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Wilson Pro Cloud vs. Other Cell Amplifier Monitoring Solutions

Posted by on Dec 28, 2018

Wilson Pro 1000c (USA) and Wilson Pro 1000c (Canada) both have Wilson Pro Remote Monitoring Integration Capability.

Let us compare Wilson Pro Cloud as shown in diagram on the left side, versus other Cell Amplifier Monitoring Solutions as shown in the diagram on the right side below:

Comparison of Wilson Pro Cloud vs. Other Cell Amplifier Monitoring Solutions.

Wilson Pro Cloud Offers True Cloud Connectivity:

INSTALLATION - LTE OR ETHERNET CONNECTION: After the amplifier is installed, simply log into your Wilson Pro Cloud account and scan the QR code of the new amplifier. The amplifier is added to your Wilson Pro Cloud account and immediately begins communicating via the donor (outside) antenna. Optionally, customer’s ethernet connection can be used in cases where this is permitted by the customer.

CONTINUOUS MONITORING: WilsonPro Cloud continually monitors all registered amplifiers, recording performance statistics every 5 minutes. Included is a database of historical amplifier performance. This allows the installer to see how the amplifier was performing the day it was installed or any moment in-between.

NOTIFICATIONS: Cloud will notify you if an amplifier goes “offline”, is powered off, or experiences signal issues.

REPORTS: Cloud will generate reports, which can be shared with end-users, if desired.

MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS: “Dashboard” view shows historical performance of all of your customers on a single screen. Check in on all of your customers with a single glance.

STABILITY: The amplifiers will continue to communicate with the Cloud, even if their IP address changes.

Other Signal Amplifier Brands Monitoring Solutions:

INSTALLATION - ETHERNET OR WIFI: Requires access to use your customer’s internet connection, and a static IP address. Most customers will push back on this for security reasons. The famous Target Stores security breach was a result of an insecure remote monitoring setup.: “[The HVAC company] apparently had access rights to Target’s network for carrying out tasks like remotely monitoring energy consumption and temperatures at various stores.”

LOGIN MONITORING: The competitors peer to peer system has the installer log into each individual amplifier separately. The installer can only monitor what the amplifier is doing while logged on at that particular moment, there is no historical data available for review when troubleshooting.

NO OFFLINE NOTIFICATIONS: If amplifier goes off-line or is powered off, no notification is possible.

NO REPORTS: Does not generate reports of historical data, it’s not available.

SINGLE CONNECTION: Can only log into one amplifier at a time. Checking in on all on all of your customers amplifiers could take hours. No performance history is available.

IP DEPENDANT: If the IP address of the amplifier changes, connection to the amplifier will be lost. New IP address will need to be identified, so that amplifier connection can be re-established.


WilsonPro Cloud was specifically designed to take the current remote monitoring technology a step further. WilsonPro technology is the best choice for integrators who want a true cloud monitored amplifier that gives them reliable data 24/7 with a secure LTE connection.

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