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Wilson Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster for 100k sq. ft. | 460231

  • Wilson PRO 4000R 460231 Rack Mount Signal Booster Kit for up to 140,000 sq. ft. with FREE Wide Band 3G & 4G Omni Directional Antenna and Pole Mount option.
  • Wilson Pro 4000R Amplifier 460131 Professional Signal Booster.
  • WilsonPro 4000R Rear Panel View.
  • 4 Way LCD Navigation of Wilson Pro 4000R Amplifier 460131 by Wilson Electronics.
  • Wilson Pro 4000r Rack Mount Signal Booster.
  • WilsonPro 4000R Four Inside Antenna Installation.
  • WilsonPro 4000R Sixteen Inside Antenna Installation.
  • Wilson 460231 Front and Back Appearance.
  • Wilson Pro 460231 LCD Panel Front View.
  • Wilson Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster has been designed and assembled in USA.
  • Original WilsonPro 460231 Complete Kit (Not showing FREE Bonus Omni Exterior Antenna Included).
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All weBoost & Wilson Pro kits by Wilson Electronics are designed and engineered in USA. Download PDF catalog to browse all kits and accessories we carry:

PDF of Wilson/ weBoost Signal Boosters and Accessories CatalogWilson/ weBoost Signal Boosters & Accessories Catalog

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Wilson PRO 4000R 460231 Rack Mount Signal Booster Kit for up to 140,000 sq. ft. with FREE Wide Band 3G & 4G Omni Directional Antenna and Pole Mount option.
Wilson Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster for 100k sq. ft. | 460231
US $8,999.00

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Highlights :

• Coverage range of indoor boosted area up to 100,000 sq. ft. w/add'l interior antenna kits.
• Cover more interior building spaces with coverage expansion antenna kits.
• Extra Dynamic Range for consistent and even coverage throughout the facility.
• Digital LCD display for easy access to amplifier settings.
• Wilson Pro 4000r price way lower than comparable DAS for per sq. ft. signal boosted.
FREE 3G + 4G Exterior Omni Antenna & Antenna Mounting Pole with installation hardware assembly included with purchase.
• This is a commercial cell phone signal booster kit that requires professional installation. Our experienced installers are certified to design and install this system. Contact us for a quote for installing this cellular signal boosting system.

Product description of Wilson Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster for 100k sq. ft. | 460231.

Wilson Pro 4000R Cell Phone Signal Booster 460131 (now WilsonPro 460231) by Wilson Electronics.

This is a 4 port rack mounted signal booster kit (4 amplifiers in one). If you're looking for a mountable version of this signal booster kit, consider WilsonPro 4000 that can be bolt mounted on any surface such as a wall, floor, or ceiling for more security or convenience and stability.

Expected Indoor Coverage Area:

  • Up to 100,000 sq. ft. with 5 bars outside signal.
  • Up to 50,000 sq. ft. with 3 to 4 bars (-90 dB) outside signal.
  • Up to 25,000 sq. ft. with 1 to 2 bars (-100 dB) outside signal.
Outstanding Features
Simple Rack-Mounted Installation Simple Rack-Mounted Installation: The rugged yet elegant casing design of Wilson Pro 4000R allows for a neat and clean installation into an existing server rack. At the same time, it enables the unit to be very easily accessible. Never before has install process and access to an amplifier has been this intuitive. Typical amplifier units are shaped awkwardly with bolts to be used in four corners to install them. With WilsonPro 4000-R's stylish and unique booster casing, simply slide the booster between servers in an IT cabinet.
Better Control with On-Board Software Better Control with On-Board Software: To ensure greater connectivity throughout multi-storey buildings and other large spaces indoors, each interior antenna path is automatically and independently controlled with onboard software. Each port is independently controlled and has ability to maneuver its gain level (either up or down) as determined by the signal environment’s conditions. This is done without disrupting coverage from other antennas. Wilson Pro 4000 R's software's thus an artificial intelligence marvel!
XDR (Extra Dynamic Range) Offers Continuous Connectivity XDR (Extra Dynamic Range) Offers Continuous Connectivity: For a strong incoming signal from the tower, XDR provides WilsonPro 4000R with more tolerance than any competitive booster. The booster will never shut down with XDR due to a signal being too strong. This means that regardless of how strong the signal may be, the booster will never get overpowered and go into shutdown mode. This is a very unique feature that will save time and manpower for businesses that cannot afford interruption in service.
Easier Access with Color LCD Easier Access with Color LCD: Wilson 4000R has a very clear and illustrative color LCD screen. The four-way navigation button beside the colored display enables users to go through all settings in order to ensure peak performance, with ease. Unlike other boosters, this Wilson 4000-R feature provides integrators effective and easy control of the product from start to finish. Wilson4000R also assists them in maintaining the booster system to make manual adjustments to uplink and downlink gain levels for each band.
Competitive Advantages
More Downlink Power More Downlink Power: In environments where the incoming signal is weak, at least +12 dB more downlink power than any of its competitors ensures a stronger cell signal. The benefit achieved is a stronger signal sent to the inside antennas, thus covering a larger area from a single booster. This is the main feature of any cellular amplifier system and this Wilson Electronics' commercial grade booster system provides the best output making Wilson 4000 R, the flagship product of its Wilson Pro Series boosters.
Higher Uplink Power Higher Uplink Power: A higher uplink power provides up to +3 dB more than any of its competitors, resulting in a stronger signal transmitted to the tower. An increased range from the cell site and greater user capacity is assured. In commercial and industrial environments, high aggregate cellular usage capacity is extremely important. It is crucial because businesses cannot afford cellular congestion resulting in less than optimal performance. This booster rises and meets the challenge by providing highest uplink power.
Overpowering Won’t Cause Shutdown Overpowering Won’t Cause Shutdown: Wilson-Pro 4000-R booster won’t shut down, regardless of how strong the incoming signal may be. Due to the amazing technology of XDR, the booster will continue to work in the strongest signal environments where others would shut down to meet original FCC regulations. However, the XDR technology enables it to stay powered but reduce the gain down to zero but rise again when overpowering signals subside. This saves precious time and maintenance headaches.
Sophisticated Software Sophisticated Software: Cellular signals are continuously fluctuating. However, the booster always operates at maximum gain because the software constantly monitors signal levels and makes adjustments accordingly. This level of sophistication in cellular signal amplifier provides consistent and stable reception indoors in extremely large spaces of 100,000 square feet to 140,000 sq. ft. With its "intelligent control" feature, signal gain is automatically adjusted with WilsonPro cellular booster, ensuring the building receives even signal coverage.


WilsonPro 4000R signal booster by Wilson Electronics is the first rack mounted cellular amplifier to boost voice, 3G, 4G LTE signals in a large building between 100,000 sq. ft. to 140,000 sq. ft. Wilson Pro 460131 (now Wilson 460231 or 470231) kit is a professional signal amplifier kit designed for very large buildings. This single cell phone signal booster amplifier part number Wilson Pro 460031 covers such large areas with the help of up to four antennas. The kit's part # is Wilson-460231. Being rack mounted, it ensures a clean and safe installation in an IT closet with other electronics that businesses normally use. Wilson460231 provides easy access with one line coming in from outside antenna and four lines going out which enable connections to multiple interior antennas that can fan out within the entire building complex. Having only one line coming in from outside antenna makes it easier, cheaper, and faster to install. Wilson Pro4000R also covers more area with just one single signal booster unit, making it a very cost effective large building or large warehouse reception solution in its coverage range. UPC: 729198530259.

The reason why this is so, is because there is no need to run multiple lines from the external antenna to multiple boosters, or install multiple outside antennas, which is all far more difficult and also incurs dB gain loss due to all that extra wiring and cables. It uses advanced technology with LCD screen which enables cycling through different features of the booster to see how it is performing. To install it, installers would install outside Yagi antenna first and run the cable to the server room into the antenna port of this rack mounted cellular amplifier. Then a cable can run from each of the 4 remaining ports for internal antennas that can be spread out throughout the building.

In situations with excellent outside reception with strong signal conditions, a splitter can be installed on each of those four lines that emerge from the booster, to install up to 16 inside antennas to fan out and expand coverage indoors covering even more space where this boosting system can provide boosted signal. Each of the inside antenna ports on this professional amplifier operate independently so regardless of how many of these four interior antenna ports are used, all the power will be focussed and distributed to the number of antenna lines being used. If only one antenna experiences feedback, only that antenna will cut back its gain, and others won't be affected. Wilson Pro4000-R booster kit (or weBoost 460231) also features XDR technology. XDR stands for Extra Dynamic Range. With this tech., the booster will never shut down due to overload issues.

The reason why the booster does not shut down even if it is blasted with too much signal from nearby tower outside of the building, is that it simply reduces the gain output instead of shutting down, ensuring full coverage throughout the building. Other boosters normally shut down when they detect specific incoming signal threshold, and cut off all signal transfer to antennas. However, this highly advanced professional unit continues to send minimal signal and maintains optimal reception in all areas that are covered by interior antennas.

What does the purchase include?

WilsonPro4000R complete commercial/ industrial/ enterprise grade cell phone signal booster kit comes with following.


460031 / U-460031 / U460031 - Pro 4000R 5 Band Rack Mount Signal Amplifier For Building.
  2. 314411 - Yagi Directional Donor Antenna (Exterior Antenna).
  3. 304412 - 3G & 4G Interior Ceiling Mount Dome Antennae (Quantity 4).
  4. 859902 - 50 Ohm Lightning Surge Protector.
  5. 952302 - 2 feet Wilson 400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable w/ Nmale to Nmale Connectors.
  6. 952375 - 75 feet Ultra Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable with N-Male to N-Male Connectors.
  7. 952300 - 100 feet Ultra Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable w/ N Male to N Male Connectors (Quantity 4).
  8. 859900 - 120v AC Power Supply
  9. FREE Pole and Mounting Hardware to mount exterior antenna - 901117.
  10. FREE Optional Exterior 3G & 4G Wide Band Omni Antenna - 304422 (50 Ohm 4G Enterprise-Grade 5 dBi Model). 

Instead of exterior uni-directional Yagi antenna included, you can use the optional exterior multi-directional Omni antenna that will be provided at no extra cost. Omnis are less powerful than Yagis but they don't need to be pointed to a cell tower because they attract signals from all carriers and from all directions.

Optional Parts and Accessories (not included with this purchase):

If more interior uni-directional wall mount Panel antennas are needed (50 Ohm), multiple expansion kits can be purchased separately:

If more interior omni-directional ceiling mount Dome antennas are needed (50 Ohm), multiple expansion kits can be purchased separately:

Additional Coverage.

If you need more cellular coverage than you can get from one WilsonPro 4000R amplifier kit (up to 140,000 square feet using up to eighteen interior antennas by purchasing expansion kits offered above), it is possible to use multiple 4000Rs within the same building. If you would like help designing such a system for your extra large building complex, please complete and submit our Custom System Design Request Form and we will gladly help you to design a custom solution to meet all of your signal reception challenges within your establishment.

Summary: WilsonPro 4000R booster is the first solution specifically targeting the enterprise IT professionals. The rack-mounted, easy-to-manage booster becomes an essential part of a company’s overall communications infrastructure. It is the first to have four amplification ports, each dynamically adjusting to maximize enhanced cellular coverage. This ground-breaking, intelligent multiport capability eliminates previous industry limitations that reduced boosters to smaller-size venues. The extended dynamic range, or XDR technology, built within the 4000R makes it possible for the booster to adjust its signal gain as necessary, all while still providing stable connectivity. WilsonPro 4000R cell phone signal booster is an enterprise grade, in-building cellular coverage solution that gives enterprises DAS-like coverage at a fraction of a DAS price.

Optional upgrade to Plenum air coaxial cables.

We carry plenum rated cables that meet the toughest fire safety standards across USA. This Wilson-Pro signal booster system includes Wilson-400 coax cable to connect amplifier and interior antennas. If your residential apartment or commercial office building requires fire-rated cables in plenum areas, please contact us about upgrading to half inch plenum air coaxial cables. Plenum cables fully meet state and federal building fire safety codes. Furthermore, a Plenum cable has almost half the loss of signal for each foot of cable compared to 400 type coaxial cables. Therefore, Plenum cabling provides even more signal from Wilson-Pro amplifier to cell phones and other cellular devices such as tablet computers. However, Plenum air cables are more expensive and available at an additional cost. Please call us for more details if you would prefer Plenum cables instead, or you can also purchase Plenum cables and connectors separately.

This 2G, 3G, 4G LTE professional signal booster kit is compatible with following U.S.A. wireless service providers:

American Service Providers.
AT&T Wireless.
Boost Mobile.
C Spire.
Cricket Wireless.
Metro PCS.
Simple Mobile.
Straight Talk.
T-Mobile USA.
US Cellular.
Verizon Wireless.
Virgin Mobile USA.

Learn more about Wilson Pro 460131 (now Wilson Pro 460231) at its dedicated category details page, or read and learn even more about it at our extremely detailed Wilson Pro 4000R blog post.

Product Number
Model Number
Antenna Impedance
Passband Gain(nominal)
20 dB Bandwidth (MHz)
Power output for signal cell phone (Uplink) dBm
Power output for signal cell phone (Downlink) dBm
Power output for multiple received channels (Uplink) dBm
No. Tones
Power output for multiple received channels (Downlink) dBm
No. Tones
Noise Figure
Power Requirement
WilsonPro Precision 4000RTM
U460031/ U460231
460031/ 460231
50 ohms
698-716 MHz, 746-787 MHz, 824-894 MHz, 1850-1990 MHz, 1710-1755/2110-2155 MHz
700MHz Band12/17
700MHz Band13
700MHz Band12/17
700MHz Band13
700MHz Band12/17
700MHz Band13
700MHz Band12/17
700MHz Band13

700MHz Band12/17 700MHz Band13 800MHz 1700/1700MHz 1900MHz
18.0 18.3 21.1 17.6 22.1
14.5 14.8 17.6 14.1 18.6
12.0 12.3 15.1 11.6 16.1
10.0 10.3 13.1 9.6 14.1
8.5 8.8 11.6 8.1 12.6

700MHz Band12/17 700MHz Band13 800MHz 2100MHz 1900MHz
11.2 12.5 14.0 11.4 10.5
7.7 9.0 10.5 7.9 7.0
5.2 6.5 8.0 5.4 4.5
3.2 4.5 6.0 3.4 2.5
1.7 3.0 4.5 1.9 1.0
5db nominal
>90 db
12V 3A

WilsonPro 4000R General Specs.:

Product Number.


Antenna Impedance.

50 Ohms.

Power Requirements.

110 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 30 W.

Model Number.


Noise Figure.

5 dB nominal.


698-716 MHz, 729-787 MHz, 824-894 MHz, 1850-1990 MHz 1710-1755 MHz/2110-2155 MHz.




> 90 dB.


Maximum Uplink Power.

30 dBm.

Maximum downlink Power (per port).

17 dBm.

Maximum Gain.

70 dB.

Product Reviews.

Warranty Information.

Get an industry-leading two years manufacturer's warranty on all consumer grade weBoost amplifiers. All Wilson Electronics' commercial grade WilsonPro cell phone amplifiers have three yrs. manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, we provide sixty days extended return policy on all brand-new and used or refurbished weBoost & Wilson Pro cell phone boosters and GSA items. If you have questions or require help, please email us or call our customer and tech support at toll free number 1(800)501-3153. We will be happy to guide you. In addition to lowest price, all cheaper refurb. items are factory tested and include one year manufac. warr. Unless on-sale/ clearance products explicitly state the word "refurbished", all items we stock are brand-new!

60 Days Refund Guarantee
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