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Wilson Electronics Introduces the New Wilson Pro 1000C

Posted by on Sep 13, 2018

Wilson Pro 1000C is a Passive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) with Cloud-Managed Cellular Amplifier.

Wilson Pro 1000C is a Passive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) with Cloud-Managed Cellular Amplifier.

Wilson Electronics has done it again, proudly announcing the launch of the WilsonPro 1000C, the industry's very first FCC-certified cloud-enabled cellular amplifier. The WilsonPro 1000C Passive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) with remote monitoring capabilities is a wall mounted amplifier, designed specifically to enhance in-building cellular coverage for those requiring coverage in commercial spaces up to 35,000 ft.²; which might include hospitals, large homes, warehouses, hotels, office spaces and so on.

The standout feature of this new Passive DAS is the integrated WilsonPro Cloud service with remote notification and monitoring capabilities. Using a built-in LTE connection, it communicates to the WilsonPro Cloud service; or alternatively, a hard wired ethernet connection can be used to connect. This means that an installer can use any device running a web browser, like a laptop, tablet, or phone, to manage and monitor cellular amps. This powerful booster can be remotely monitored, alarmed, and configured.

Note that it comes complete with a 12-month subscription to the WilsonPro Cloud service, at no add'l cost. Contact us to pay the nominal $300 annual renewal fee.

Why is this Passive DAS the Top Enterprise Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Every five minutes status updates are sent by the Wilson Pro 1000C to the WilsonPro Cloud. This means that the ability and performance of the system is being continuously monitored, allowing issues to be instantly detected.

  • With its intense WilsonPro Cloud monitoring system, the 1000C sits in a class of its own and is superior to other competing units.
  • Even without ethernet connectivity, monitoring set up is easy with the built-in LTE modem.
  • With its 17 dBm downlink output power, it is an ultimate signal booster solution for larger buildings.

In the past when installers, end-users, and integrators were trying to diagnose issues with their cell booster they needed to be on site. However, with the WilsonPro 1000C, problems can be diagnosed remotely by logging into the database of WilsonPro Cloud where they can instantly view signal strength of boosters and how the strength varies over specific periods of time. In addition, when utilizing the WilsonPro Cloud service, users have the option of turning bands on and off by remotely resetting the boosting system. And, various personalized email and text message alerts can be set up for potential issues such as oscillation, changes in signal strength, system failure, and so on.

How Does the Wilson Pro 1000C Work?

It uses a secure LTE connection to connect to the WilsonPro Cloud through either an outside donor antenna or a traditional RJ-45 "hardwired" Ethernet connection. It is easy to install and everything you need is included in the kit.

  • Weak 3G and 4G LTE signal is pulled in via the outside antenna.
  • Cell phone signal strength is boosted by up to 32 times by the amplifier.
  • That enhanced cellular signal is re-broadcast via the inside antenna.

Benefits include:

  • Dropped calls are virtually eliminated.
  • Text messages and emails are quick.
  • Crystal clear voice.
  • Faster Internet streaming, uploads, and downloads.
  • Improved reception and wider coverage area.
  • Reliable reception.
  • More bars.
  • Extended phone battery life.
  • Consistent connections.
  • Always on – means always connected!

What is in the Box?

The kit includes the following:

  • Wilson Pro 1000C amplifier.
  • Inside dome antenna and outside directional antenna.
  • 100 ft of Wilson400 cable, 2 ft of Wilson400 cable, and 75 ft of Wilson400 cable.
  • 50 Ohm lightning surge protector.

You will also receive an annual subscription plan to WilsonPro Cloud services, covering database charges and the wireless LTE connection. The end user's personal Internet connections stay secure and completely separate because no Internet connection is required when using the WilsonPro Cloud.

It provides reliable data and voice coverage (and this includes 4G LTE) by amplifying weak cellular signals, specifically to internal building spaces where cell signals may not typically penetrate. It boosts all carrier signals simultaneously and is compatible with all North American and Canadian cell phone networks.

Built-in eXtended Dynamic Range technology.

An impressive feature of the Wilson Pro1000C is the full-color display for easy antenna setup, designed to clearly specify each band's gain and power levels. The built-in eXtended Dynamic Range technology ensures that changes in outdoor signals will never cause the amplifier to overload or shut down.

Three-Year Product Protection.

Similar to all WilsonPro cellular signal boosters, this feature-rich and powerful amplifier has cell site protections capable of auto detecting and preventing any cell tower interference. It comes with the best in-class warranty, protecting your product for a period of three years.

From the CEO of Wilson Electronics:

Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics, said that due to the innovative capabilities of the WilsonPro Cloud, users can not only remotely monitor the WilsonPro 1000C’s status, but also troubleshoot any issues that may arise. This ensures that even when users are off-site their cell signal boosters will perform optimally. He added that the industry-first solution of harnessing the power of the Cloud will revolutionize the way in which cell signal boosters are managed and monitored.

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