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weBoost Installed | Home Complete Intro by Wilson

Posted by on May 02, 2020

Wilson Electronics has launched its new Home Complete weBoost product, designed to overcome problems of non-existent or weak indoor cell signal coverage. As a bonus, Wilson Electronics has partnered with OnTech by DISH to provide full installation services for customers who purchase the new Home Complete product. This combined booster and installation purchase is called,  weBoost Installed | Home Complete (model number 474445). This decision marks the first time in United States that a residential cellular signal product has included full professional installation services.

CES 2020 recognized the Home Complete weBoost product as providing an award-winning level of technology, delivering strong telephone indoor signals for hotspots, tablets, cell phone devices, and all other cellular devices on any carrier network in United States including US Cellular, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT-T, and Verizon.

Not only will the Home Complete product make poor cellular connections and dropped calls a thing of the past, it will also improve the capabilities of hotspots, allow for better and faster streaming, dramatically increase data speeds, and ensure uninterrupted texting facilities throughout your entire home.

When consumers purchase the Home Complete by Wilson Electronics, they will have the opportunity to schedule an installation appointment for two hours with OnTech by DISH at the time of purchase. Customers need not worry about waiting months for installation as appointments can be available as soon as the very next day after purchase. During the two-hour appointment, the qualified and professional installer will take signal readings before and after the installation, providing an immediate demonstration of the improvement of cellular signal coverage. The installation isn't complete until the customer has signed off to certify that they are completely happy with the product and installation package.

Bruce Lancaster, the CEO of Wilson Electronics, has noted just how important it is for people to stay connected, particularly in light of current world events. Friends, children, parents, and grandparents are increasingly relying on their cellular devices to stay in contact, while workplaces all over the world are moving towards home-based regimes. It is no longer acceptable for indoor cell phone signals to be under-par or provide spotty, intermittent, or unreliable service. Mr. Lancaster reiterated his pride in the new Home Complete product, particularly the exceptional professional installation services that are bundled as a standard inclusion with the purchase of a Home Complete product.

Customers who purchase the Home Complete product will notice increases in network speeds in areas as large as 7,500 square feet. Customers can also expect as much as 24 dBm in output-uplink power and maximum gains as high as 72 dB. Featuring contemporary aesthetics to complement even the most modern décor, the Home Complete includes a panel antenna that is fabric covered and an aluminum booster coated in powder black and anodized grey.

With full FCC certification and pre-approval by all United States carriers, the Home Complete includes full professional installation services and is available for purchase right now through authorized resellers. With a standard price tag of $1,199.99 including full professional installation, the Home Complete includes a full 60-day money-back guarantee and a manufacturer's warranty of two years. The Home Complete is assembled and designed in United States.

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