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weBoost Eqo Cell Phone Signal Booster

Introducing EQO by weBoost:

Stop Dropped Calls with weBoost EQO Signal Booster

As an individual or a business owner, communications is a necessity. Dropped calls or an increase in dropped calls can be avoided if one knows what products to use and what problems to avoid. Typically, dropped calls and bad cell signals are the result of one of four issues. These are:

• Distance/ Physical Proximity to a Tower.
• Structural Materials of the building block that hinder the signal.
• Physical objects cause the signal to be disrupted.
• Towers are restricted to network subscribers and block other users from access.

If the problem cannot be diagnosed within these four questions, the cell phone may be damaged or there may be a problem with the mobile network. Check with the local provider to find out what issues are common to your area.

How to detect which problem you are experiencing

Diagnosis of a poor reception is fairly simple to conduct. First, check to see how the signal is affected in different areas of the building. If the signal is stronger in some rooms but weaker in others, look for objects which may be causing the signal to be disrupted. The more furnishings that a room has the more apt the signal is to be hindered. Secondly, try to locate a strong signal from the exterior of the building. Should a strong signal be detected on the exterior and weaken on the interior then the issue is with the structure of the building. Finally, if the two mentioned methods fail to provide a strong signal, locate the closest physical tower. Those located further away from towers will have weaker signals than those within close proximity.

Where these problems are common, there may be hindrances in the solution. One cannot change the structure of a building in most cases; neither can one physically move a cell tower within range to get a strong signal. Therefore, it can be concluded that an additional piece of hardware will be needed in order to maximize the signal. Installation of an EQO cellular signal booster (Eqo pronounced as weBoost Echo, or weBoost Eco) can boost your signal up to 32 times the current strength eliminating dropped calls and poor reception.

What is the EQO Booster?

EQO is a cell boosting package by Wilson Electronics that works to increase the signal of your devices and cellular reception within a home or office. With its unique name, it is pronounced differently by many, such as weBoost Ego or weBoost Eco, but it is accurately pronounced as either "Echo" or "Ecko". EQO cellular repeater (with correct spelling as it is correctly spelled), is an amplification tool to existing signals. EQO kit is composed of a booster, an antenna, and a codex cable. The physical hardware works with embedded software to capture and broadcast the signals available in an area into one strong signal which can be used for devices within the home or the office.

Key benefits of the EQO system

• A small and efficient way in which to boost a signal within an interior space.
• Cost efficient, especially if the cell phone user has a data plan. The stronger the signal, the less data you will need to use instead of a signal to make calls.
• Easy to set up in mere seconds.
• Stronger signals and fewer dropped calls.
• Requires no internet access to boost the signal. The system works off of the signals which are already available in the area and amplifies those signals.
• Can be used with complete anonymity.

How does the EQO Booster help my weak signal?

EQO works through a physical set up with an antenna and a booster. The EQO scans the area for signals coming from a tower. These signals can be strong or weak. After such signals have been gathered, the system chooses the appropriate signals to increase and send that signal through the codex to the antenna where devices can gain access to that signal.

If you think of the signal as water the concept makes more sense. A drop of water coming from a faucet has very little force or use. However, if you gather the drops together or turn the water up, the force and use of the water is greater. The EQO signal booster works in much the same way. Where there may be a weak signal, the accumulation and grouping of the signal into a stronger signal gives them use. The device does not create signals. It utilizes the existing signals more effectively giving you better strength and less probability of a dropped call.

Is the EQO system complex?

The EQO system is designed to be installed and functional in about a minute. There are only three steps that are needed to properly install and use the EQO system. Everything inside the two compact box-like units may be complex with anticipated part numbers Wilson/ weBoost 460032/ 473120/ 473020/ U473020. For all practical purposes, one unit will serve as an amplifier that pulls in the reception from outside, and another one will serve as an interior antenna that disburses reception indoors.

• Place the booster within the house, office, or building structure at the place where the signal is the strongest. Testing of cellular devices is appropriate for determining the best placement of the booster. Ensure that objects and other obstructions are clear from the path of the booster and that the LED light indicator is facing towards the interior of the room.

• Place the box that serves as an antenna six feet minimum from the booster. Again, the path between the booster and the antenna may need to be free from obstructers (such as having the booster facing a cubicle wall and the antenna being on the other side of that cubicle wall). Face the antenna in the same direction as the orientation of the booster. Do not have the LED and the antenna facing each other.

• Connect the coax cable and power source to the booster and the antenna and turn the device on.

It really is that simple.

What is included in the Package? Do I need supportive software?

The Cellular booster package provided by weBoost contains all of the parts you will need to boost your cellphone’s signal. Included in the package is:
• (1) EQO Booster
• (1) EQO Antenna
• (1) Coax Cable
• Power supply

It is encouraged that the power supply be connected to a surge protector or to an outlet that has such built into it to avoid any damage to the device. However, this is a suggestion and not necessary for the EQO to function properly.

Is the EQO Signal Booster Brand Specific?

weBoost is the manufacturer of the EQO system and has designed the hardware to work alongside your cellphone. It is not a piece of cellphone equipment and therefore there should be no restrictions on the brand of phone used. Neither does the system use Android or IOS technology (though an app to help with the EQO Signal Booster may be introduced to those markets in the future). The EQO Signal booster works with cell phone frequencies and with the tower signals in the area to amplify and deliver stronger results. That being stated, towers which are dedicated and restricted in access to network subscribers may not be able to provide a usable signal to cellphone users outside of that restricted network.

Utilizing the EQO Cellular Signal Booster with a Cell booster app

The EQO Cellular Signal Booster is designed to work independently. However, there may be users which have cellular boosting apps installed on their cell phones to help with mobile receptions when not at the home, office, or building. It is advised that if such apps are installed on the cell phone that they be turned off when in the area of the booster. Those who wish to use the EQO alongside their app should first establish a signal with the EQO system and then detect that signal with your cell phone booster application. Keep in mind that some apps work solely off of tower reception and that you will need to know the functionality of your specific application in order to have the best results. As the EQO package is not intended to be used alongside any cellular software, weBoost cannot guarantee that your cell boosting app will work with our product.


EQO Cell Phone Signal Booster is a tool to help maximize the signal potential in a designated area. It cannot create a signal where no signal is present. Regions which are prone to outages, weak or non-existent signals, or geographic locations that have natural barriers (such as certain metals which can be found in some soils) may reduce the strength and efficiency of any cell phone boosting device. Areas which already have a cell phone boosting device present will need to ensure that the signal between the booster and the antenna does not cross the existent booster’s path in order to maximize the functionality of the system.

EQO Mobile Signal Booster is not a substitute for mobile services. Cell phone users will still need to have a mobile plan in place in order to access networks and other features on their selected phones. EQO does not require the cellphone user to access their data plan to gain their signal. However, the EQO Signal may require that the user disconnect and then reconnect to the network depending on the cellphone used, the signal that is provided, and the settings which are in place for access to the signal (be it your network settings or your connection settings).

EQO is not a hack for gaining access to mobile networks.

Questions, Comments, Ordering, or Support for weBoost Eqo? Contact us!

Pre-order and reserve your weBoost Eqo signal booster (Part numbers 460032/ 473120/ 473020/ U473020) or learn even more about it at our weBoost EQO booster blog entry. When you contact us to preorder, we will add your contact information to our waiting list. When weBoost Eqo stock arrives, we will contact you right away on a first come, first served basis. Then you can pay for your order and receive it with free shipping as with our other products.

EQO Boosting System strives to provide you with an easy to use product that delivers the best results. Yet, we understand that at times you may have questions or concerns regarding installation, troubleshooting, etc. If you have any questions, comments, or are in need of support for your product, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

EQO by weBoost

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