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USA Cell Phone Signal Providers

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Cell phones are everyone's essential devices. They used to be somewhat an expensive and cumbersome luxury in the past for the super rich folks. They're now a must-have component for our modern world. These days, almost everyone around you has one or more cell phones to communicate both for business and social networking amongst others.

The fact on point is that over 92% of people living on the surface of planet earth have access to a cell phone! Through adequate research made, it was found that over 5 billion cell phones exist in the world. The puzzle is that how many of these cell phones are connected to a network, and how many of them have proper signals for effective full uninterrupted calls, or how many are just laying in the closet unused. These questions cannot be directly answered but with respect to the active phones that lack proper signals in the United States, the solution is to use cell phone signal booster USA manufactured.

Notably discovered as well, is that at least two in every seven folks in US make use of their cell phones as their primary web surfing device. With facts from a current study made, over 30 percent of cell phone users in America utilize this device as their primary source to get online, with a predisposition towards folks between 15 and 45 years of age.

Cell phones are ultimate vital tools for everyone in the US and the world at large. However, having full control over its usage is as important as having full network signals to initiate connections both for making calls and for browsing the internet amongst other benefits. With the current world trends and newer innovative technologies being introduced every few days, the cell phone has become an indispensable tool because we find ourselves going everywhere with them - to the bathrooms, study room, classrooms, and business meetings and even close to our pillows when sleeping.

It has also been said that after the air we breathe in – cell phones are next! They are like a lifeline for a majority as without it - life's activities may be altered.

With social media activities taking the whole scene now and various dating apps on board, using a cell phone is as much essential as the blood that flows within our veins. We will not be any happier when we get interrupted in any way, not to even mention being disconnected from any of these platforms, or not to be able to make a clear call to a loved one, a friend, or for a business chat because of poor signals.

Cell phone owners who mention that they use their phones to go online, to surf online, exchange e-mails, or download apps also face certain problems such as experiencing slow download speeds which prevent things from loading as quickly as they would like, because of poor signals.

With your cell phones - they serve you in many occasions as guides to get direction or other information based on one's current location.

Imagine if your cell phone had signal problems, think about what would happen considering the following scenarios without our USA signal booster:

• Reception issues obstructing you from coordinating a meeting or get-together with friends, family members or business associates.

• Poor reception preventing you from solving an unexpected problem that you or someone else might have encountered.

• Reception issues preventing you from concluding and initiating a quick decision as to whether to visit a business, a restaurant or meet up a schedule, etc.

• Poor signal preventing you to quickly settle disputes and arguments between yourself and some other folks on a social media platform or through phone call.

• Signal issues stopping you from getting quick records and scores of events either for sports or school.

• Poor signal not allowing you to get up to the very minute traffic reports, or public transit details to find the quickest means to get somewhere.

• Signal issues preventing you from providing or getting help in emergency situation, amongst others.

Being limited by cell phone signal and network problems can be very daunting and catastrophic, but can be resolved using effective cell phone signal booster USA made plus assembled in United States.

No one can downplay the benefits of a cell phone with full signals, in situations as the following scenarios:

Over 10 percent of folks in America have texted a charitable donation from their cell phone. This is to promote mobile giving activities as found in several occasions where needed, and in particular one of such that happened during the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. Several donors contributed an estimated $50 million to the support and reconstruction efforts just by using the text messaging feature on their cell phones. This amount probably would have been more as it was recorded that some other donors could not complete their donations via their phones due to one error or signal breach, amongst others.

Suffice all of these to say - we should note also that we have several cell phone service providers in U.S.A. and they include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon amongst others. What are the potentials of some cell phone service providers in States? Let us look at some of them below:

Verizon Wireless

This cell phone service provider is popular and has a very good ranking from end users to a point of 9 out of 10. This provider covers about 97% of US users and has around 99% coverage in the cities, 90% coverage in the rural places, and provides a 4G LTE in around 500 markets. It also provides excellent customer service. Verizon's contracts and the number of days allowed to return a phone are similar to other carriers. And though AT&T has better 4G download speeds, Verizon is placed overall better in service provision and rankings. Their plan cost is a bit on the high side, but it is compensated with their high quality service and several other benefits we will go in detail at its link above.


This cell phone service provider is next in ranking to Verizon and has the fastest 4G LTE speeds when contrasted with several others in the marketplace. However, it has a coverage that reaches to only about 430 markets. AT&T service network is not as powerful as Verizon's, and has a very poor rural coverage which can be very challenging to users as it has only about 70 percent of rural areas covered.


T-Mobile is also popular amongst end users and is rightly ranked next after AT&T. It provides unlimited data plans and is also affordably priced. Though the signal coverage is not as strong as Verizon or AT&T. It has about 73 percent of urban areas, and 49 percent of rural areas covered. It is an affordable carrier, if available in your zone.


This is also a good rated carrier with a coverage around 65 percent in urban areas, and 57 percent in rural areas. It also provides unlimited data and features several phones with various capabilities. The network is not always solid, but may be very effective for folks who travel regularly.

Metro PCS

Metro PCS is another good carrier and has earned around 90 percent for customer service next only to Verizon. It is a prepaid cell phone carrier meaning no contracts, and offers unlimited text, data, and talk on a 4G network. It offers price cuts when folks have multiple phones on one account. However, it has certain limited coverage, which includes around 74 percent of urban areas, and 51 percent of rural areas. This carrier has been acquired by T-Mobile and runs on its network.


Tracfone provides prepaid options and monthly plans as well. The prepaid option can be right for folks that work from home who have a land line for use most of the time, and for others who may require a cell phone for only emergencies. It is good for very young folks as well.

The list is inexhaustible, as the choices are many. Although we discussed these few numbers, other varieties that exist also have their various pros and cons but we decided to talk about these popular ones for now.

Having a plan with any of your choice service provider is an option, but when issues such as network signal problems stand as a challenge - you have to brace up to get a means to upsurge the signal so you don't miss out of effective communication, internet browsing, amongst other benefits. You can do so with cell phone signal booster - USA built and sold, with customer service also based in this great nation with fluent English-speaking representatives.

If you have experienced your cell phone dropping during a call or sitting lifeless for a few moments, choked up as it struggles to get reconnected to the network and all attempts failed, then you should get with cell phone signal booster USA, to help you stay connected 24 hours, 7 days, and 365 days without trials and errors while your calls and need for data communication stay ON without interruptions.

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