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Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews

Do they really work? Find out from real signal booster users.

Still undecided as to whether you need a signal booster for your home or vehicle? Read the comments and testimonials of real signal booster users. Find out about the functionality of the signal booster, what it can do and what it cannot. 

The misconception about cell phone signal boosters.

There is a misconception that a cell phone signal booster is an alternative for having cell phone service. This is not the case. You have to have a network subscription to a cell phone service provider in order for the booster to work. Additionally, a booster cannot add functionality to your device’s plan. For example, if you have a smartphone but do not have the internet activated on your device, a cell phone signal booster will not give your cell phone internet service. Should your device acquire such at a later date, the existing booster would increase the strength of your internet signal at that time.

The best cell phone signal booster for functionality.

According to reviews on the weBoost Connect, it is one of the best boosters which you can purchase. It is a bit more pricey than other brands which are available. However, if you keep in mind that you generally get what you pay for, then you will be pleased. Per a cell phone signal booster reviews website, bestreviews.com, the weBoost Connect

“Offers the best performance. Incredibly reliable for rural areas where cell signals are weak. Easy to align antenna, too.” 

When considering a cell phone signal booster, a person should consider the antenna placement. The placement of the antenna captures the weak signal which is related back to the booster. The booster then increases the signal and relates it back to the cellular booster. Of course, residence and commercial cell phone signal boosters should work properly. You do not want to get a device which does not boost your signal strength accurately. Those looking for a residential cell phone signal booster may wish to look at the cell phone signal booster reviews of the weBoost Home 4G or the Connect 4G. The weBoost Connect 4G has been stated by customers to:

“give at least two bars and sometimes three bars inside our house, Satisfied with the product. Data transfer when our cell phone is being used as a hotspot has definitely improved significantly” (Jim T.)

Home cellphone boosters should increase the connectivity speed, lower the upload and download speeds, and reduce the number of dropped calls. The increase in bars is based upon the increase in DBs. When checking a booster, check the db gain for a more accurate description of the boost you will be able to obtain.

The best brand on the market.

If you look at the cell phone signal booster reviews online, you will consistently find that weBoost dominates the marketplace. It is hard to find a cell phone signal booster site which does not have at least one or two of this brand available to the public. In most cases weBoost is the only option which is available. As such, if you are considering the popularity as an indication of the functionality and dependability of the products offered then purchasing from a site which offers weBoost products is a sensible choice.

When choosing your cell phone signal booster, look for a site which has great reviews. Look for a brand which is trusted and has proven to be a leader in the cellular signal booster market. This does not necessarily mean that you need to purchase a weBoost. Whatever you decide, take some time to review the company, its policies, and the customer reviews. CellPhoneSignalBooster.us has over 300 reviews from customers on their cell phone signal boosters with a 5 star rating. In polling, customers have stated that they would prefer to buy from this site again. Coupling this with the many reviews of the specific products offered, you will find that CellPhoneSignalBooster.us only offers reliable boosters from the best manufacturers of cell phone and wi-fi signal boosters.

Learn More.

Those who are looking to learn more about cellular or wireless cellular signal boosters please look upon our blog posts. These posts go into more details about the specific components of the booster kits, which kits you should buy, and the differences between some of the features. Those who are seeking information about a specific cellular signal booster or a wi-fi booster and also wish to see real customer reviews of the product are strongly urged to see the product description page. Should you have any additional inquires about any of the products which are offered or if you wish to find out more information about residential vs. commercial products, please contact us. We specialize in wireless and cellular signal boosters with a team of professionals who will be more than happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your cellular or MIFI needs.

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