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Wilson & weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews and Testimonials

Weak Signal, Live Down In A Valley, Found A Solution! Thank you for all of your help in picking out a cell phone signal system for our home. It works great. We had only one bar in the house and had to go outside for the cell phones to work. Now we have four/five bars inside and our children are happy visiting with others via their cell phones.

Your system works just like you said it would. The package arrived in tip top shape the next day! The line drawing that was included with our documents was a great help in visualizing where I was going to install each part.

After I set it up, plugged the amp in and turned our phones back on the end result was unbelievable! Our signal is now better inside than it is outside!

We had a terrain issue which didn't help with picking up cell signals which in turn prevented us from using our cell phones in our home, but not anymore thanks to you and your great products. I am recommending your company to neighbors and friends alike.

One Happy Customer,
James T.
Midlothian Texas

In rural Yukon, a family member's Samsung R330 flip-phone showed no cell service and delivered only unpredictable and sporadic text messages. A drive of 5km or so was required to get a usable voice quality signal. After installing the Sleek, 2 bars immediately showed on the phone display. Voice calls went from 0% to 100% and text messages appear to be 100%.

(With an upgrade to a 3G phone in the future, I hope internet data access will also be as successful).

It is great when a product does what the company says it will do. It is extremely satisfying when that product allows a family member previously unavailable access to such an important and potentially lifesaving service as telephone communications in a remote environment.

I feel it is just as important for a consumer to give feedback to a company when they provide satisfaction, as it is when there is an issue with a product. Your product delivers what you said it would. We are very satisfied and have already advised two other family members who are looking for a solution, about our experience with the Sleek. We will likely be purchasing at least one more of your products in the near future.

Thanks very much for a good product .....

Jim S.
Ottawa, Canada

If anyone has any doubt about the Wilson Signalboost DT then I can share a story about my last two RV outings at State Parks where cell phone signals were marginal or even less than -100.

On Sept 19, 2012 we stayed at Farewell Bend State Park in Oregon at site #112 where my Verizon signal would bounce between -98 and -100 -- which is about the same as NO signal. I had the Wilson Signalboost system with me but had forgotten my 25' fiberglass pole but I decided, what the heck, I'll just bungee-cord the antenna to the top of a lawn chair and point it in the direction of the cell tower. Then running the coax through a side window (which I modified with a round file) I connected it to the amplifier, and finally plugged in the booster.

Immediately my DroidX cell phone signal went down from a -100 to a -58 (as seen in the attached picture) which is like being next to the cell tower. Then I wirelessly connected the cell phone to my laptop so I could use the Internet on the laptop. We used the booster this way until we headed home 5 days later. Now that was a gratifying experience.

The second success story was at Three Island State Park in Idaho, starting Oct 16th 2012. We could get a Verizon cell signal, but it was on and off again. So again we used the Wilson SignalBoost DT, but this time I mounted it high at the top of a painter's fiberglass 25' pole. This pole cradles the edge of our trailer slideout resting on a rubber bumper and is held securely by 2 inexpensive plastic tie straps through small holes I drilled in the outside trim. We had 20 - 30 mph winds while here, but the pole barely moved due to it's low surface area. Cell signal when we arrived was -93 to -97 but after connecting the Wilson it was boosted to a -70 giving us a solid reliable signal.

Jim L.

Wilson 801247 (Signalboost DT)

I just purchased the above unit with some skepticism. I was allowed a return policy by Amazon if the unit did not perform as required. I am happy to say that the unit far exceeded my expectations. Instructions for installations were concise and the unit worked out-of-the-box without any issues. Signal boost was significant even though I am in a very weak cellular signal reception area. It is great to deal with a domestic company that provides a device that works better than advertised. Keep up the good work!

Chris W.

I don't usually write fan letters. But I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the MobilePro. I spend a lot of time on the road in remote areas and need to connect to the internet. This device is like magic. Really well done! And the kit is perfect for me as it includes the "indoor" mounting kit which I use inside my van which has a fiberglass roof (so I can't use the magnet mount antenna).

As a side note, I think part of the reason I am so pleased is that I was skeptical about how well this would work. From searching the net, customer reviews are very varied. Not just with the MobilePro, but with all cellular boosters. Some love them, others say they don't work at all. I wonder how much of that is just "operator error" ... clueless people who don't read the manuals thoroughly or just don't understand what the device is good at (boosting a weak signal, not creating one where it doesn't exist).

David M.

Just bought a Sleek. We operate in the Blue Ridge mountains and cell phone coverage is terrible. We decided to try one Sleek and it works great. The areas where our cell phones work has quadrupled! Now, all of us use the Sleek. Great product, Wilson. Our productivity and service to our customers has improved by a bunch. Thanks, Wilson Electronics.

Penrose, NC

We were back in a National Forest campground, outside of Red Lodge, MT when a large, fast moving fire (the Derby Fire) woke us at 1:00am with 1/2 inch of ash on our van, and dense smoke filling the air. By using our Wilson booster we were able to contact the sheriff's office to find out which road would take us out, and AWAY from the fire. As it turned out, the fire was still far away and we weren't in any real danger, but without our Wilson signal booster, we would not have had enough signal strength to call out, and find that out.

Ron O.
Sebastopol, CA

Your product was referred to me by another user, so I called last week and purchased the kit your guys recommended for our application. It arrived on Monday. I read over the instructions, and installed the system in about an hour today. When I plugged it in, the lights flashed green and then went solid green. No adjustment needed--perfect. I went to grab my cell phone, and smiled as I had full bars of signal inside my building. That would not seem like much of a big deal to most people, but it's a big deal here. You see, we left civilization, and built an upscale hunting and fishing lodge where the outdoors is great, but the cell signal is not. Most fishing and hunting customers are only here a few days so they can tolerate it, but we are also the only lodging source for contractors who work at a nearby Power Plant, and sometimes they are here for months at a time. We've had months where we have lost tens of thousands of dollars in business, simply because guys needed better cell service to communicate with their families back home.

Wish we would have known about your product a long time ago.


Tab W.
Newton, IL

I am a 56 year old heart patient having had triple bypass in the past and a heart attack as recently as July of this year.

I own property in northern Maine where I do not get cell reception and I have spent a fortune trying phones from all the major carriers.

Recently while up there a friend (also heart patient) invited me to his camp in the back country, and I was nervous about not being able to call 911 if needed. They introduced me to their Wilson Sleek. At their camp my phone went from dead weight to five bars!

This means your device is not only a luxury item for cell users but potentially a life saving device such as in my case. Additionally I can now move about with less nervousness over where I travel.

I have been telling all of my senior friends that this is a must have item, and I am sure I am responsible for three sales so far! Thanks for your support.

Keith F.
Pelham, NH

Thank you for making this product! I bought the cell booster #801247 because I live in northern MI and had bad service from Verizon. WOW! I now have 3-4 bars out of 4 most of the time. I was finally able to get rid of my land line, as I spend my winters in AZ and was tired of paying for something I didn't use.

I also have the "MIFI" from Verizon and it boosted that signal too.

I did call your tech helpline and they were so nice and helpful. I will recommend this product to everyone who needs a "boost"!

I just happen to read about your product in our local paper, Atlanta, MI. Very small town and went online, found a dealer and went the next day to buy it.  Thank You again!!! 

Cynde C.

I was a skeptic when I saw this ad. I made the purchase anyway and to my surprise, I have full signal strength in very remote areas. Great product! Well worth the money and I will advertise to all my friends.

I commute through a 25 mile stretch of road on a daily basis where I had no cellular coverage at all (until now).  I am a paraplegic and have always been concerned about having no coverage in that area. This product has given me a lot more confidence about being on the road alone. I’m a huge fan of your product now! 

Kevon M.
Decatur, AL

I recently moved to a remote location just outside of Centralia, Illinois where the nearest cell towers are approx. 9 miles away. I rarely get 1 bar on my droid (no matter what provider I use), and every call drops at least 3 times per conversation. I was very hesitant to try any type of booster on my cell phone as none have worked in the past.

I saw a TV commercial for the Wilson Sleek, and knowing that Wilson is a respectable leader in c.b. antennas, I knew I could trust that product. It arrived in the mail today, and I rushed to hook it up. Wow! From 0 bars to 4 bars immediately! I also ordered the home kit, so now not only do I enjoy full signals in my home, I can finally enjoy streaming my music in the car between here and St. Louis, which before was almost non-existent.

Thank you so much for coming up with such a great, affordable product. It was needed and much appreciated!

Chris L.,
Centralia, Illinois

Holy crap... the DB Pro I installed here in my home in Hoonah, Alaska worked like a champ. It took me from barely one bar to 4-5 bars. It works in the entire two story house, which is steel-sided and roofed. I used to walk outside and I would frequently drop my call. Great product. I'll tell everyone about it. 

Jeff C.
Hoonah, Alaska

Thanks guys for making a wonderful product! I wrote a review on Amazon.com. I can't brag on the product enough!

Jeremy L.

My wife & I recently purchased your 814262 kit for our home. We live about 18 hilly miles (as the crow fly's) between two small, rural towns. Cell reception is spotty too and from town. Our home is a metal building and cell signal inside has been on-existent in the 6 years we've lived there. We have only been able to send & receive texts with phone positioned in one window.

I called your Customer service department to inquire about performance, ease of installation, and maintenance of your antennas. After explaining my situation, your representative asked that I get on top of the roof to check the cell signal with a cell phone. The representative said that if I had some signal on top of the building that I should get the 814262 kit (because I had no idea where a cell tower was located). We purchased the kit, loosely installed the exterior antenna, booster, and interior antenna to "test" the system out, before hard wiring all items. We did not change any settings on the booster and once we plugged it in we had signal everywhere inside the house, not just where the interior antenna was pointing. After having just 2 bars on top of the barn, we experienced 5 bars inside our home where we had ZERO bars previously.

For the first time in 6 years we have signal inside our home! We purchased your DB Pro antenna for about $350. Because of the cellular signal now inside the home, we have decided to cancel our land-line phone service (local, long distance, and Internet) that costs us $106 per month. In three and a half months we will have paid for the antenna! Thank you Wilson Electronics. 

Hayes M.

I bought the system you recommended from one of your resellers. Everything arrived promptly, packed well and in perfect shape.

My son and I installed the system today. It took about 2 hours total with no special tools and everything went together well with no problems. The equipment looks good and is very well made. We attached the outdoor antenna to an existing mast just above my HDTV antenna located at the peak of my roof gable. While on the roof we could see the cell tower on the horizon about 12 miles away so we just pointed the antenna in that direction by sight. The set up was very easy and all of the instructions were clear, simple and easy to follow. Everything we needed to install the system was in the box which is very important when you are 27 miles from the closest hardware store and its closed on Sundays.

Before we installed this system we had at best 1-2 bars of fluctuating signal at the highest point on my property and none around or inside the house. My phone would only occasionally lock onto the 4G signal from that distant tower when I walked around on my property, but we could not use our phones at all inside the house (they didn't even ring--just went straight to voice-mail). Now I have 4 solid bars of 4G signal consistently throughout my house!

This equipment works better than expected and exceeds my expectations for quality and performance. I am very, very pleased! Until now I could not access the high-speed broadband that I was paying for in my phone plan (10 GB total between my phone and my wife's phone--use it or lose it each month), so the equipment will pay for itself in just a few months of use.

My brother-in-law will be ordering the same system for his house soon as will my son. I'm sure my neighbors will be just as impressed and will no doubt be purchasing the same system for their homes as well (you have no idea what it is like to have to walk around outside in the cold and rain to make a call and we all have the same problem in the Texas Hill Country).

Thanks again for your prompt assistance and all of your help!

P.S. I'm going to have to get used to carrying this phone around now. I used to just leave it in the back room and only use it when I travelled, but now it works like a champ! We can even start streaming movies and cut back on our satellite TV bill!

Keep up the good work! 

Tracy C.

I just wanted to thank you for building such great products in the USA. I purchased a Sleekand accessory kit on Amazon and found it so refreshing that the instruction booklet was actually written in plain English, that I could follow and understand. I try very hard to only buy American made products; however, it is almost impossible to find anything that is not made overseas these days. 

Keep up the good work! 

Doug H.
Austin, Texas

This Wilson Sleek Cradle 815225 Amplifier is the second Wilson amplifier that I have purchased over the years, among other Wilson products (a Wilson 301111 Yagi antenna on the roof of my house, a couple of 301125 dual band mag mount antenna on the car and, previously, a 8011201 direct connect amplifier), and I have always been happy with the performance of your products.

This amplifier kit is by far the least expensive complete Wilson amplifier solution I have purchased and after having used the much more expensive 811201 direct connect amplifier with direct connection and dual band magnetic mount antenna, I was a bit concerned this kit would not be up to snuff, with its tiny antenna, its non-direct connection and lower amplifier gain and noise figure.

However, my first signal strength measurements have been nothing short of phenomenal. I am reading a gain in Rx power averaging 20dBm, with peaks of 30 and lows of 10, greater than what I used to get with my old amplifier and phone combination, and actual conversations have been loud and clear even in places that show no coverage on my provider's coverage map!

In this respect, this diminutive amplifier has passed with flying colours and honestly, has been performing at least as well as the wired amp, if not better. 

Best Regards and keep up the good work!

Chris C.

Quebec, Canada

There are still many "dead" areas in Michigans Upper Peninsula. There were even more in the late 90s when I was talking about it with a friend who has a logging operation. At that time he said he had two trucks with booster antennas, a Smooth Talker and a Wilson. I asked which he would recommend and he said the Wilson gave him the best service. I was driving a minimum of 100 miles a day and had been using antennas without the booster with some success. It was a year to before I bought one, but I have never been sorry. I own one for each of my my vehicles and will never be without it. 

Roy H.

I just wanted to inform you on how GREAT your cell phone Sleek booster really is!! 

My husband and I live in a very remote dead zone for cell service, and are unable to have a land line installed due to the extensive costs. And needing some connection to the outside world thru a phone has been critical to our being able to stay here. For the past 15 years we have fought with hoakie set ups, tried every booster out there and have had little luck with cell service, our TV and internet service all comes from satellite connections. 

I recently saw an advertisement on TV for the Wilson Sleek cell phone booster and of course did not have much hope for it working for us. We purchased the Sleek along with your home ac adapter off Amazon the other day. And after getting it installed were absolutely shocked! No bars, (extended network), to 3 full bars of service!! And, placing a second phone next to the Sleek even brings it's bars up to 2 full bars! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! We have ordered another set... booster and ac adapter from Amazon. And I plan on leaving a great product review there as well! 

I personally think this product needs to be pushed greatly for home use also. In deed it would work well on the road in dead spots, however there are thousands of us living in remote areas of the country, or just dead spots, with no cell service along with no land line as we do here. This would benifit folks like us greatly! 

I cannot thank you enough for giving us phone service to our home!! I am so thrilled I can hardly contain myself! Now we can live like normal people with a phone, instead of having to drive 10 miles into town to find a signal. 


Leyla S.

En suivant les instructions dans le guide, toute l'installation du système fut réalisé en 1/2 heure et opérationnel dès le premier essai. Votre guide d'installation est très bien réalisé et très facile à comprendre.Bravo à tous ceux qui ont participé à la mise au point de ce produit, ce qui me permet maintenant de pouvoir utiliser mon cellulaire et mon ordinateur dans mon châlet sur le bord de la rivière Jacquot.

Michel P.
Quebec, Canada

"We wanted to send you a quick email letting you know that the signal booster set-up is working nicely and is providing great reception out here in the desert. We sincerely appreciate your efforts which has allowed us to carry on with our task of supporting test efforts with the United States military. Without your help we'd still be struggling with connectivity issues.

Jeff F.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Just wanted to say thank's to everyone at Wilson Electronics for everything you do! I started using the Wilson Sleek last year and I was absolutely amazed at how good it worked! Not only did it work better then I imagined, but it's also offered at a price the average person, like myself, can afford and still get the quality signal boost that we (storm chasers) all have to have in order to make weather reports to the National Weather Service. Even under the extreme circumstances I get into the signal stays strong and allows me to pass along the information as I see it. Thank you for your products and the wonderful team you have around you!

Your Fan, 
Jared Y

I wanted to give a good review on your cell phone booster. To cut to the chase, my phone now works!

Here's the longer version: I am now the proud owner of a MobilePro Cell Phone Booster. I live in a fringe area and down a hill, for starters. I still had enough service, most of the time, to receive calls, or at least get the voice mail, and get and receive texts. This was critical, since I work at a children's home and am on call through the night. I had even accidentally discovered that my clock radio worked as a booster, of sorts, and I was looking forward to being able to talk on the phone, through the winter, inside at my desk, instead of having to find service outside. Then my landlord, er, well, the children's home founder, where I live and work, decided that my cabin needed to be re-sided. Over the fall, they had all the old wooden siding off, and I was getting enough service I could even sit on my recliner in my living area and talk! 

"Wow!" I thought, "I guess service here is getting better all the time!" Reality hit the week before Christmas, when they finally got around to getting the new metal siding on the last wall, by my bed and desk, where I'd been getting service. Nothing. I mean, NOTHING. No network available at all. Well, one time with my phone in the window sill, where I put it just hoping for a bar or two, my phone rang with an incoming call, which I couldn't get to. So, I had hope, but, YIKES! 

Sure, I had the land line that went through the whole children's home, but it was not available for my long distance calls, and due to calls and intercom messages for everyone at all hours, I turn mine off in the night to try and sleep when I can. But if there is an emergency in the area where I'm supervisor, I still need to be reached. And I do like to make calls myself, from time to time, ya know. So, what did my cell phone service provider have to offer? Something I couldn't afford, which had to have internet available, which I also cannot afford, besides that the children's home founder doesn't currently want internet available on the property, anyway. Or, I could get a newer phone and see if it helped. Which I could always return, but there would be a re-stocking fee costing almost as much as the refund I would get for returning the phone. I wasn't liking my options. 

Fortunately, I was going to my parents' after Christmas, and have a brother-in-law-who-knows-about-these-kind-of-things, who would be there, too. He found your website, and looked at your products. Most of them were still not within my price range. But, then there was the MobilePro. 

Reviews were mixed. But it seemed worth a try for my situation. We ordered it, and I received it soon thereafter. As non-techy and not good at understanding owner's manual instructions as I am, I was pleased to be able to follow the instructions given, and set it up myself. Even more pleased I was, when I got 4 and 5 bars! Granted, the booster does just what is advertised: my phone must stay parked beside it for there to be service. So, I use it on speaker phone, like I had to do before anyway. It doesn't always stay at 4 or 5 bars, but at least I have the service I had had, and was able to easily pay for it with a surprise gift I'd gotten before Christmas. So, the MobilePro Cell Phone Booster did exactly what I needed, and just what you had said it would do: no, there is no extra service created, and I can't walk all over my cabin carrying the phone around. But that wasn't what I was looking for. 

I'm grateful for the booster, which my cell phone service provider wouldn't have ever told me about. I'm grateful for wherever on your website my brother-in-law found the reviews, good and bad. (I'm inclined to agree with whoever commented that the latter is likely from folks with unrealistic expectations) Of course, I'm grateful for my brother-in-law and sister who helped me get the booster. Thanks for making your products available!

A pleased customer in Kentucky


I recently purchased a DB Pro 75 ohm system based in part upon information given to me by Wilson Electronics tech support. I had done my homework and I knew I was going with a Wilson product. Wilson Electronics was about the only manufacturer advertising their products on the internet that offered any real and measureable specifications. And trust me when I tell you that there are some really wild claims being made out there.

Upon my initial temporary install I ran into technical problems. I came across something that I had never encountered before. The next morning I called Wilson’s tech support and talked with a live technician immediately. After explaining my measurements and observations, he decided (as I had suspected) an outside omni antenna problem. He insisted on shipping me a new replacement antenna, priority mail, that morning. This is real tech support! I’m using Verizon Wireless and anyone out there using them fully understands.

I live in Florida in the country. On a good day I have about -92 Db of usable signal strength on their 3g (1.9 GHz) band. I get about -88 Db of usable signal strength on their 850 MHz voice system. My wife just got a job working from home and needed a reliable internet connection with a reasonable upload/download speed. I purchased a Wilson 50 ohm wide band yagi antenna and ten feet of LMR-400 coax about two (2) years ago for her usb 3g modem. The antenna is mounted on a wooden dowel rod (built in ground plane) and sits inside at the window of her office. Don’t laugh, she had connectivity albeit many times questionable and slow.

I redid my installation, found my error and whoa did Wilson’s system work. I immediately called Wilson Electronics tech support and got a different tech (the original tech had left for a family emergency). I explained what had occurred earlier and requested that they cancel the shipment of the replacement antenna. He checked and was able to stop it from being shipped. In these tough times I did not want any business to incur unnecessary expenses due to my error.

It is now permanently installed. My wife now enjoys a 3g data signal of -75Db with a 1X signal of -76 Db even when moving data. She can now use her smart phone in about 60% of our home (1980 square feet) and my cell phone even shows two bars in about 45% of the house. Thank you Wilson Electronics!

In case any tech people reading this wonders, I already had Belden RG6 running into the house.

Do Wilson Electronics cellular repeaters and antennas work? YES

Does Wilson Electronics tech support know their stuff and actually help? YES

Would I recommend Wilson Electronics products to my tech and non tech friends? YES

Does Wilson Electronics offer sound advise and easy to follow installation guides with their equipment? YES

If you have a cellular reception problem and are frustrated with the lack of any real help from your wireless provider, then I encourage you to talk with Wilson’s tech support. It doesn’t cost you anything to send them an e-mail and if you don’t understand the technical information about their products, don’t be shy; just ask them and they’ll explain what it means. 

N. B. Allen
Lake Wales, FL

I installed the 801212 kit and the trucker antenna on my service truck. The results have been amazing. I drove 320 miles yesterday through the middle of the Nebraska sandhills and never lost my Verizon signal. Verizon is well known for poor signal in rural areas here.

Great product! 

Paul C.

I am a landscape contractor operating in Salt Lake County. We purchased a home in Riverton, Utah with a home office in the basement. I have sketchy cell coverage in the home and nearly zero service in the basement.

As a landscape contractor, I am out of the office a lot, and as a result, my mobile number is my office number. At least a portion of each day is spent working in the office getting caught up on paper work, primarily bidding and invoicing. During this office time, if my phone would ring, I would have to grab my phone and a note pad and RUN upstairs to a location in the home where I would have sufficient cell service in order to take the call. It was frustrating to say the least.

I tried out a WILSON ELECTRONICS cell phone signal booster. WOW! What a difference! Now I can actually sit at my computer AND take business calls without sprinting upstairs, and all without the fear of dropping a call!

In today’s world of products not living up to their hype and good customer service being rare, the Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters do exactly what they say they will do. They will boost your cell phone signal and they will stand behind their products!

I highly recommend this product to anyone that is sick and tired of dropping cell phone calls! Thank you Wilson Electronics! 

Roger M.
Riverton, Utah

I have had many experiences with failed 'boosters' of this or that. However, your SignalBoost DT Desktop thankfully is not one of them. Quite the opposite it works extremely well. I recently switched from an old but very reliable flip phone to an Android which allows me to access web while traveling but the phone performed miserably in my home. However, I just put up the DT unit and went from 0-1 (mostly 0) bars to three bars consistently and sometimes 4 in my home. I appreciate the excellent instruction booklet as well... For a tip, I should add that I found there are now available telescoping plastic handles (meant for brooms and such - purchased at a local hardware store) that work well to attach the device. I used U-bolts to attach the telescoping pole to my porch railing and then extended it up without having to climb on a rather steep roof and without digging a hole or putting holes into any woodwork.

Stephen C.

I don't usually write fan letters. But I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the MobilePro. I spend a lot of time on the road in remote areas and need to connect to the internet. This device is like magic. Really well done! And the kit is perfect for me as it includes the "indoor" mounting kit which I use inside my van which has a fiberglass roof (so I can't use the magnet mount antenna).

As a side note, I think part of the reason I am so pleased is that I was skeptical about how well this would work. From searching the net, customer reviews are very varied. Not just with the MobilePro, but with all cellular boosters. Some love them, others say they don't work at all. I wonder how much of that is just "operator error" ... clueless people who don't read the manuals thoroughly or just don't understand what the device is good at (boosting a weak signal, not creating one where it doesn't exist).

Anyway, thanks :)

David M.

I recently installed your DB Pro product and I must say that I was absolutely astounded at the results. I literally transformed my home office from a virtual “dead zone” to complete coverage throughout my entire house... I have been in the technology field for almost 30 years and have NEVER come across a situation like this before. The combination of a rock solid product, extremely knowledgeable technical support and over the top customer service puts Wilson Electronics in a league of its own! I can assure that I will be recommending your products and telling people about my positive experience. 

Greg W.
Westfield, New Jersey

Do Wilson Electronics boosters work? Do they ever!

I delivered an 841263 kit to my brother in-law to try on his company houseboat (see accompanying photo). The houseboat spends summers at Isles Dernieres (The Last Islands) south of Houma on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. If you look at the carriers coverage map, it shows that there is NO SERVICE at the houseboat’s location, the nearest coverage being about 2 miles away at the extreme tip of the island. Being over water, they could get weak signals if they went outside on top of the house boat, but it wasn’t enough to download emails, etc. Well, after installing the kit, and he called to tell me that now he has 4 bars, and just downloaded a bunch of emails on his iPhone using the Wilson amp. With the Wilson amp on, his iPhone in test mode inside the metal houseboat showed -75 dB of signal. Turning the amp off resulted in the phone showing 'No Service'." 

Frank S.
Kenner, Louisiana

I just received my booster and accessories. I am totally pleased. Went from 0 or 1 bar to 3 in my fringe area. Now I can have complete phone calls without static and drops. Thank you. A product that actually works. 

Robert G.
Glynco, Georgia

Just installed your signal boost product at our lake house in the country. Our place has a metal roof, which blocks all signals. Because we are out in the country, we are lucky to get 2 bars outside.

We now get 4 and 5 bars with 3G service in the house! My wife and kids are very happy now. Thanks for making me a hero for the day.


For several years we had no phone service at our summer home located in a remote area of the Idaho Panhandle. The closest available cell service was 4 miles away (an area discovered and cherished by my Grandkids). Since I need to be in touch with my office several times each day, we had a less than ideal situation. One day while in San Diego and waiting for the completion of some custom audio in my vehicle, I was telling the shop owner about my remote cabin and the lack of any landline or cell. He told me that with the right equipment he could almost guarantee cell service. After further discussion and still skeptical I purchased one of your “Ultimate” kits. 

Upon installing the system my brother and I had a question or two and I must commend your Tech Support department. Your personnel made us feel as if we were the only customer of the day and were extremely helpful. When we found the sweet spot for the Yagi antenna I suddenly enjoyed cell service that was above and beyond any expectations. To our surprise, the indoor antenna also transmits several feet around the exterior of the home and therein the problem. My Grandkids and their friends have discovered they can simply drive close to our porch and its business as usual. My Son-in-Law has suggested a sign saying “Drive Thru Phone Booth – $ .50 Per Minute”. Actually, I love every moment of it. Having the amplifier/repeater has doubled our pleasure at the cabin as well as made conducting business much more efficient. 

On a similar note, I recently installed one of your “Sleek” mobile amplifiers in my personal business vehicle. I commute 60 miles daily from the desert floor to a small mountain town where my business is located and due to terrain, cell coverage is spotty with many dead zones. Until recently, my phone conversations would only be with the office, and not customers, fearing dropped calls. I must report that although there is still a dead zone in the most rugged area, the reception is truly remarkable by comparison. I am now installing one in my wife’s car as well as our motorhome. Thanks for such a great product! 


Julian, California

Bars and 3G in a Verizon "No Service" Zone = Money Well Spent!! My fancy HTC incredible and Data plan were for nothing here in the NC mountains in an area where Verizon says "Sorry, we don't have service there!" I had a very intermittent 1X signal and no 3G at all. I walked around the house and found a spot and SOMETIMES could make a call or get a text to send. I know I had some signal. After some research, I chose the Wilson Sleek to address the problem. 
Wilson Sleek Booster Cradle with home kit arrived a few days ago. Antenna on the suction cup mount in the window; Cradle connected; BARS+++ and 3G. I can now use my phone as desired. Every incoming and outgoing call connected and no dropped calls. Google News, Weather and radar apps... texting (before the Sleek, I was getting text msgs 8-10 hours after they were sent to me) As others have mentioned, it is in a fixed location (my bluetooth will solve that) and there are a few extra wires, but all in all a small price to pay for full service from my phone and data plan. 

I volunteer as a campground host and find that some of the areas where I "work" are on the fringe of good signal areas... I expect the Wilson Sleek has solved my reception issues in those areas as well. 

All in all, this is money well spent to make the most of a great phone and my always great service with Verizon Wireless. 

North Carolina

I just wanted to say thank for the SIGNALBOOST DT Desktop Cellular Amplifier 801247 I purchased in February. I bought it to use at our summer cottage as we have a very weak signal. I planned to install this it in April when we start spending a great deal of our time there. I told some close friends of ours that they really need to consider the purchase of a unit like this, as not once in the past 3 years did we have a phone conversation without multiple recalls & missing words. 
They live in the country with a real weak signal & only have a cell phone for calling. In mid Feb. after receiving this unit, I told our friends I would like to try it at their house as it would be 2 months before I could install it at our cottage to see how well it would work. I told them if it works at their house, it would definitely work at our cottage.  After completing the installation and powering it up, our friends looked at their phone & saw, for the first time in their home, a signal strength of FULL BARS! My wife & I spent the rest of the day visiting with them, but most of the conversation was related to your product. 
They asked me to purchase the same unit for them. I told them I would purchase another unit, & would just leave this one installed as I would not be using it until April. Since this unit was installed, they have not had one dropped call or had a signal strength lower than 4 bars! This unit has, & is working as advertised. 
On April 8th the booster may have made the difference for our friend being alive today. On that date he suffered a major heart attack. His wife made the 911 call & was on the cell phone for more than 35 minutes until the rescue squad arrived. He was then transported to the closest local hospital 20 miles away, receiving medical attention at the directive of a major heart specialist who was 100 miles away. Once stabilized he was airlifted to the specialists hospital for treatment.

Our friends, along with my wife & I wish to one more time thank you for a quality product that could very well be the reason we all have more time together. 


Since moving into our house we have had major cell phone reception issues. I have customers in Europe and Australia and it has been a major inconvenience to put on a jacket and stand outside to make those calls – either very early in the morning or late at night. In addition, I have a phone from work using one carrier and my wife uses a different carrier. So our problems were compounded--and could not be solved by a single carrier femtocell. All these issues were eliminated since installing the Wilson DB Pro.

Now we can use our phones anywhere in the house with great signal strength and no dropped calls. What a concept! Our neighbors can’t believe it and want to duplicate our experience. This is a no brainer!
….very happy in Orange County, CA

Terry S.
Orange County, California

A few months ago Gary Winterton, the host of TV's Hooked on Utah, presented me with a Wilson Phone Amplifier to try out. I live in a remote area of Oregon where my service is sporadic. Once I plugged my phone into the Wilson Phone Amp, I went from two bars to five. To my surprise it gained me another ten miles into a canyon where I travel frequently. My business requires me to travel a great deal, and I find that to successfully be able to handle business on the road a Wilson Phone Amp is essential.

Ira S.

I am very happy with my Wilson product.  My work in the oilfield, out in the middle of nowhere is the reason why I chose your product.  I have Sprint service on my cell phone and usually have no bars out there.  Now that I purchased your product, I have full bars and I'm even able to retrieve my emails on my phone.  I chose your product over having to get into another expensive contract with AT&T, and it surely has paid for itself.  I will definitely tell everyone about your product.

Jose B.

I live in the countryside near Hot Springs, Arkansas. The bottom line is, using a Wilson booster I eliminated my land line and saved $50 per month!  I could not get a cell signal in my office at home and ordered the amplifier and booster antenna and installed it per the directions... 

I installed it in about 20 minutes using the complete forty foot of cable. I searched outside my home to find the best cell signal and installed the outside unit at that point using a spare 5-foot piece of spare pipe I had. I use it in my office to make or receive calls, and I usually get five bars but sometimes drop to three or four. The amplifier equipment has solved a major problem for me and I am extremely happy with it.  The equipment may at first seem a little expensive, but it will make you very happy in the long run!   

Hot Springs, Arkansas

I am extremely satisfied with my Wilson mobile cell phone booster. In my current job it's an absolute necessity to have based upon on living in West Virginia. I work for the U.S. Department of Transportation and travel to remote locations in and out of West Virginia. With my recent Wilson Electronics cell phone booster purchase it has given me peace of mind that in most cases I'm in cell phone reception. The Wilson booster that I purchased from local dealer in Grantsville, WV was based upon a few years of having similar devices in our hunting camp.

Bottom line is, I can be virtually anywhere in West Virginia and have at least enough service/signal to send a text or email.  Thanks again for your product it has made my life less stressful knowing that I'm virtually in cell range everywhere I go.

West Virginia


Approximately 10 days ago I received the cradle booster I had purchased from one of your dealers only 2 days before. As I was going out of town on a crucial business trip, I quickly installed it so I could use it while I was traveling. I especially needed it to work as advertised as I am an independent communications tower developer. The purpose of my trip was to perform site walks on 23 new tower locations throughout MS & South Alabama, so obviously most of the sites would be without significant wireless reception. Wrong! At every location I had to remove it from the cradle and step several feet away from my vehicle to determine the "true" strength of AT&'s signal! In most cases, my iPhone would either display one or no bars of reception, but most of the time "no signal" would pop-up just as my associate's phone did. Upon re-entering my truck and returning it to its cradle, it would return to 4 or even a full 5 bars or reception from whence I could then make calls safely using the MS Sync in my new Ford truck. Your product is the only one I've found in many years that not only meets, but wildly exceeds your advertised claims!

Wilson Electronics, you are an outstanding company, and in this day and time, that is a rapidly vanishing achievement!

My very best regards! Please let me know of any other products you produce that work as good as this cradle booster!



We have been a retailer for the Wilson amplifier system for a few years. The reason we started carrying these units was for our customers who needed their cell phones to work. You see, we live in a rural area and although the cell coverage is better than it used to be it still lacks in many ways. There are many dead areas here. We have a beautiful lake, Lake Ouachita, that many people all across the U.S. come to visit and have weekend or summer homes here. They are also business people who need to stay in touch. They find that their phones do not always work out here and there are "Dead Zones".

I have sold amplifier systems to these people and now they can use their phones. I also have a young man who is paralyzed who has one and it makes his life a little easier than having to go outside to use his phone or to be hooked to an antenna in one location. I believe if some of the cell phone companies would come live or stay in our area for a short period of time they would see how we have to live. How would they like to get in a car and drive a mile or two just to use their phone? They need to understand if it weren't for cell amplifier systems, some people would not be able to use their phones.



Cavalier County is located, as you are probably aware, in the NE corner of North Dakota. We are bordered on the north by Canada, as such we are consistently running into a lack of voice and data communications due to the proximity to Canada and the cross border issues with frequencies.

To address the issue of the holes that this causes in our voice and data communications, we have deployed many cellular signal boosters in our county response vehicles. Public Works vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, and Sheriff's patrol vehicles and Search and Rescue. The signal boosters are life savers, they boost signal from no bars of service to a lifesaving one to three, allowing first responders to access lifesaving help, whether by voice or data. 

As an example, we have numerous emergency calls in the area of the Pembina Gorge, which is approximately one fourth of our county. The area of the gorge most active in tourism is at the northern edge, many snow mobile and hiking trails exist in this area. One such incident is as follows; when a snowmobile went over the edge of the gorge, one of the party members went to the closest house to call 911. Cavalier and Pembina counties were dispatched to rescue the stranded snowmobiler. Upon arrival on scene, it was discovered that more assistance was needed, as when the snowmobile went over there was an additional passenger onboard, along with the difficulty in rescuing the driver who was 150 feet down the side of the gorge. Due to the terrain and proximity to Canada, there is no radio coverage in this area. 

Search and Rescue was able to contact the Public Safety Answering Point in Cavalier County, by cellular telephone, to dispatch more responders, including an additional ambulance and more rappelling equipment, through the cellular network. This was due to the fact that they had a Wilson Cellular Signal Booster. The outcome was much improved due to the communications capabilities that allowed for rapid response. The patients and responders were out of the -20 degree temperature and to the ambulances and response vehicles in a timeframe that saved them from frostbite, hypothermia or worse. All involved it the accident and rescue are fine today.

The paragraph above is only one instance of many.

Cavalier County, North Dakota


I just thought I would give you an update and a final thanks for all your help.

We have moved back into our remodeled building, and our cell repeater equipment is working very well. All employees and visitors, regardless of carrier, can get a good signal in our building -- throughout the building. When we plugged your equipment in for the first time, I was getting three and four bars on my phone, which I seldom get outside.

Put me down as a pleased customer. I'm sure our contractor and electrician will be buying some of your products as well.

Again, thank you for all your help!



The new repeater is installed and working very well. Mrs. L. asked me to extend her thanks to all who have participated in ALL of these repeater installations, electricians included! My friends, Chad and John sold us good products and helped hugely with engineering, thanks! 

Thanks All!

Hospital Telecom System Technician


We live/work in a mountainous area of Northeast Oregon. Our typical buyer or user (of cell phone amplifiers) is in one of two categories: 1. either public safety officials that respond to wild land fires, search and rescue, law enforcement, or lifesaving missions. - or - 2. Loggers, hunters, fishermen, wood gatherers, recreationalists, or those with homes/cabins in the outlying woods. Without a competitive source such as Wilson for cell phone amps many such citizens would unnecessarily be in mortal danger.

Category 2 users are particularly vulnerable as there are no other forms of communication in the areas they live or frequent. Many of our woodlands homeowners have commented on how much safer they feel knowing that they can call for help if needed. They do not have access to phone lines nor have reliable cell phone signals without amplification. Stranded winter four wheel drive recreationalists have been able to call family and friends to help dig or winch them out of trouble. Hunters or 4-wheelers hurt in the woods have increased chances of survival due to increased cell phone signals.

One might think that public safety officials always have two-way radio communications... but they don't. There are many more cell phone towers than there are sheriff repeaters, etc. The ability to coordinate or update a search and rescue mission is invaluable as is being able to call for help to arrest a pot grower or other miscreant.



I have the Wilson Trucker Antenna and amplifier. I am in an RV club. When we are camping in some of our favorite spots, I am the only one with a signal.

Actual Post from a Member of RV.net


I recently installed a Wilson cell phone repeater system in our rig and have been so pleased that I promised myself I'd write a review for the members of the forum.

First, a bit of background. We frequently travel to some very remote "dark sky" sites with our astronomy club. We often had little to no cell service which bothered us as we left teens at home and felt "out of touch". Last May, while we were attending the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference, at YMCA Camp Oakes near Big Bear, CA, our dachshund was in a specialty veterinary practice having spine surgery. We had to travel to the nearest payphone, several times a day, to check on his condition. This year, we determined things would be different so, after much research, I undertook the installation of the Wilson system.

The system I installed consists of the Wilson 801201 Dual-Band Wireless Amplifier. This is a repeater, with an interior antenna, rather than a "direct connect" system. The amplifier is installed on the outside of a cabinet, facing the cabover bunk, which is just behind the passenger seat and just above a "barrel chair. It is not visible from the coach unless you are in the bunk or really make an effort. It was installed on the outside of the cabinet to facilitate air circulation for cooling. I installed a 12V outlet, running off house power, on the bottom of the cabinet. With the supplied switched power cord, I can thus run the system off either coach or chassis power.

The inside antenna is installed on the coach side of the bulkhead, chassis to coach, just behind the passenger seat, and immediately adjacent to the barrel seat. Located where it is, the passenger seat or the barrel seat are the ideal locations for getting the best signal. My intention was that the barrel seat would become the "phone booth" and we have found that it works great in that regard.

30 feet of Wilson 952330, LMR400 Ultra Low Loss Coax cable, runs from the amplifier, through the floor, to the frame rail where it is run to the rear bumper. This cable is large diameter but loses only 1db of signal in a 30' run. I had determined that I was not going to install an expensive antenna and amplifier only to have much of the signal lost in a cable run. At the rear bumper, the cable from the antenna attaches to this cable.

The outside antenna is a Wilson 301133 RV/Trucker Spring Mounted Antenna. It is mounted to the ladder, near where it is secured to the roof of the coach, using the Wilson 3-Way mount. I have seen other installations where the antenna is mounted further down the ladder, behind the coach, but I wanted the ground plane to be above the roof line of the coach for the best signal. In this installation, the tip of the antenna is 11'9" from the ground...which is 11" above the top of the AC unit at 10' 10". Various connectors/adapters were used to facilitate connecting the various sizes of cable.

Wilson literature offers the disclaimer that this system will only work when you have "some" signal as it will not amplify where no signal is present. Our experience goes beyond this disclaimer. 

At Big Bear, parked in EXACTLY the same spot where we were last year, without the amplifier turned on, we once again had no signal, and no service, on AT&T. AT&T maps show "No Service" in this area. With the amplifier turned on, and sitting in or standing near the barrel chair, we had 2-3 bars with my old Motorola V-557 and my wife's iPhone.Though the signal would occasionally fade, we were able to have voice communication with our kids most of the time. My wife was able to send and receive texts with her iPhone at will. She also had intermittent "Edge" data capabilities. As hers is an older iPhone, we do not know if we had 3G connectivity.

Verizon maps show coverage in the area but experience has been it's very intermittent at the venue. There is one Verizon "hotspot" that the organizers marked with a ring of painted rocks and a surveyor's stake, half a mile from where we were parked. In our camp, where we had several motor homes and travel trailers parked, we had no Verizon signal outside of our coach. When members of our club who are Verizon customers sat in our barrel chair "phone booth", they too had voice, text, and data capability. The only club members who had no connectivity from our coach were one couple with T-Mobile.

All in all, the objectives were achieved, the cost was totally justified, and we couldn't be more pleased.

Actual Post from a Member of RV.Net

Here's some background on our experience with the installation and use of the Wilson Electronics cell phone repeater system.

Several months ago, we installed a Wilson Cell Phone repeater System and had to overcome some challenges here at our Hollywood location. 

The Requirement: Dual-band cell phone coverage in our facility.

The Environment: Our office is has concrete and/or granite on three sides, with three levels of parking above us (that's more concrete). The remaining side of our office has large windows surrounded by granite. The windows face South towards the Hollywood Freeway.
Normal cell phone reception is great when standing near the windows but moving 10 feet or more inward causes significant drop in the number of "bars" on our phones. We could not mount antennas on our roof because there are three levels of parking above us, with no easy way to pass a coax cable down through the concrete.
The building's owner forbids us from mounting anything on the outside of the office because it could mar the smooth granite face, and it would detract from the artistic appearance of the small office park where we are. Executive offices are behind our concrete wall, with automobile parking beyond that. Cell phone signals could never get through that density. A repeater system was definitely needed along. Wilson Electronics provided the right solution.

Conclusion: Even though the secondary Dome antenna is surrounded by rooms filled with an impressive array of electronic equipment, we now have no problem with cell phone communications anywhere in our facility, thanks to Wilson Electronics.
Ralph K.
Hollywood, California
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