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weBoost by Wilson Electronics

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weBoost is a company that features products designed to boost your wireless signal in locations in which it is weak.  Previously known as Wilson Electronics, this company is based out of St. George, Utah, and also has offices in various other States. It is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to boosting the wireless signal. This is also due to their recent releases that put them at the front of the line regarding modern advances in technology.

A wireless signal booster is a device that can be placed in a variety of places (please see below) and will effectively boost the cell phone reception within its functioning radius.  Though they are often used for private use, they can also aid public workers, such as first responders, when the signal is boosted and benefits everyone in the general area.  

Due to the potential privileges and downfalls that signal boosters can provide, there have been rules created ensuring that they are properly regulated and installed to ensure that the benefits are promoted and the shortcomings minimized.

weBoost specializes in supporting all carriers in both the US and Canada, making them an international company that caters to many people. It shares that all of their current booster kits are FCC and Industry Canada certified meeting all safety and quality expectations.

The wireless signal boosters are designed to work on top of the carrier signals which means that those who are communicating using these boosters from various carriers will be able to talk and share instantly and without any kind of problem.  The wireless boosters are specifically designed to go above the carrier signals so they do not interfere with the natural chain of communication, simply boost the signal to make it easier and faster.

Leading the way in creation and promotion of wireless signal boosters, weBoost is home to many revolutionary products that are putting them in the forefront of the modern technological world and gaining the plenty of attention.  This has been proven with the awards that they've won: the Movile Village Mobile Star Awards in 2008, a Finalist in 2009 for the American Business Award, winning the Best Practices Award by Frost & Sullivan in 2010, being a finalist in the Andrew Seybold Choice Awards in 2010, winning the Connected World Award in 2011, the Product of the Year in 2011, a finalist in the CEA TechHome Mark of Excellence, and the CEDIA Best New Product Finalist Award in 2012.

Additionally,  weBoost also received an excellent rating from MobilePro, is Moab Jeeper Magazine Approved, has the seal of approval from Storm Chaser Consultants, and has ranked in the CTIA Emerging Technology Awards.

Within the company, they offer a long list of devices that serve as wireless signal boosters.  Firstly, it offers both home and office signal boosters that provides stronger signals to everyone in the general area. There is no need to log onto any network or sign up for the service.  It is as simple as stepping into range of the signal, and your signal is automatically boosted.

When used in the home,  there will be no more slow loading or buffering on videos, as the signal will be boosted high enough that everyone can use it as they wish with no interference from anything else.  In professional situations, weBoost wireless signal boosters ensure that there are no dead zones on the property so that work efficiency is at its peak.

It offers devices in three categories: Car, truck and RV; Home and Office; and M2M (Machine to Machine.)  In the first category, wireless boosters are available from cars to boats and everything in between.  These are designed to be placed in vehicles to boost the signal within the vehicle.  This means that you will be able to have fully functioning signals in areas that normally would force you to drop a signal from time to time.  Devices are available in single-use units, in which users place their smart phone or tablet on the router itself, or in multi-use devices, in which as many people in the vehicle can use it as possible.

In the Home and Office category, it is much the same as mentioned above, offering their services to those in the general vicinity. There are three separate categories available: One that is designed to boost for 1-2 rooms (up to 1000 square feet), one for a small home or office which covers up to 2,300 square feet, and one that is intended for a large home or office covering up to 4,000 square feet.  

M2M, or Machine to Machine, is a series of boosters to choose from, that enable machines to talk to one another with enhanced ease and speed.  These kinds of boosters are used especially in commercial applications such as lotto machies, standalone ATM machines, etc. that may encounter mobile signal reception issues especially when indoors in malls, etc.

The idea of cell phone signal boosters, such as those available for the cars, recreational vehicles, and homes, buildings is what put it on the map. This is a new technique that not many companies have developed far enough along to be recognized. The lack of serious competition in combination with research and development has been responsible for winning weBoost all of the prizes and recognition that it has won in the past.

Still focused on developing even more specific products that will be accessible to those who need them, in any situation, it is in the midst of creating even more technologically advanced products that will match the quickly progressing cell phone and tablet market.  Some of these can be seen today, including 4G LTE support that was not seen in previous releases. Shop for weBoost booster kits below.

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