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Wilson 311129 (formerly 301129) - 10 dBi Gain Yagi Antenna

  • Wilson 301129 - 10 dBi Gain Yagi Antenna
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Wilson 311129 (formerly 301129) - 10 dBi Gain Yagi Antenna

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Wilson 301129 - 10 dBi Gain Yagi Antenna
Wilson 311129 (formerly 301129) - 10 dBi Gain Yagi Antenna
US $47.50
US $59.99
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Wilson 301129
weBoost/ Wilson
Wilson 301129 - 10 dBi Gain Yagi Antenna
Wilson 311129 (formerly 301129) - 10 dBi Gain Yagi Antenna
US $47.50
US $59.99
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Product description of Wilson 311129 (formerly 301129) - 10 dBi Gain Yagi Antenna.

This lower profile Yagi antenna improves transmit and receive signals for 800 and 900 MHz band used by all major North American cellular carriers. The Wilson Cellular 800-910MHz Cellular Yagi Antenna's main benefit over other antennas is its ability to focus its signal in one direction. This provides an advantage in weak signal areas or for repeater systems. This antenna is designed for use on stationary objects such as buildings. If this antenna is not aimed correctly it will lose its effectiveness. The 14.4" boom is the main part of the antenna and includes 5 elements constructed of a single piece of 2mm (14 gauge) aluminum. The Wind Surface Area is less than 16 square inches. The design of the antenna exposes a small profile to wind and ice. The output coaxial connector is an N-Female type and the feed systems is a "T-Match" which provides low signal loss and wide bandwidth. The antenna's impedance is 50 ohm with a maximum power rating of 10W. Pipe mount hardware is included. The pipe mount is adjustable to accommodate pipes with and outside diameter up to 2". Since the Yagi is a single band 800MHz antenna it will only work with 800MHz Cellular and iDEN (Nextel, Southern LINC, Mike) signals. It will not work with T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, or other 1900MHz signals.


Wilson SKU: 311129
Frequency: 800-900 MHz
Connectors: N Female
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 14.4 inches / 37 cm (with mount)
Impedance: 50 ohms
Antenna Gain: 10dBi
Maximum Power: 10 Watts
Mount: Bracket (included)
Polarization: Vertical or Horizontal

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