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weBoost Pro 60 Signal Booster Kit (Wilson 471134 / 461134 Pro60 Custom Installer Kit)

  • weBoost PRO-60 Signal Booster Kit
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weBoost Pro 60 Signal Booster Kit (Wilson 471134 / 461134 Pro60 Custom Installer Kit)

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weBoost PRO-60 Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Pro 60 Signal Booster Kit (Wilson 471134 / 461134 Pro60 Custom Installer Kit)
Sorry, this item is discontinued.
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weBoost PRO-60 Signal Booster Kit
weBoost Pro 60 Signal Booster Kit (Wilson 471134 / 461134 Pro60 Custom Installer Kit)
Sorry, this item is discontinued.
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Product description of weBoost Pro 60 Signal Booster Kit (Wilson 471134 / 461134 Pro60 Custom Installer Kit).

weBoost Pro 60 Custom Installer Kit (weBoost 471134 Pro60 Kit, formerly Wilson 461134 or Wilson Pro-60) is replaced by new and improved Wilson Pro 70, 1000, 4000!

CI PRO-60 main amplifier is an in-building SmarTech III cellular signal booster that is designed to work with all carriers' networks and technologies. It offers a maximum gain of 55db and is certified to meet 2014 FCC standards and features a 3 Year Warranty by the manufacturer, weBoost (formerly Wilson Electronics). weBoost was formerly recognized as Wilson Electronics because it has now changed its company name to reflect its core offering - They boost signal. We offer WCI products to weBoost certified installers for custom installations of cell phone signal booster products in vehicles, houses, etc.

weBoost Pro 60 Custom Installer Kit (Wilson 471134 Pro60 Kit, formerly Wilson 461134 or Wilson Pro-60) includes:

  1. Wilson 461034 Pro 60 5-Band Amplifier (Now weBoost 471034).
  2. 314475 Wide Band Directional Antenna.
  3. 859992 Lightning Surge Protector.
  4. 311155 Wall Mount Panel Antenna.
  5. 951127 2 ft. RG11 Cable.
  6. 951150 50 ft RG11 Cable.
  7. 951175 75ft RG11 Cable.

More Details About Custom Installer Pro 60.

All Bands, Multi-Carrier Cellular Signal Boosters.

weBoost Pro60 indoor cellular signal booster is a high performer that is specially made for custom integration applications. This device is certified to the latest FCC standard for signal boosters and works with every North America carriers’ network and technologies. weBoost Pro-60 booster amplifies signals that are weak and gives voice and data coverage that are reliable (with 4G) to interior spaces that signals cannot reach. They are compatible with both RG-6 and RG-11. The time used in the installation of the Wilson Pro60 is minimized due to the self-optimized design.  This device also carries cell site protections that stop any possibility of interference with cell towers. Wilson Pro 60 cannot be purchased through any online store; they are only sold to custom technology integrators. The booster comes with 3 years warranty and hence this has made this Wilson Electronics product a quality and an industry-leading, making it the number one choice for every professional technology integrator.  


  • Wilson Pro-60 booster sold in kits.
  • Expansion kits are present for installations in large scale.
  • Installation time are reduced due to the self-optimizing design.
  • Works with all North America Cellular Networks, apart from Clearwire.
  • Comes with a 3 years warranty.
  • FCC and Industry Canada Certified.


  • Lost connections and dropped calls will be reduced.
  • Transfer of data on 4G and all legacy networks will be faster and cleaner.
  • Connections will be strong and more reliable even when signals are weak.
  • More indoor coverage area on all 4g networks and 3G and 2G.
  • The battery life of the cellular device is increased. 


  • Another source of income.
  • Help in resolving the common problem of weak signal connection.
  • Cannot be seen in the market.
  • Free training and certification.
  • Free installation design support.
  • Buyers will be referred to certified installers.
  • More sales to customers that are already existing.
  • It is the most popular brand in the industry.

Installation guide overview:

This is how weBoost cellular signal booster system works: An outdoor antenna is placed on the roof or pole where it can get some cell signal. This antenna receives that little signal and sends the weak signal through the coax cable back to the internal antenna(s) that in turn rebroadcast the signal that has been amplified within one or different areas where the amplified signal is needed. Signals produced by the indoor cell device(s) are also picked by antenna that is inside, which is then amplified by the signal booster and send back to the cell tower through the antenna that is outside. This enhanced signal makes reliable connections for indoor users.

About Gain and Improved Signal Area. 

When a cell booster is amplified, it directly has an effect on area of improved signal coverage inside the home. There are several gain ratings available for weBoost boosters so that signal level can be better matched with the needs of user’s home. The little signal power at the antenna that is outside, or the better the network requirement, the bigger the gain that will be required and this leads to a higher charge. Also the more signal power available outside, the bigger the network coverage area is going to be. It is vital to face the outside antenna towards the source of signal if it is a directional antenna. Although the length from the coax cable reduces the gain of both the antenna inside and outside, this also have an effect on the region of high coverage. The internal antenna also has its own directional features. Coverage area inside the house will also be affected by coverage region.    

One other vital factor that influences signal area is insufficient isolation between the antenna outside and inside. These boosters are made to bring down indoor gain so as to hinder any feedback "oscillations". If not monitored properly, this will have an effect on operation of the close-by cell site. The front display on the booster is used for determination of whether a booster is working at a high gain for cell band. One way to get this high gain is by increasing antenna isolation, until a gain is displayed on the LCD indicator. If this required separation is disturbed by any structure, it will affect the gain. A cell site that doesn’t provide users any service can make the booster's automatic signal protection circuit to lessen gain or switch-off some of the bands in the booster in order to prevent network overload to the cell site that is closest. The LCD display integrated on the booster can help in determining if this situation is occurs.

Install Overview:

  • Choose a structure where you will mount the antenna.
  • Pick a region to mount the signal booster far from heat, moisture or direct sunlight, or airy position. An area with less amount of ventilation is not recommended. This booster should be very near to the antenna outside so that losses will be reduced as a result of the length of the cable that goes to the antenna outside.
  • The cable should be connected from the antenna outdoor to the signal booster connector of the antenna outside.  
  • A spot for the antenna indoor should be picked, ensuring that you select a position in the middle of the area that requires the improved signal. Know that the separation between the outside and inside antenna is important for proper functioning. About 50 to 75 feet of horizontal isolation away from the outdoor antenna is needed. Vertical distance will also contribute to increased isolation. Other ways of separation are also possible. You can contact us for more suggestion of isolation techniques.   
  • Make a connection from the indoor antenna to the signal booster’s indoor antenna connector. You can refer to page 6 for more details on how to run a cable. Cable length has to be as short as possible in order to limit the loss of signal in the system.
  • Make sure that both the outdoor and indoor antennae are connected very well before the signal booster is switched-on. And make sure all the connections are very tight.   

Refer to page 9. Note: Take extra care when connecting the connectors so that the pin at the center of the connector does not bend. 

  • Switch-on the booster by connecting it into the power source. If a green light is displayed, please refer to page 9-11.

Selecting a Location for Outside Antenna.

The antenna that is outdoor should be installed in a location outside the house, where there is a strong cell signal. The weBoost signal that comes with the booster can be used in achieving this. Another device that can be used for finding the spot where there is the strongest signal is the cell phone that is in a test mode. Make sure the outside antenna is very high in the direction where the region of the cell tower is facing away the expected location of the antenna that is indoor.  

Outside Antenna Installation.

Mount the antenna. The bracket used for mounting the antenna is adjustable and will accommodate pipe diameters from 1.25 inches to 2 inches. Make sure the antenna has about 3 feet of space of clearance in all directions around it. Ensure the antenna is pointing away from your roof or towards the inside antenna because this will make the circuit for the cell site protection to turn-off the signal booster.  

Installing Lightning Protection.

Warning: Protection against lightning is important when installing the antenna (#859992-75 Ohm). Be careful so that you or the antenna do not go near any electrical power line. Fix the LSP (Lightning surge protection outside), in line with the coax cable from the outdoor antenna, beside where the coax cable from the antenna that is outdoor will pass into the house. The outside antenna cable should be connected to one of the connector on the surge protector. The other connector should be fixed to the other LSP to the coax cable entering the house. The LSP should be properly grounded as near to the LSP as possible. 

Run Outside Antenna Cable.

When installing the antenna outdoor to the wall of the house, the best way to go about it is by running the cable on the outside of the wall and fix it to the outside of your home. Make a hole on the wall of the building where you want the cable to show inside the house. But before making any hole, be sure that there are no electrical outlets, or any pipe or other electrical wiring in the wall where you want to make the hole, because this may result in damage to the wall or the house. Note: Television cable serving other purposes cannot be shared alongside the installation of the cell booster. When you have made the hole for the cable, pass the cable inside and seal it up with a silicone-type sealant to cover the hole that has been created. Sometimes it will be possible to pass the cable up into the fascia of the attic overhang. In cases like this, the cable will be available further routing.

Installing the Inside Panel Antenna(s)

A good spot for the internal antenna should be picked, especially in the middle where the signal needs to be boosted. A separation distance of around 20 vertical feet and/or 50 horizontal feet between the indoor and outdoor antenna is essential so as to get a full booster gain and hence get most optimum indoor signal. Suppose the antenna cannot attain an optimum gain, then a horizontal separation of about 75 feet may be needed, or a mechanical separation between both antennas could occur. Other installations that need reception improvement in larger areas in bigger homes may require many internal antennae and splitters. For instance, suppose signal is improved in many areas of a building, there may still be poor signal in other areas. In such instances, the signal from the booster can be split to two or more different indoor antennas by using a splitter that you can buy separately.  

Installing the Signal Booster.

Pick a region for the signal booster that is far from too much heat or sunlight, moisture, or an area with a very cold temperature. An airy environment is preferable for the booster. Installation location that is recommended for the indoor boosters are inside a shelf or closet where there is power source. Attic installation may cause the booster to reach high temperatures.   

Note: Don’t mount in an area that can reach temperature that is more than 150 °F.

Note: Keep a minimum of 6 inches away from any objects around. Take extra care when fixing the connector in order not to spoil the pins that is at the middle of the connectors.

Pass the outdoor antenna cable to the signal booster and fix it to the connector that has the labeled "Outside Antenna" on it. Pass the internal antenna cable to the signal booster and fix it to the connector that is labeled “Inside Antenna” on the signal Booster.

Note: So as to follow the FCC guidelines, lengths of cable and antennas sent as a kit for signal booster must be utilized. They shouldn’t be cut and shortened. Contact our tech support for cable kits to be used in cases that require long cable runs.

Note: It is very vital to power your signal booster with the help of a surge protected AC power strip with a minimum 1000 Joule rating. If you fail to do this, your warranty will be void. The warranty is given to you in case of a power surge or lightning strike. 

Finding the Strongest Signal.

You have to target your outdoor antenna towards a good signal source from your carrier during the installation of the signal booster. Using the weBoost signal Meter and directional antenna fixation accessory is the best way of acquiring a very strong signal. Another way of doing that is by getting someone on the roof to turn the outdoor antenna, that is fixed to the signal booster.   

Rotate the antenna at an angle of 45 degrees at a time, when the person inside the house will be monitoring the signal strength on a signal meter or probably on a phone in test mode. This will help you in reading the strength of the signal from the cell tower. Make sure the phone is in test mode so as to get the actual strength of the signal, because bars are not always correct. Make sure the person inside the house allows the signal strength to register on the phone for at least 30 seconds so that the phone will update the signal reading.

The reading of the signal usually appears as a negative number. The signal is stronger when the reading is closer to zero.  

Post Install Setup.

The Pro 60 signal booster is made with an advanced internal programming that enables the booster to adjust itself automatically for different conditions and still improve signals that are not strong. When the amplified installation has finished, the push button on the lower panel that is on the Pro 60 booster is useful in the verification of the final gain that the booster adjusts itself to produce when antenna has been mounted. You can also use the display to re-adjust antennas so the booster can give optimum gain and thereby increasing its coverage. The status for each band will be displayed on the LCD and the installer will be informed when any bands may have had their gain reduced by the booster's internal programming. Furthermore, the overall status of the booster will be shown by the indicator light on the booster's upper panel by displaying it in different colors. This will be covered below. 

Understanding the LCD Screen.

The single “BAND SELECT” button is useful in scrolling the display via the four cellular bands so as to verify that each band is working very well. This is normally carried out various times when installing and set-up process to identify and remove any cell site proximity gain reduction ("OVL" display) and/or oscillation detection ("OSC" display) that might have been commanded by the booster’s network protection circuitry, as will be explained in the subsequent paragraphs. Also, an asterisk that is located close to the band that is selected will flash if some bands have been turned down/off by the boosters control circuitry as a result of strong nearby cell site signal overload, or oscillation from antennas that are nearby.

Understanding the Upper Panel Indicator Light.

As the display on the LCD is being toggled around the four cellular bands, the upper indicator light (power) is going to display green, orange, red, or different colors on each band that is selected. This depends on how the booster is working on each band as explained below.

Green shows the unit is powered, working properly at full gain.

Red shows the booster turnoff due to too much oscillation or feedback.

Orange shows that the booster has turn-off due to too much signal overload. This is as a result of being extremely near to a cell tower.

It also has two major light features, green with an alternating red, and green with an alternating orange. These two color combinations show that the booster is functioning right although at a reduced gain.

IMPORTANT NOTE: low gain lessens the indoor coverage region. Your installation will only be complete if the amount of network area is sufficient.

Flashing Green and Orange shows that the booster has noticed an overload from a close-by cell site and has automatically lowered its gain so as to keep on working without having an effect on the site that are close by.

Flashing Green and Red show that the booster has noticed feedback oscillation that normally occurs by placing the antenna in an incorrect way and has reduced its gain automatically so as to stop any cell site blockage.

Note: The two scenarios above can occur, but the signal booster will pick the light option that pertains to the highest reduction in gain..

Fixing Red Light Issues.

If some of the light displayed on the booster are red:

    1. Ensure that every connection are intact

  • If the area covered by the network is not very large with a reduced gain and alternating green and red lights, the region that in-between the outdoor and indoor antenna has to be increased by moving them horizontally and/or vertically away from each other. When this is done, you will have to reset the booster by removing it from power source and then connecting it back again. If a green light is displayed after the antennas have been separated, this means you have reached the optimum coverage.  

Fixing Orange Light Issues.

When the indicator light displayed on one or more bands: 

  • If with this reduced gain condition, you still have a low coverage area, it is better to turn the outdoor antenna from the strong cellular signal that is close by in little increments until the light changes to green. If the Signal Booster does not give any response, then you will have to change the position of the outside antenna.
  • When an orange light is still being displayed then this means that the coverage area is still very small.

Cell Phone Signal Booster is the leading brand in the wireless communications industry. They sell of Signal Boosters, antennas and other related components that are used to boost cellular phone signal network and also the transmission in different type of applications such as mobile (marine, RV, vehicles) and in-building (home, office, machine to machine) . With a vast knowledge in antenna and Signal Booster research and development, the manufacturer's engineering team makes use of a modern laboratory, with an anechoic chamber and network analyzers, to fine-tune antenna designs and performance. For its Signal Boosters, they use a double electrically shielded RF enclosure and cell tower simulators for compliance testing.

Product Reviews.

Warranty Information.

Get an industry-leading two years manufacturer's warranty on all consumer grade weBoost amplifiers. All Wilson Electronics' commercial grade WilsonPro cell phone amplifiers have three yrs. manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, we provide sixty days extended return policy on all brand-new and used or refurbished weBoost & Wilson Pro cell phone boosters and GSA items. If you have questions or require help, please email us or call our customer and tech support at toll free number 1(800)501-3153. We will be happy to guide you. In addition to lowest price, all cheaper refurb. items are factory tested and include one year manufac. warr. Unless on-sale/ clearance products explicitly state the word "refurbished", all items we stock are brand-new!

60 Days Refund Guarantee
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Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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