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Become a reseller and buy signal boosters at wholesale prices!



Have you considered re-selling cell phone signal boosters? Being a wilson cell phone booster distributor, we carry the full line of Wilson Electronics and weBoost signal boosters for sale to merchants that can resell those products to their online or retail store customers. This national wholesale distribution agreement requires retailers, agents, installers or whoever that wishes to resell weBoost reception enhancement products to contact us with their contact information after creating an account so we can set up wholesale pricing for your company. Our discounted installer pricing will boost your profits!

Once set-up, our new dealers that either only resell, or resell and install (a site survey and thereafter a soft installation recommended before permanent installation) can enjoy wholesale pricing discounts by logging into their new account to purchase every item storewide at lowered wholesale cost! Please note that shipping costs may apply, retail coupon codes are invalid, and free parts offered to retail customers are inapplicable due the fact that the pricing will already be discounted down to the minimum possible level. If a business is located in Texas, an extra step is needed: A company resale certificate must be faxed or emailed in order to waive the sales tax cost (by default, sales taxes are not charged to companies ordering from outside Texas). We make buying wholesale cell phone signal booster easy.

If your business is already in the wireless industry (mobile dealer, agent, electronics installing company or selling cell phone accessories), it will be very easy to sell signal boosters along with other cellular equipment you may already be reselling at your store. This is a very limited time opportunity until we meet our target number of resellers, so don't miss this lucrative opportunity! Create wholesale account and contact us today, or visit our location in the wholesale district of Houston on Harwin Drive: 7800 Harwin Drive A-2, Houston TX 77036, USA.

60 Days Refund Guarantee
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