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Wilson Signal 4G Canada 460119F for Machine to Machine Applications

  • Complete Wilson 460119F Signal 4G Kit for M2M Applications
  • Wilson 460119F Signal 4G for Machine to Machine Applications - Now with Passive RF Bypass!
  • Wilson Electronics 460119F M2M Application
  • Wilson Signal 4G ISO Certified 460119F
  • Wilson M2M Amplifier Signal 4G Bottom Port 460119F
  • Wilson M2M Signal 4G Outside Antenna Port 460119F
  • Inside Antenna Port of Wilson Signal 4G 460119F
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All weBoost & Wilson Pro kits by Wilson Electronics are designed and engineered in USA. Download PDF catalog to browse all kits and accessories we carry:

PDF of Wilson/ weBoost Signal Boosters and Accessories CatalogWilson/ weBoost Signal Boosters & Accessories Catalog

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Detect accurate signal strength in decibels with your phone.Detect Signal Strength Accurately in Decibels.

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Complete Wilson 460119F Signal 4G Kit for M2M Applications
Wilson Signal 4G Canada 460119F for Machine to Machine Applications
US $253.84

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Highlights :

● M2M 3G & 4G LTE Signal Booster with Mini Magnet Mount Antenna.
● Direct connect amplifier - Connects directly to data modem.
● Auto-power control ensures maximum output.
● Built-in Passive RF bypass failover.*
● Compact Design that fits in constrained spaces.
● Speeds 3G & 4G LTE Wireless Data Signals and Cloud Migration.
● Boosts 3G & 4G LTE for all IoT and M2M applications.
● Reduces data resends and lost connections.
● Works with ALL carriers in Canada.
● Provides modems up to +15 dB Gain in cellular reception.
● Works across multiple platforms, configurable to fit virtually any M2M and IoT installation.
● Complete DIY installation kit with all parts required to boost signal up to 32x.
● Easy to install with simple to follow instructions included plus toll free phone support.
*Built-in Passive RF bypass failover - If the Signal 4G amplifier loses power, the amplifier is bypassed so that the external antenna maintains connection to the modem.

Product description of Wilson Signal 4G Canada 460119F for Machine to Machine Applications.

WilsonPro Signal 4G (SKU: Wilson 460119F, previously weBoost 470119F, UPC: 811815029113). We-Boost Cellular Reception in M2M & IoT Devices, Instantly! Enjoy consistent wireless network connectivity in your Machine to Machine & Internet of Things connections with weBoost Signal 4G (weBoost 470119F) by Wilson Pro & Wilson Electronics (Wilson 460119F). Now with Passive RF Bypass!

Wilson Pro M2M Cell Signal Booster Kit Included Parts Summary:

  1. Wilson Pro 460019F / U460019F Signal 4G 5-Band Amplifier.
  2. 850003 - AC/DC Power Supply 5V/4A. 
  3. 301126 - Mini-Mag Antenna.
  4. 951151 - 3 feet RG-174 Cable with SMA Male Connectors.

Improves wireless reception in all M2M applications like vending machines, bank ATMs, etc. to prevent hang-ups and stalled apps. Better and stronger cell signal provides faster 3G and 4G LTE mobile data speeds for faster data transfers. It strengthens mobile connection with nearest cellular tower to help maintain constant data connections and data transfers.

Amount of signal-boost or wireless reception increase would depend on strength of mobile signal outside the machine or cabinet. Even if there's a very weak signal outside, it will be amplified many fold inside the M2M or IoT compartment or IT cabinet. However, there must be some signal outside so that this cell signal booster can amplify it.

We-Boost Cell Reception In M2M & IoT Applications with Wilson Pro Signal 4G 460119F by Wilson Electronics. 60 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Low Price!

Wilson Pro 460119F Signal 4G M2M Booster Kit. In business, time is money and information is power. That's why savvy business owners spare no effort to make their M2M installations run at full throttle. With weBoost Signal 4G cell phone signal booster, developed specifically for M2M installations and designed to integrate with an LTE modem of choice, lost connections and stalled signals are a thing of the past. The industrial-grade Signal 4g M2M booster provides ATMs, Lotto Machines, Vending Machines and remote monitoring devices, among others, with steadfast and lightning-fast cloud migration and data transfers.

With the WilsonPro M2M boosters, transmission speeds soar and data resend levels plummet, allowing your company to transmit and store valuable data using virtually any type of M2M installation across multiple platforms. Installed within minutes, it boosts cell phone signal for all major Canada carriers. Based in the USA, our customer support is courteous and sympathetic. This FCC and Industry Canada-certified device comes with a comprehensive installation kit including manuals and DIY instructions. Jack up cloud migration and 4G data rates. Taper off data re-sends across as many platforms as needed. Slash lost connections.

Signal 4G (weBoost 470119F).

When it comes to running an efficient business, every moment counts. A lost connection is lost time and lost money. Stop waiting for stalled signals. Signal 4G is ready to integrate with LTE modems and is specifically developed for M2M installations. It delivers a strong, reliable signal for cellular modems for successful data transfer and cloud migration. Signal 4G improves transmission speeds while reducing re-sending of data, ensuring that your company can efficiently transmit, receive, and store data across multiple platforms. Best of all, the weBoost Signal 4G is configurable to fit virtually any M2M installation.


Installs in minutes. Boosts cell phone signal for all United States of America and Canada wireless carriers. Friendly U.S.A. based customer support. All components needed for installation included in single package. FCC and Industry Canada certified.


Speed up 4G data rates and cloud migration. Reduces data resends. Works across multiple platforms. Fewer lost connections.

What does this Wilson 460119F Amp Kit include, and does not include?

It includes:

  1. WilsonPro 460019F / U-460019F Signal 4G 5 Band Amplifier.
  2. AC power supply part # 859948 (5V/ 2.5A).
  3. 4" Magnet Mount Antenna (Wilson 301126).
  4. 3 feet RG174 SMA-Male to SMA-Male cable (Wilson 951151).
  5. Signal 4G Signal Booster Installation Guide/ User Manual.

Optional power supplies: (not included with purchase)


Model Number

470119F / 460019F / U460019F


Band 17:

700 MHz


Band 13:

700 MHz


Band 5:

850 MHz


Band 4:

1700/2100 MHz


Band 25/2:

1900 MHz

Max Gain

15 dB

Power Req





6.2 x 3.6 x 1.3 inch / 15.7 x 9.1 x 3.3 cm


1.2 lbs / 0.54 kg

Stop wasting time and losing money on interrupted data transfers. Signal 4G provides a stronger, more reliable cellular data signal to keep your devices running seamlessly.

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Product Videos.

weBoost Signal 4G M2M | weBoost 470119 Cell Phone Signal Booster (00:40)
Source: http://cellphonesignalbooster.us/signal-4g-for-m2m-weboost-470119/ weBoost Signal 4G M2M is LTE signal booster for improving data signals in vending or lotto machines (weBoost 470119). This weBoost signal booster increases phone reception inside lotto and vending machines with easy to install weBoost Signal 4G M2M signal booster. weBoost, formerly Wilson Electronics, offers 2 year manufacturers warranty on all amplifier kits. weBoost Signal 4G is an industrial grade signal booster that is able to render an unfaltering, reliable 3G and 4G LTE wireless data transfer signals for virtually any machine-to-machine application including ATMs, Lotto Machines, Vending Machines, and remote monitoring devices. It is compatible with practically all Carriers in USA and Canada and is easy to install with complete instructions included in the package along with toll free phone support. Buy part number weBoost 470119 today, at Cell Phone Signal Booster Dot US! Buy your weBoost booster at http://cellphonesignalbooster.us and get free shipping across USA and Canada! Contact us for details.
  • weBoost Signal 4G M2M | weBoost 470119 Cell Phone Signal Booster
    Source: http://cellphonesignalbooster.us/signal-4g-for-m2m-web...

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Warranty Information.

Get an industry-leading two years manufacturer's warranty on all consumer grade weBoost amplifiers. All Wilson Electronics' commercial grade WilsonPro cell phone amplifiers have three yrs. manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, we provide sixty days extended return policy on all brand-new and used or refurbished weBoost & Wilson Pro cell phone boosters and GSA items. If you have questions or require help, please email us or call our customer and tech support at toll free number 1(800)501-3153. We will be happy to guide you. In addition to lowest price, all cheaper refurb. items are factory tested and include one year manufac. warr. Unless on-sale/ clearance products explicitly state the word "refurbished", all items we stock are brand-new!

60 Days Refund Guarantee
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