, there’re external antenna network boosters which can be used as well. Typically, external antennas are used when the signal strength is strongest at an area where mounting a network repeater would be impractical (such as on an upper wall or ceiling). Additionally, commercial buildings would require a network signal booster with an external antenna to ensure that the square footage area is properly covered.

The main difference between commercial and residential.

Commercial network signal boosters require a licensed professional installer to install and typically have more buttons and features to regulate and control the signal boost. These devices are intended only for building exceeding 10,000 square feet. Building which are below this bracket can use residential or personal use network service boosters.

What a network booster is not.

A network signal booster is not a replacement for a router or internet services. It is a tool to help with the existing signal strength. The booster cannot add data to a plan or hack into a network. You will require legal internet services through a provider. Additionally, networks which have faulty wiring of the modem or have too many devices attached to the network may see weaker results than those which have proper connectivity and fewer devices.

Learn More.

Read an overview on network repeaters to learn more. We specialize in wireless network signal boosters (cellular voice, texting, 3G data, and 4G data). Whether you are looking for a personal resident booster, a small office, or a commercial property, the network booster can greatly amplify and optimize the functionality of your internet. Should you have any questions about network repeaters please contact us directly. To find out more about a specific network signal booster, please visit that product page. All of the boosters offered by CellPhoneSignalBooster.us are compatible with all the major network providers in the US. A complete list of these companies is available on the product description page.

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