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weBoost Signal 3G 470309 M2M booster with hardwire kit

  • weBoost 3G Signal M2M hardwire kit 460309/ 470309 with a FREE add-on!
  • Application diagram of weBoost Signal 3G 470309 / 460309 M2M booster with hardwire kit
  • weBoost Signal 3G 470309 M2M booster with hardwire kit has been designed and engineered in USA.

All weBoost & Wilson Pro kits by Wilson Electronics are designed and engineered in USA. Download PDF catalog to browse all kits and accessories we carry:

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weBoost 3G Signal M2M hardwire kit 460309/ 470309 with a FREE add-on!
weBoost Signal 3G 470309 M2M booster with hardwire kit
US $159.99

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Product description of weBoost Signal 3G 470309 M2M booster with hardwire kit.

weBoost Signal 3G 470309 or Wilson Electronics branded packaging Wilson 460309 is a cellular booster kit for use in M2M environments. M2M stands for machine to machine and is used to describe a scenario where communications are required between equipment. These communications are programmed to occur between unmanned systems and as such a stable connection is very important.

Some common deployment scenarios for weBoost 470309 Signal 3G include use with vending machines, cash machines, fleet management, security equipment, and other devices that require a data connection to communicate. There is no intrinsic difference between part numbers 470309 and 460309 cellular repeater. The only difference is that weBoost 470309 has weBoost branding and Wilson 460309 displays Wilson Electronics branding in the packaging. It is very compact and provides dual band amplification which helps to ensure a strong and constant signal to, and from your equipment.

This wireless range extender comes with a mini-mag 4 inches antenna with SMA male connector. The short antenna can be linked to the device with the cable provided, and placed in a convenient area to ensure maximum signal boosting.

The Signal 3G 470309 mobile coverage enhancer comes with everything required for installation as well as an instruction manual, which makes it very easy to fit. The device is produced in such a way that makes it compatible with a wide range of other equipment including many different types of antennae. Because of this, it can be introduced into almost any M2M environment.

Once installed, the 3G M2M signal booster will provide an enhanced signal for both inbound and outbound communications. This has the benefit of producing a much more stable connection for the connected equipment. This ensures that communications can always succeed to, and from the device. Communications to, and from the device will also be much faster which is ultimately more efficient and means that information is always received on time. This makes the monitoring of equipment much more effective and also means that important business data is always available and up to date.

In addition, the direct signal booster also enables equipment to have a stable 3G connection in remote areas where the signal quality is normally very poor.

Specific to the 470309 model of this device is the fact that it comes with a hardwire power kit. Rather than having a standard power adaptor, the hardwire kit comes with mini USB connector on one end and terminated points at another end. This is ideal for professional installations where the device can be fitted to a central power unit or connected via other equipment such as UPS monitoring systems and so on.

Like all of the devices in this range, the Signal 3G M2M booster is very well priced as well as highly functional. This reception expander can be used in many different M2M scenarios and provides several benefits to each of those scenarios. Because of this, the device provides a very fast return on investment and this return can be measured in time and efficiency. 

The 470309 3G M2M Signal Booster with Mini Magnet Mount Antenna.

Quick Summary. 

  • It strengthen the 3G reception for M2M applications.
  • It is perfect for vending machines, ATM’s and lottery machines.
  • Faster download and upload speeds.
  • weBoost’s only 3G machine2machine (M2M) reception booster.
  • Based from weBoosts’s technology that is truly award winning.  


The weBoost signal 3G 470309 M2M Direct Connect Mobile Phone Booster is specifically developed for machine to machine installations. This dual-band weBoost 470309 signal Booster is now ready to work with the modern installation of CDMA in order to provide reliable, strong mobile phone signal that will ensure the successful transfer of M2M data. This model is works on all CDMA networks in North America and this has been installed in vending machines, ATM’s and lottery machines giving great results. 

The weBoost 470309 signal Booster’s compact design makes it an ideal element for installation of M2M in poor signal environments. OEMs and the integrators can partner with the weBoost 470309 signal Booster with different kinds of mobile antennas for gaining maximum system to overcome a poor signal. Signal blockage is caused by obstructions and interferences like trees, hills, steel and brick and the main cause, which is the cell site distance.

Detailed Summary.

  • Boost 3G reception in mobile applications.
  • For machine to machine applications.
  • 2-way amplified receptions going to, and coming from, the tower.
  • Automatic power control ensures maximum output.
  • Up to positive 15 dB gain.
  • Configurable to suit all types of M2M installations.
  • Extend the longevity of mobile backup battery.
  • weBoost’s 3G M2M mobile reception booster.
  • Designed and assembled in USA.
  • No charge for tax outside Texas.
  • UPC: 811815024439.
  • Free delivery within USA and Canada.
  • Warranty for two years.
  • Everlasting product support.

Kit Includes Following Parts.

  • weBoost 470009 (or Wilson 460009) Signal 3G Booster (Dual Band Amplifier and Repeater)..
  • 859989 DC Hardwire Power Supply 5V/1A Kit.
  • 951151 3 feet RG-174 Cable with SMA Male Connectors.
  • weBoost 311126 (or Wilson 301126) Mini Magnet Mount Antenna with SMA male connector (4 inches long).

This item is eligible for a FREE Bluetooth Headset! This free product eligibility will be shown in shopping cart - If wanted, it must be manually added to cart to receive free with purchase.

Features Of weBoost 470309 are as follows.

  • IC and FCC certified.
  • Configurable to suit virtually to any machine to machine (M2M) installation.
  • Two-way reception booster that amplifies signal going to, and coming from, the cell site.


  • It is a reliable and strong source of signal in remote areas or some places with poor signal.
  • Reliable and faster data transfers.
  • It is compatible with different network providers in North America.

The MSRP for 470309 signal booster is $159.99.

Provides up to +15 dB Gain and covers all carriers in USA & Canada. Frequencies it works on are: 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. This weBoost signal booster kit is compatible with following U.S.A. and Canadian wireless service providers:

American Service ProvidersCanadian Service Providers
AT&T Wireless Bell Mobility
Boost Mobile Chatr
C Spire Fido
Cricket Wireless Ice Wireless
Metro PCS Koodo Mobile
Net10nTelos, Shentel Mobilicity
Simple Mobile MTS
Sprint NorthernTel
Straight Talk Public Mobile
T-Mobile USA Rogers Wireless
Ting SaskTel
TracPhone Telus Mobility
US Cellular Videotron
Verizon Wireless Virgin Mobile Canada
Virgin Mobile USA Wind Mobile
(now "Freedom Mobile")

Every Wilson Signal 3G Hardwire M-2-M Signal Booster Kit purchased includes FREE bonus accessories (see main Wilson 470309 product image shown above for details). All Wilson amplifier kits including this Wilson signal booster for M-TO-M applications, qualifies for FREE shipping anywhere within United States and Canada. Being an authorized Wilson Electronics retailer, reseller, and integrator carrying entire Wilson Electronics signal booster product line exclusively at this website, we provide complete Wilson cellular connectivity solutions - Not just boxes, as other mass retailers may provide.

Signal 3G Hardwired cellular reception enhancing kit model number 470309 by Wilson Electronics, LLC. is absolutely legal for use in Canada and United States of America because it is certified by IC (Industry Canada) in Canada, and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in USA, respectively. All you need to do is register cell signal amplifier with your mobile carrier after purchase. Registration is easy! However, if you don't see the link to your cell service provider's cell booster registry form on that webpage, please contact them to find out how to register your new antenna booster for your machine to machine app.

Product Reviews.

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  1. Connectivity problems solved overnight. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on

    When I needed something to fix my work machines' connectivity issues, I chose this kit. It was easy to install and fixed my problem right away.

  2. Easy fix for machines not connecting 3 Star Review

    Posted by on

    I was having issues connecting few machines with the main database due to the distance apart. By hard wiring the 3g machine to machine weboost booster to few machines, I was able to get a strong and reliable connection. We measured positive gains up to 15dB in most situations. The best part is the booster automatically adjusts itself for the most ideal power output for best performance.

  3. Provides a secure connection 3 Star Review

    Posted by on

    If you are having issues keeping your devices or machines connect constantly then this m2m booster is the solution. I recently installed two of these boosters in our machines because they had an unstable connection due to the distance apart. The connection is up and running 24/7 without issues now. I also noticed the upload and download speeds have increased by almost 40%.

  4. Install it and forget it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    If you are looking for machine to machine signal booster you can install and forget about it, then this is the one for you. I have had this booster for about eight months now, and it never acts up nor disconnects. It provides a steady, and dependable 3G connection 24/7. It works with all cell providers and is easy to install into tight spaces.

  5. Speeds up data speeds 4 Star Review

    Posted by on

    Our data speeds were very slow before hard-wiring this kit. Now we experience dramatic increase in our data speeds, and there is no doubt this booster gets the job done.

  6. Almost DOUBLED our upload speeds. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on

    We were having issues with slow uploading speeds, and transferring data between databases. This booster was a quick and a cheap solution for us.

  7. Small antenna comes in to save the day! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on

    We are super happy that the small antenna was included in the kit. We were having trouble getting our machines to communicate between each other due to the distance apart. After a quick install, everything works as promised!

  8. Speeds up transfer speeds for sure! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    I was having issues transferring data between machines due to lack of strong signal but after installing this simple booster kit, we are no longer experiencing any issues. A++ Service.

  9. Happy it works with all Carriers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    When I was shopping for a booster for our office cellular modem, I was having a hard time finding one that would work with our provider. I'm glad this kit works with all service providers!

  10. Works without any issues! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    We were having issues connecting the tracking system in our warehouse due to the size but after installing this booster inside our machine, we no longer have any problems. Great buy!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 12 | Next

Warranty Information.

Get an industry-leading two years manufacturer's warranty on all consumer grade weBoost amplifiers. All Wilson Electronics' commercial grade WilsonPro cell phone amplifiers have three yrs. manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, we provide sixty days extended return policy on all new and used or refurbished weBoost & Wilson Pro cell phone boosters. If you have questions or require help, please email us or call our customer and tech support at toll free number 1(800)501-3153. We will be happy to guide you. All refurb. items are factory tested and include one year manufac. warr. Unless on-sale/ clearance products explicitly state the word "refurbished", all items we stock are brand new!

60 Days Refund Guarantee
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