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What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Cell phone signal booster (also known as cell phone repeater or extender) is a device that boosts or amplifies cell phone signal for use indoors or in vehicles.

It is designed as a kit to draw cellular transmissions from outdoors and amplify to distribute them indoors or inside vehicles. Therefore, its sole purpose is to enable mobile devices to function just as well indoors and in vehicles as they would, outside in open air with fewer obstructions (enclosure of a home/ building or a car/ truck being considered as an obstruction to such wireless transmissions). It is a kit that usually consists of three main parts: An amplifier that amplifies signal, antenna(s) that attract and/ or distribute the signal indoors and in vehicles, and cable(s) that connect them all together.

Make Your Smartphone Secure
Make your smartphone secure with our 8 expert tips to protect your smart phone, now! In olden days, the only thing we had to worry about with our wired phones was being wiretapped. Now with emergence of smartphones, there is so much more to worry about - Malicious apps, hacking, malware, geotagging, and scams through texting, phone calls, emails, etc.
Cell Phone Booster Guide
Here is a complete cell phone signal booster guide to help you understand every detail. If you're new to the concept of boosting cellular reception, this clear and concise guide will help you all the way from the basic understanding to the complete overview of how they work and how you can benefit from them. Take a quick peek to see how helpful it is!
Emergency Alerts
Have you heard of Presidential alerts? If not, you better read up on this topic for your safety and security. Find out whether your smart phone is "Wireless Emergency Alerts" capable. If it is, review instructions to make sure that it is set to receive, or not receive various types of WEA text messages that will be sent out to you automatically from US Govt. and/or the President of USA.
Free cell phone signal booster sweepstakes entry giveaway
Participate in our free cell phone signal booster sweepstakes and win a brand new cell phone signal booster that will boost your cell phone reception indoors in your home or outdoors inside your car! No purchase necessary. Each time, these recurring giveaways are for one lucky person. Not valid for residents outside USA and Canada.
Register Cell Phone Signal Booster
FCC, the cellular service carriers, and the signal booster manufacturers have all come to an agreement to allow public to use FCC certified cell phone signal boosters as long as a notice is posted at the point of sale to do so, and the end user registers their FCC approved booster with their respective cellular service provider prior to using the device.
Cell Phone Signal Booster Case Studies
Read about a few successful case studies where weBoost signal boosters have helped various for-profit and non-profit organizations. These were originally published at the manufacturers website to show the challenges faced and the resolutions implemented. Therefore, they are worth sharing with potential weBoost equipment customers.
Antenna Installation Guides in PDF format
Download antenna installation guides in PDF format for antennas used in trucks, marine vessels, homes, etc. They provide step by step directions to install indoor and exterior antennae. Available for most types of weBoost cell phone antennas for various types of signal boosters. Examples include Yagi, trucker, and marine mount antennas.
Cell Phone Blogs
Enjoy reading our blog posts that not only entertain, but provide very useful information related to cell phone signal boosters and the wireless industry. Blogs are posted regularly with fresh content that sometimes reflects our views on the current news releases related to the general electronics industry as well. For example, the CES show!
Cell Phone RSS Feeds
Sign up for our RSS feeds and stay informed. Learn about new products as soon as they are launched. Find out before others, which products are becoming more popular with our customers? Get the latest news from our company. If you own or manage a business, find out how our RSS feeds can be useful to your small, medium, or large business!
4g LTE Signal Booster
Find out exactly what it means when 4G LTE is mentioned? Find the perfect signal booster for your LTE smart phone, with our easy-to-use product selector. Enjoy fastest 4G LTE wireless data transfer speeds that your new smartphone and your U.S. or Canadian service provider is capable of delivering (150 mbps, 300 mbps, or even higher!).
iPhone Booster Guide
Have the latest iPhone? Does it always have good reception in your home, workplace, and in your car or truck? If not, lucky you - Our iPhone signal booster guide clearly lists all options available for strong cellular reception instantly in homes and cars. Enjoy crystal clear voice, instantaneous texting, and fastest Internet downloads!
Test to see if a cell phone signal booster will help
It is very important to test to see whether a cell phone signal booster will truly help you in your case. There may be other reasons your reception is not optimal, and a signal booster may be of no help at all! Please check out this section so you don't waste your time buying it, installing it, and then having to return it because it does not help at all!
Measure cell signal strength accurately in decibels
Measure cell signal strength accurately in decibels! The signal bars on your phone fluctuate based on factors not related to actual signal strength. Therefore, to determine accurate signal strength at any location to decide where to place your inside and outside antennas, put your phone in the Field Test Mode for the most accurate signal strength reading.
Find nearest cell tower, instantly!
Find the nearest cell tower, instantly! What can you do with this info? It can help determine which side of your indoor home or building space you need to go when you require the best cellular signal to make or receive an important mobile phone call. It can also help you to determine where to quickly check and find the best possible signal for installing your interior, and especially your exterior antenna.
Cell phone signal booster videos
Watch our fine videos that inform you about our products & services. Some show installation procedures for installing home & vehicle cell phone signal boosters. Some provide knowledge about how they work and what you can do for more efficiency. There're videos that will entertain you while teaching you ins & outs of cell phone signal boosters. Choose the video you wish to view or visit our YouTube Channel for more!
Cell Phone Signal Booster News
Truly enjoy reading our company news, press releases, social media posts, all in one place. You may find information related to our company from so many different news channels and medias which may become very overwhelming to some. Therefore, we have consolidated all news about our company from all areas of Internet and post them in one neatly organized and designated area for your viewing and reading pleasure - Our Newsroom.
Compare cellular signal boosters for home - A Buyers Guide.
With so many cell phone signal booster options for indoor spaces such as homes, offices, buildings - Which one should you buy? Here we have a video and a neatly organized table to show you all the indoor signal booster options and their differences. This information may prove very helpful to help you decide which home signal booster will be most suitable for your needs.
Compare cellular signal boosters for car - A Buyers Guide.
With so many cell phone signal booster options for vehicles such as cars, trucks, RVs, and boats - Which one should you buy? Here we have a video and a neatly organized table that shows you all the vehicle signal booster options available, and their differences. This information may prove very helpful to help you decide which vehicle signal booster will be most suitable for your needs.
Cell phone signal booster installers available
Wilson certified professional cell phone signal booster installers available for complete end to end installation services. If you need equipment too, we supply genuine Wilson Electronics "Wilson Pro" commercial grade amplifying kits with our top notch expertise to customize, design, and install your cellular amplifier system perfectly. We will exceed yours and your cell provider's most stringent requirements.

How do cell phone booster kits improve signal strength?

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