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Signal Booster Buyers Guide

In today's world, access to a consistent and strong wireless signal is more important than ever. Whether you're at home, in the car, the office or traveling the globe, your wireless signal is your connection to the world. And whether you need to bolster business mobility, order a pair of slippers from your couch or simply find the nearest gas station when you're traveling in unfamiliar territory, a cell phone signal booster can ensure that you have the robust, consistent connection required to meet your needs. No more dropped calls or incoherent voice on cell phones!

What is a cell phone signal booster?

Cell phone signal booster (also known as amplifier, repeater, or extender) is a device that boosts cellular reception indoors and/or in vehicles. This helps provide a strong signal to cellular devices in homes and cars/trucks so that they can help you communicate perfectly. Guaranteed.

5 Guarantees of our 4G cell phone boosters:

  • Carrier Agnostic: Works with all cell phone carriers in USA & Canada (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Rogers, Telus, Bell, etc).
  • Manufacturer Agnostic: Works on all brands and models of cell phones, tablets, hotspots, etc.
  • Strengthens your existing 3G and 4G LTE signal up to thirty two times.
  • FCC certified and IC certified for use on all networks in North America.
  • One-time cost. No recurring monthly fees nor extra charges.

How do signal boosters work?

Signal Boosters for Buildings, Homes, Basements and Apartments/ Condos

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Signal Boosters for Cars, Trucks, Recreational Vehicles and Boats/ Yachts/ Ships

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Signal Boosters for M2M Machine to Machine applications such as the ones used in Fleet Management or Vending and Bank Teller Machines

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What do signal boosters consist of?

Cell phone signal boosters are typically made up of three primary components: Two separate signal booster antennas and the amplifier.

Signal booster installation showing main parts that it consists of.

In above general installation sketch, you see that signal boosters consist of 3 main parts: Exterior antenna pointed towards tower that absorbs the signal. Amplifier placed in center that amplifies that signal. Interior antenna on the right side that distributes the signal indoors and in vehicles providing strong signal to mobile devices. Above diagram shows all major components of a cell phone signal booster system.

More details: In external antenna is placed outside of a home, office or vehicle. This antenna's designed to pull in cell tower signals. That signal is then directed to an amplifier, which should be placed inside the building or car in need of a stronger signal. Once the signal has been amplified, it is redirected to internal antenna, located inside the premises or vehicle. This antenna then re-broadcasts, giving a much stronger signal to all cellular devices inside vehicle or home. In some cases, however, the cell phone signal booster comes with all these parts built into one piece of hardware.

Exterior antennas.

Every location has a unique set of circumstances which may lead to a weak signal. For some locations, there are few cell towers in proximity. For others, there are physical barriers to the signal that would otherwise be readily available on-site. Because of this fluid dynamic, there are two primary types of exterior antennas designed to address any connectivity complications.

  • Omni-directional: These antennas provide 360 degree coverage, but their effectiveness is diluted. They are ideal for locations in which there are strong signals in the area but end-point connectivity is suffering.
  • Yagi: Unlike omni-directional antennas, yagi antennas do not provide pull in signals from all directions. They point in one direction, but can reach further than omni-channel antennas. They are ideal for users that are a considerable distance from a single tower and lack a strong local signal (or have too strong of a signal in which case it can be pointed away from a cell tower to reduce excessive incoming signal).


Selecting the right cell phone amplifier for your cell phone signal booster is largely dependent on the coverage range that you require.

The most inexpensive amplifiers will provide coverage for several rooms - ideal for small offices or homes where calls drop with a higher frequency. The higher your amplifier’s decibel rating, the greater the coverage range will be.

In cases where endpoint connectivity is an issue, you are advised to purchase an amplifier designed for a larger coverage range, however. This will help overcome any spatial constraints that are hindering your signal on-site, such as the natural geographical topography and any irregular building designs.

Internal antennas.

Just like conditions outside your home, car or office can impact your signal strength, the same is true inside as well. Some locations require a multi-directional signal boost, while others need an amplified signal to be broadcast in one specific direction. There are two basic types of internal antennas.

  • Panel: These internal antennas are designed to broadcast a strong signal in one direction. They can be mounted on the ceiling of a multi-floor building to broadcast a strong signal straight up and down. They can also be mounted on walls to extend a signal straight across a flat property.
  • Dome: Dome antennas are intended to be mounted on a ceiling in the middle and act as the central point of your intended coverage range. They will broadcast out in 360 degrees from their mounting position, and are not intended to cover multiple floors.

Selecting the right cable.

Your antennas and amplifier are made into one complete system by connecting them with cable. There are a number of different types of cable that can get the job done, but to varying degrees of success. This is because different types of cable have different properties which lead to a loss in the strength of your signal. As a general rule, higher quality cable will maintain the decibel rating of your re-broadcast signal.

The length of the cable is also a factor. The longer your cable, the more decibels you will lose in the transmission process. To ensure the greatest effect of your cell phone signal booster, position your antennas and amplifier in locations that have less distance between them. In order to be safe, buy enough cable to keep a slight amount of slack, but aim to keep the cable of your choosing as short as possible.

Carrier frequencies.

Cell signals are broadcast over several different frequencies. If your signal booster is not equipped to use the frequency of the tower you’re using to amplify your signal, your signal booster won’t work. As such, it is important that you know which frequency your carrier uses in order to select the right cell phone signal booster. All of our signal boosters are carrier agnostic meaning they will boost reception on all wireless networks in USA & Canada.

To learn more from a specialist about which type of cell phone signal booster will meet your needs, please contact us, or check out signal booster reviews.

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Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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