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Public Mobile Signal Booster for M2M

All M2M amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your Public Mobile service.

Public Mobile M2M Signal Boosters for use in ATMs, lotto & vending machines, remote monitoring systems, etc.

Maintain and boost 4G LTE cellular machine to machine connections

Signal 4G

3G & 4G LTE
Direct Connection
For M2M Installations
CAD $349.99
Maintain and boost 4G LTE cellular machine to machine connections

Signal 4G Hardwire

3G & 4G LTE
Direct Connection
With Hardwire Kit
CAD $349.99

Public Mobile Booster for M2M Machine to Machine Connections & Applications

Are you looking for a signal booster for your M2M cellular modem using Public Mobile phone? Worry no more, because you have found a reliable and excellent cellular signal booster.

Public Mobile is recognized as one of the powerful mobile service companies throughout Canada. They are one of the few cellular network service providers that specializes in self-service.


Signal Booster for 3G M2M.

  • This signal booster for machine-to-machine products increases 3G signal for M2M applications. This is the perfect signal booster for fleet management, ATMs, security management, vending machines, and other sort of electronics. 
  • ThePublic Mobile Signal Booster for 3G M2M is easy and simple to install. Furthermore, you don’t need anything as you will be able to find everything you will need in the kit when it comes to the installation.
  • Created with a compact design, and highly durable material, this signal booster for your Public Mobile phone network works by pulling the signal from outside antenna and transmits it to an amplifier inside the cabinet or housing. Amplifier then amplifies it many times and keeps the cellular modem connected. 


Signal Booster for 4G M2M.

  • This signal booster is specially designed to utilize security systems.
  • This can be door entry system, alarm system, or any sort of security surrounding. 
  • This is a 4G security kit that can be connected and installed in your equipment to get a reliable and better 4G signal. 
  • This is the perfect signal booster for M2M, because it is a professional grade 4G booster. 
  • This is perfect for expert installations wherein the devices are fitted on the central power unit, or perhaps connected through other kinds of equipment like UPS monitoring systems and many more. 


Some of the benefits of this signal booster are that it has a strong and reliable source of signal in those remote areas or locations that have poor signal. In addition, it is compatible with all network providers in North America. Along with this list of compatible signal boosters for M2M, there is no doubt that, you can now experience a good data transfer any time you want. Since they do not require additional devices for installation, it becomes easier for you to install it within your M2M applications.

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