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Ting Phones
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Ting Home Signal Boosters:
Boost signal in homes, offices, apartments, cottages, farms, and small buildings.

Ting Vehicle Signal Boosters:
Boost signal in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and other vehicles.

Ting M2M Signal Boosters:
Boost signal for machine to machine applications such as fleet telematics, ATMs, vending machines, asset tracking systems and remote monitoring control systems such as monitored alarms, etc.

Ting Cellular Reception Amplifiers and Repeaters

Ting's services rely on T-Mobile for GSM and Sprint for CDMA. Therefore, it becomes important to start by determining which variety of device or devices you own or use. From there, the applicable booster to purchase will be based on the specific frequencies used by Ting.

About Ting

Ting is a relatively young wireless service provider, seeing as it started only in 2012. It's owned by Tucows Inc., one of the largest domain registration firms. In the United States, the company has made a play for customers by offering packages where people pay only for the services that they actually use. This is in marked contrast to other providers where people pay a certain amount for unlimited services, whether they use these or not. Ting states that this pricing model can save consumers more money.

Ting 3G Signal Boosters

The GSM service that Ting provides runs through the T-Mobile network. On the 2G side, Ting's GSM and EDGE networks make use of the 1900 MHz wireless frequency (Band 2). At the 2G level, you can generally expect data speeds of up to 128 Kbps. On the 3G side, Ting's UMTS and HSPA networks make use of the 1700 and 2100 MHz wireless frequencies (AWS) at Band IV. This means that you will need to get yourself an AWS booster, if you're looking to amplify your 3G signal.

When it comes to CDMA, Ting relies on the networks of Sprint. On the CDMA front, the relevant frequencies are 1900 MHz (PCS, Class 1) and 800 MHz (ESMR, Class 10). This includes the EV-DO 3G network for faster data speeds. 1900 and 800 MHz are the standard frequencies that North American wireless companies tend to use. This is useful to know because it means that a dual-band Ting cell phone signal booster, which is designed to amplify both of those frequencies, can work well in this situation.

Ting "4G" HSPA+

4G has always been a marketing buzzword, which can result in confusion. It's not the same as LTE though it does tend to offer better speeds compared to 3G. In the case of Ting, it does have access to the HSPA+ network of T-Mobile, which the latter dubbed 4G in its promotions. In this case, this faux 4G shares the same frequencies used by T-Mobile's 3G service, which means that an AWS booster will also be useful in this regard.

Ting 4G LTE

On the GSM side, where Ting offers LTE through the T-Mobile network, the applicable frequencies are 1700 and 2100 MHz (AWS) at Band 4, and speeds can reach up to 150 Mbps. On the CDMA side, where Ting provides LTE through Sprint, it uses a combination of WiMAX (2500 MHz), as well as LTE on the 800 MHz (ESMR, Band 26) and 1900 MHz (PCS Block G, Band 25) frequencies. The WiMAX component is, however, expected to be shut down near the end of 2015, leaving behind the 800 and 1900 MHz frequency LTE.


Getting a signal booster for Ting is made somewhat more complicated by the existence of both GSM and CDMA varieties for Ting's services. These two are independent of each other, and make use of different frequencies. While a dual band booster may be applicable for one, it may not work as well for the other. In addition, since the WiMAX LTE of Sprint, which Ting has access to, is ending, it would be a good idea to get a booster, which amplifies the 800 and 1900 MHz frequencies instead.

All signal boosting products listed above will work to boost reception on all phones on Ting cellular network. All the ones that state "3G" in their product name will amplify voice, text, and 3G data connections. All items that have "4G" listed in their name will amplify voice, text, 3G as well as 4G, 4G LTE, and 4G Advanced LTE wireless data connections to Ting mobile towers.

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