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weBoost 311133 RV/ Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna with SMA male connector

Spring & Mirror Mount"/>
  • weBoost 311133 RV/ Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna with SMA
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weBoost 311133 RV/ Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna with SMA male connector

Discontinued. Consider: Spring & Mirror Mount

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weBoost 311133 RV/ Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna with SMA
weBoost 311133 RV/ Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna with SMA male connector
Discontinued. Consider: Spring & Mirror Mount
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weBoost/ Wilson
weBoost 311133 RV/ Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna with SMA
weBoost 311133 RV/ Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna with SMA male connector
Discontinued. Consider: Spring & Mirror Mount
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Product description of weBoost 311133 RV/ Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna with SMA male connector.

weBoost RV trucker spring mount antenna 311133 with cable, SMA male connector and mount.

This item is discontinued and we rarely have it in stock. Please consider purchasing its replacement, weBoost RV and Trucker spring-mount antenna designed specifically for fitting to trucks and other large vehicles. 

The purpose of this weBoost spring mount antenna is to improve the connection between your truck and the nearest cell tower. This can be very useful when the area you operate in has a low phone signal.

weBoost 311133 antenna has some specific features that make it very effective in improving the cellular signal strength. Firstly, the 311133 is built for high gain. In fact, the antenna can produce up to 5.1 dB of gain. Secondly, this model of antenna also features a spring-mount. This makes it ideal for fitting onto large trucks and also makes it very durable. The spring-mount allows the antenna to have some movement. This freedom of movement makes the antenna more durable and longer lasting. Because of this movement ability, it is far less likely to come lose even in harsh weather conditions.

The WeBoost spring-mount antenna is ideal for use with other WeBoost equipment. In particular, the antenna can be used with signal amplifiers. The antenna works with 50 Ohm amplifiers and is compatible with most common frequency bands. The 311133 comes as part of a kit that includes full mounting hardware. This hardware makes fitting the antenna onto the outside of your truck easy. The device is designed to be DIY friendly, and does not require professional installation.

Once an antenna has been fitted to the outside of your truck, it can be connected to your signal booster. The two devices together will greatly improve the mobile signal inside your truck. This improvement can help with the quality of calls that you make inside the truck. Also the improvement of signal will ensure that calls are far more reliable. With the antenna in operation, call dropouts will be far less frequent.

In addition to the improvement of calls, the antenna can also work with the amplifier to produce a stronger data signal. This can include both 3G and 4G signal when fitted to the right amplifier. This improvement in data signal means you will have more reliable web browsing and downloads. As well as improved reliability, the data signal will be stronger and the wireless link will be faster. This faster mobile wi-fi link means that you can download documents and emails faster. It can also help to improve streaming services such as video streaming and audio streaming.

As well as the technical benefits, the WeBoost spring-mount antenna also looks impressive. The design is a mixture of black and silver. The antenna is also branded with the WeBoost logo. Put together, this creates a very stylish look and makes for an asset to an external appearance of any truck. The weBoost 311133 is a spring-mount antenna that has been designed for fitting to trucks, RVs and other large vehicles. The weBoost spring-mount antenna is omni-directional, which means that it can receive and send signals regardless of the direction from which they originate.

The weBoost antenna comes with a spring-mount for durable fitting. With the spring-mount in place, the antenna is allowed a certain amount of movement. This movement means the antenna can move without strain being put in the mount itself. With the spring-mount, the antenna will last for far longer. Even in harsh weather conditions, the antenna will stay fixed securely to the vehicle. Also even in large trucks where there is a lot of movement and vibration, the antenna will still remain securely fixed to the vehicle.

The 311133 antenna has been designed for use as an outside antenna and can be fitted to the roof of your truck, RV or other vehicle. The weBoost antenna will work with all 50 Ohm amplifiers and accessories. However, it has been designed by weBoost to work best with weBoost amplifiers. The antenna supports all common carriers and works on a range of different frequencies. The amount of gain that can be produced depends on the frequency of the originating signal.

The weBoost antenna comes as part of a kit that also includes mounting hardware. The kit is designed for DIY fitting and does not require a professional installer to get the antenna mounted. Once you have mounted the device, it can then be connected up to your weBoost amplifier. This connection can be made using the SMA connector. When you have everything connected up, you can benefit from increased signal strength in your vehicle. The antenna will broker the link between your devices and the nearest cell tower. The antenna will receive signals regardless of the direction they originate from. These signals will then be passed on to your device. In turn, when your device transmits signals, the antenna will relay them on to the nearest cell tower.

When you are making phone calls, the stability of the call will be greatly increased. Even in areas where the cellular signal is low, the calls can be made more reliably. The quality of calls will also be increased with the antenna in place. Even long phone calls are less likely to drop out.

When you are using your phone or other devices to browse the internet, you can also expect a more stable connection. With the weBoost spring-mount antenna in place and operational, you will have less dropouts and less issues with Internet browsing. The data link will also be faster which means you can browse faster, download faster, and even stream faster. The data connection will also be more stable. This is particularly important when streaming content; it means that you can stream music and video content without it constantly buffering.

With the antenna in place and fitted to an amplifier, you can also expect a longer time between charging your devices. Because devices have a more reliable connection, they don’t have to work as hard. This reduction in workload means the battery does not run down as quickly.

RV / Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna (800/1900 MHz Omni Directional w/ 13.5 ft. RG58 Cable and SMA Male Connector) 

WeBoost spring mount antenna has been designed specifically for use trucks and other large vehicles. The antenna features up to 5.1 DB of gain. The antenna works with 50 ohm amplifies and accessories. It supports common carriers in USA and Canada. The antenna supports a wide range of frequency bands. 

This antenna has a built-in spring. This helps to reduce impact damage to the antenna. That makes it ideal for use in trucks. Even if antenna receives a large amount of shock and vibration, the spring will protect it from any damage. The antenna can also be installed on many different surfaces including mental, fibreglass, would and other surfaces. The antenna has a built-in ground plane. This means that you do not need an external ground plane, in order to fit antenna. The built in ground plane also acts as a reflector for incoming signals. This helps to further improve effectiveness of antenna. 

This antenna is multiband and also omnidirectional. This allows antenna to send and receive signals regardless of the direction. This makes it ideal for use in trucks and other large vehicles because it can be fitted anywhere on the vehicle and still receive a strong signal. The WeBoost 311133 comes as part of a kit. The kit includes the multiband spring mount antenna, a three way mount, and also the coaxial cable required to connect the antenna to your amplifier. 

Fitting the antenna to your truck is very easy. Firstly, mount antenna to outside of your truck using the included three way mount. Then run the cable from antenna to the amplifier inside your vehicle. At this point, you can power on the amplifier and start receiving better signals. When everything is in place and working, you can expect to receive far greater signal strength for all of your devices. This doesn't just include phones, but also includes tablets, laptops, and any other devices that have a cellular signal. 

There are many different reasons why you may need this antenna fitted to your truck. It may be that you need to make and receive reliable phone calls. Or maybe you make long phone calls, and you need to make sure that they don't cut out halfway through. 

As well as improved phone call quality, the antenna can also help with data services. It may be that you use data regularly on your devices for browsing Internet, downloading emails, or streaming content. With this antenna fitted, these activities will be much more reliable. They will also be much faster due to improvement in the 3G and 4G signals. 

In addition to all these benefits, the antenna working together with the amplifier will also increase the battery life of your devices. This is due to the fact that the devices no longer have to work so hard in order to maintain a voice or data signal. 

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