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Choose your cell phone manufacturer above to begin the search for the most appropriate in-home or in-car cell phone signal booster. Or use the product selector shown below, that will help you to quickly find the most suitable cell phone booster.

Ensure that you find the proper cell phone signal booster through a manufacturer search. With the amount of cell phones which are available today, it sometimes becomes a bit daunting when looking for anything related to that phone. Apple, Android, Blackberries, etc. all seem to blend together at some point and finding anything related to your specific manufacturer becomes quite difficult. And while the general umbrella of one size fits all may apply well to phone cases and earphones, when looking for a cell phone signal booster, you need to be certain that the product you pick is compatible with your device. That is why Cell Phone Signal Booster allows you to shop by Manufacturer.

Choose your manufacturer - Samsung, HTC, or Apple iPhone?

When you search for a cell phone signal booster through the manufacturer on our site, you will find that the selection and the search is quite easy. Choose from many, including:

• Apple iPhone
• BlackBerry
• Casio
• Google Nexus
• Kyocera
• LG
• Microsoft Lumia
• Motorola
• Nokia
• Pantech
• Samsung

When you click on any of these offered categories, you will be presented with the weBoost & Wilson Electronic boosters which are compatible with your device. Furthermore, should you require any information about the benefits of choosing a specific booster, our blog provides a great deal of information about the benefits of using specific boosters for a specific reason. For example: Why would you want to have a professional amplifier over a desktop?

It matters to know the manufacturer.

While other sites offer a generic means of finding the correct cell phone signal booster, we use a methodology that allows you to search by both the carrier and/or the manufacturer. This gives you the best results in finding the network, phone, and cell phone booster compatibility that best suits your needs. For example: If you have an IOS based phone system which is typical of the Apple iPhone and you wish to have a cell phone signal booster, you would need to ensure that the manufacturer is compatible with the desired booster. You would not want to get a booster that is ONLY intended for an Android based system as it would not work with your phone (although all of ours do). You would need to at least find a cell phone signal booster which would be IOS and Android compatible.

Determine the use, then look up your product by the manufacturer.

In addition to allowing you to scroll through by the manufacturer, the devices offered by Cell Phone Signal Booster allow you to see the intended use of the device. Desktop, professional, and mobile devices have been separated so that you can better find what you need. Having trouble determining where to start? Follow these guidelines when looking at the selection offered:

Determine the primary use of the product – Ask yourself if you are going to use the product for yourself, if you need to have a device that is transportable, or if your device will be used by your business.

How large of a space does the booster need to cover? In most cases, a desktop or personal booster will suffice to amplify your cell phone signal strength for small spaces like a small room in an apartment or condo. However, if the space is 25k to 50k sq. feet, it is strongly advised that you consider a professional grade WilsonPro cell phone signal booster. Such instances where this would be needed is in arenas, civic centers, universities, and shopping facilities.

Are you located in an urban or rural environment? While most cell phone signal boosters by manufacturers can work in either an urban or a rural environment, there're some models which work better in rural and some which are more equipped for the urban setting.

Why choose a famous brand like weBoost and Wilson Electronics over a generic?

Searching and choosing a cell phone signal booster by manufacturer is a wise way in which to ensure that your device is compatible with the network, meets the specifications of your phone to boost the signal the most, and adheres to the regulations of the FCC and your service provider. Generic cell phone boosters may claim to have such functionality, but if they are not listed by the manufacturer as compliant than you may be buying a device which cannot be used legally with your towers, phone, or network/service provider. Check the list of devices and be sure that you can use the phone with your device.

Do you have questions about the manufacturer’s product? Ask Us.

Our site only carries the best products which are in compliance with the manufacturer of your phone. And even though we provide descriptions and information on the website to help you best choose the device that is right for you, we understand that at times there will be questions that arise. Do not worry. Feel free to ask us about any cell phone signal booster or product on our site. We are here to help.

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Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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