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Wilson Amplifiers

Wilson Amplifiers are manufactured by Wilson Electronics. Wilson Electronics'consumer brand is weBoost. Its commercial brand is WilsonPro. It is the biggest manufacturer of cell phone signal booster kits, repeaters and amplifiers on the market. Cell phone signal boosters, including wireless repeaters and inline cell phone boosters (amplifiers), extend cellular service in poor coverage areas by amplifying both transmit and receive signals. These cell signal booster amplifiers reduce problems with dropped calls and signal fades while improving service range, voice quality and access. Wilson amplifiers boost reception for all cellular service providers - AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Wilson Amplifiers for Buildings up to 50,000 sq. ft.

Wilson Amplifier Pro 70 (50 Ohm) 465134

Wilson Pro 70 (50 Ohm) For up to 25,000 Sq. Ft. (WilsonPro 465134)


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Wilson Amplifier Pro 70 (75 Ohm) 463134

Wilson Pro 70 (75 Ohm) For up to 25,000 Sq. Ft. (WilsonPro 463134)


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Wilson Amplifier Pro 70 Plus (50 Ohm) 463127

Wilson Pro 70 Plus (50 Ohm) For up to 50,000 Sq. Ft. (WilsonPro 463127)


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Wilson Amplifier Pro 70 Plus (75 Ohm) 460127

Wilson Pro 70 Plus (75 Ohm) For up to 50,000 Sq. Ft. (WilsonPro 460127)


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Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select (50 Ohm) 462127

Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select For up to 50,000 Sq. Ft. (WilsonPro 462127)


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Wilson Amplifiers for Buildings up to 140,000 sq. ft.

Wilson Amplifier Pro 4000R

Wilson Amplifier Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster (WilsonPro 460231)


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Wilson Amplifier Pro 4000

Wilson Amplifier Pro 4000 Wall Mount Signal Booster (WilsonPro 460223)


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Wilson Amplifier Pro 1000

Wilson Amplifier Pro 1000 Commercial Signal Booster (WilsonPro 460236)


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Wilson Amplifier Pro 1000R

Wilson Amplifier Pro 1000R Passive Distributed Antenna System (WilsonPro 460237)


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Wilson Amplifier Pro 1050

Wilson Amplifier Pro 1050 Dual Signal Booster System (WilsonPro 460230)


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Professional installation of Wilson Amplifier kits available - Contact us with details for a prompt installation quote.


Using Wilson Electronics may help improve your Cellular Signal.

Cell Phone signal boosters are available in many different forms and brands. For those that are new to amplifiers, it may be a bit frustrating by the selections available. Cell Phone Signal Booster believes that currently, Wilson Electronics has the best cell signal boosters on the market.

What exactly does an amplifier do?

An amplifier is the main part of the cell phone booster. The amplifier is sometimes referred to, as the booster or repeater. However, an amplifier is only part of the whole kit. It is the Software and Hardware which captures the signal. Amplifiers such as those by Wilson Electronics, scan an area to find the signals which are available. Once the amplifier has determined which signals are available, it combines the weak signals (which are typically too weak to get recognized by your cell phone) with the strongest signal in the area. The "reconditioned" signal is then sent to the receptive antenna, and projected to your phone.

Supporting Elements needed to have the repeater/amplifier work.

An amplifier is the main component of a cell phone signal booster (amplifier). However, there're more components which are required to have a repeater or amplifier work properly. Depending on the model that you choose there may be some variation. However, typically all Wilson amplifiers (and all amplifiers/boosters in general) will have these parts:

  • Antenna. The component which is responsible for relating the signal back to your phone. 
  • Coax Cable. The coaxial cable that connects an amplifier to the reception antenna which can be indoor or outdoor. It is important that the coax included in your kit be used. Low grade or faulty cables can damage the unit, weaken your signal, or cause the amplifier to fail.
  • Power Source. Depending on whether you purchase a commercial, vehicular, or indoor unit, the power unit will vary. 
  • Booster/Amplifier. The brains of the kit responsible for boosting the signal.

There are variations to the kit depending upon usage requirements. For example, if you purchase professional amplifier over a personal or consumer amplifier, you will need to have the device mounted by a licensed professional. Installing the booster will require additional fasteners, splitters, and cables to optimize the functionality of the booster. On other hand, if you're using a car cell phone signal booster, an antenna and an amplifier may be included in one unit minimizing the supporting elements quite a bit.

Troubleshoot your phone before you get a booster.

You may be wondering why we would be encouraging you to check your phone before you buy anything from us. An answer to that is: Depending upon your signal strength as well as in identifying the issues with the phone, you will be better empowered to find the best solution to boost your signal. To help identify any issues which you may be having with your phone, follow these steps:

Update the phone's framework. Most phones have automatic updates. However, there may be updates to the .net or framework components on your phone which have not occurred. Check with your phone provider to see if there're any updates available for your phone’s software by telling them the version of software you currently have.

Check your area to see where is the strongest signal? If you find that you have a strong signal on exterior of the building but the signal decreases inside your building, then you would probably benefit from an interior signal booster. Make a note where the strongest signal is, so that you can place your external antenna accordingly.

Note your proximity to your service provider's antenna tower. Just because there is an antenna close by, does not mean that it is accessible on your network. If you're outside of the radius of your network, you may be getting a weak signal. If you find this to be the case, in most cases a Wilson amplifier can help you access the tower and boost your signal's strength.

Why Trust Wilson Electronics?

In early part of the 2000s, the FCC mandated that amplifiers meet certain requirements in order to be legally used. And where there're a great many boosters on the market which meet these regulations, many of the boosters do not. Generic brands as well as refurbished amplifiers typically do not meet the FCC regulations. However, the Federal Communications Commission has approved all of the boosters that Wilson Electronics has on the market. This diversifies the selection of boosters available through the company. Therefore, regardless of the type of home or building that needs the cellular reception improvement, there will be a unit that would be suitable. Even for vehicles, there're a wide range of boosters available. Furthermore, no matter which network or platform of a carrier is used, the signal can be boosted as long as that carrier is located in USA or Canada.

Apart from the approval from the FCC, the Wilson brand has also gained the trust and recognition as a National brand. Many government agencies have chosen to use the Wilson Electronic Amplifiers. Numerous individuals have purchased Wilson Amplifiers for their vehicles and interior spaces. By providing quality service through well-built products, the Wilson Cellphone signal booster has become an iconic trustworthy brand.

Where can a Wilson Cell Phone Signal Booster be used?

Unlike other brands on the market which are restricted by the geography, you will note that Wilson devices have been designed to work universally. Even the new Wilson Pro 70 Plus selection has integrated the capabilities of switching platforms without the necessity of re-calibrating the system. It just works.

In terms of use, the Wilson Amplifiers are available for professional use, vehicle use, and interior office/personal use. 

  • Interior Spaces. Personal Spaces and office spaces averaging a maximum of 5,000 square feet would benefit from the personal Wilson cell phone signal boosters. Boosters are available in both 3G and 4G options. If using a 2G phone, any Cell Phone Signal Booster will ensure clear cellular voice quality. Before setting up your interior cell phone signal booster, check both exterior areas around the perimeter to locate the strongest signal so that you will know where to place your antenna.
  • Vehicle and personal exterior models. These models are intended to provide people with option of boosting their signal when commuting or in recreational vehicles such as RVs, Boats (which would be most benefited from the marine model booster/amplifier), ATVs, Trucks, and Cars. Antennas for the vehicular models can be part of the booster - magnetic mounted, or bolt mounted.
  • Professional Wilson Amplifiers. Wilson Professional Level amplifiers or commercial grade amplifiers as they are referred to, are offered in an array of models which cater to the specific needs of businesses. Most of the professional models can boost signals for spaces of 10,000 square feet and up. In most instances, the professional installation will require rooftop antenna mounts as well as interior boosters and antennas to maximize the signal strength. These components are tied together with a multiple switch control board (on all-in-one units). 

It is the goal of Wilson Electronics to be able to provide their services to any location. From remote locations to the congested urban environment, the Wilson brand has catered to the needs of the cellphone market. To find the correct model for you, calculate the primary use of the device. Will you be using your cell phone primarily on the road or in the office? Will you be the only one who needs to access the booster (which would only require a single access booster) or will multiple persons need to access the cell phone signal booster? Finally, determine the area which will need to be covered. Even if you have 10 employees, if your building area square footage exceeds the limitations of the personal cell phone signal booster, you may need to upgrade to a Wilson 70 Pro Signal booster in order to have the best results.


When purchasing a cell phone booster, it is critical that you buy a booster which is compatible with your phone. For most commercialized service providers, this means that you have to buy their brand. Unfortunately, this causes the consumer to spend a great deal of money on the amplifiers from that company as the booster becomes “unrecognized” or “incompatible” as new phones and features become available. Those boosters become useless when individuals switch companies or if others in household have different cellular carrier. In reality, the cell phone signal boosters from these service providers may appear to be a marketing ploy, but it is not - Their booster technology only caters to their bandwidth. By offering a brand specific/phone specific booster and then making the product dependent upon their phones, the booster and the phone become dependent upon buying the latest phones and devices in order to get a good signal. 

Wilson Amplifiers are not engineered with just one make and model in mind. The booster works with most standard 3G and 4G models depending on whether you choose the 3G or 4G amplifier. This is extremely beneficial for the professional level amplifier seekers as they will not have to purchase multiple boosters to accommodate the various phones and plans of their patrons. Even if a personal interior amplifier is used, you can change your phone service provider or upgrade your phone without the fear of your amplifier ceasing to boost your signal effectively.

Are Wilson Amplifiers and WeBoost the same thing?

Yes, Wilson Electronics has introduced the weBoost brand to cater to customers that require vehicle and indoor coverage of upto 7500 sq. ft. It is also a shorter form of stating Wilson Electronic Cell Phone Signal Boosters. W (Wilson) E (electronics) Boost (amplifiers) is far easier to state and remember. It is the same product with the same quality behind the functionality and engineering, just with a more modern branding.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Limitations and Restrictions.

While the Wilson Electronic amplifier can perform a great deal of tasks, there are some things which NO cell phone signal booster can perform. Regardless of the claims made by a company, a cell phone signal booster:

  • Cannot make a signal where one does not exist. A signal has to be present in order to boost or amplify the signal. Most of the time there will be a signal present (even if your cell phone cannot pick it up by itself).
  • A cell phone signal booster cannot hack a network. Cell phone users will have to have access to a service provider. Professional amplifiers will act as a booster to the networks of those trying to access the booster. However, each person is responsible for gaining legal access to their phone service and to the network towers. Any brand that states that it can hack into the network or give you cell phone access without a service provider should be avoided.
  • All Cell Phone Signal boosters must be compliant with the FCC. The FCC mandates that cell phone signal boosters meet certain criteria and be registered with Network Provider in order to be used. Generic models and refurbished models often times do not meet this standard. However, all consumer and commercial products sold by Wilson Electronics have met and/or exceed the stipulations for Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers by the FCC. Commercial amplifiers must be installed by certified installers.
  • Cannot add minutes and data. A cell phone signal booster can optimize the phone so that it is not continuously trying to connect to the network. By having less time in connecting and quicker uploading and downloading times, more data may be used. Therefore, in a way you do use more data, but it is used very efficiently to save you time which is usually more precious to all. Yet, if you have a specific amount of data available on your plan and you use that data up, you may want to contact your cell phone service provider to increase monthly allotment of wireless data you receive. 
  • A cell phone booster can add hours to your battery. Again, this goes with the need for your battery to exert power to access the network and such. By maximizing the efficiency of the signal strength, you have less dropped calls, more time on the network, and less need for the phone to put out extra power to try to get reception. As such, phones have seen increases in battery life up to 2 hours.

Apart from these restrictions and stipulations, users should also note their preferences for accessing networks and towers. Generally, your preferences will be set up on your phone providing automatic connectivity to the network. However, if you find that the booster is not helping to increase your signal strength, ensure that: (A) You have your phone connected to the cell phone signal booster correctly as per the instruction manual. (B) That the network you are able to access is the actual network which your phone is connected to. Keep in mind that if you are trying to access a secured network that you will need to have the access information to do so.

Top Benefits of the Wilson Amplifier.

While there're a great many benefits to the Wilson amplifiers which have been noted above, there are a few key benefits of purchasing the WeBoost/Wilson brand, primarily the established and trusted branding as well as the universal use of the product. Secondly, the cost to lifespan of the product is great, especially when you consider that the average cell phone can cost $500 or more. Third, the kits offered by Wilson electronics reduce the need to buy supplemental supplies in order to have the amplifier work. If you purchase the Wilson amplifier, we want you to be able to use the product right away. Additionally, by including the needed components in the kit, you are assured that all of the pieces of the booster work well together and that you will get the best signal. In occasions where optional additional components are available with the system, such will be noted in the product description and available for purchase through the site.

Do you have questions? We can help.

While Wilson amplifiers have been engineered to be as intuitive as possible, dealing with electronics in general can raise some questions. If you have any questions about Wilson cell phone signal amplifiers, Wilson Electronics, or cell phone boosters in general, please let us know. Cellphonesignalbooster.us is dedicated to providing you with the best options for boosting your cell phone signal’s strength. As such, our site's focus is to provide you with the most reliable and non-biased information. Should you have questions about any of the products on our site (and even if you find a cell phone signal booster not on our site and want to know how it compares to other available products on the market), please contact us.

Questions can be submitted to Cell Phone Signal Booster through the contact page on the site, through live chat, or by calling us directly.

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