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Wilson Pro 1000 & 4000 Series Industrial Signal Boosters

WilsonPro 4000 & 1000 Cell Phone Signal Boosters for up to 100,000 sq. ft.

Wilson Pro 4000R

Wilson Pro 4000R Rack Mount Signal Booster for up to 100,000 sq. ft.
(Wilson 460231)
On Sale! Call for price.

Wilson Pro 4000

Wilson Pro 4000 Wall Mount Signal Booster for up to 100,000 sq. ft.
(Wilson 460223)
On Sale! Call for price.

Wilson Pro 1000

Wilson Pro 1000 Wall-Mount Signal Booster for up to 35,000 sq. ft.
(Wilson 460236)
On Sale! Call for price.

Wilson Pro 1000R

Wilson Pro 1000R Rack-Mount Signal Booster for up to 35,000 sq. ft.
(Wilson 460237)
On Sale! Call for price.

Wilson Pro 1050

Wilson Pro 1050 Dual Signal Booster System for up to 35,000 sq. ft.
(Wilson 460230)
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Professional installation of commercial booster kits available - Contact us with details for a prompt installation quote.


Wilson Electronics' most powerful industrial signal booster kit made for spaces approx. 100,000 sq. ft., Wilson Pro 4000R. Wilson Pro 4000RThis is the first rack mounted signal booster kit to incorporate four amplifiers feeding multiple indoor antennas (allows up to 18 internal antennas). Wilson Pro 4000 is a non-rack mount version of the same booster composite. Both offer Extra Dynamic Range for continuous connectivity. They are 50 Ohm Systems with Automatic & Manual Gain Control. They work with all carriers in USA & Canada. Professional installation available - Contact us with details for a prompt installation quote.


Boost reception on all service carrier networks

All Wilson Pro 4000 & 1000 Series boosters work with all cellular service providers in USA & Canada.

Wilson Pro 4000R

Exceptional Features:
Rack-mount booster kit fits in any IT cabinet Rack-mount kit fits in any IT cabinet: Compact Wilson 4000R cell phone signal booster kit for commercial applications is made to fit easily in any company's server rack. This makes its installation quick, clean, and easy. Furthermore, the signal booster amplifier is thus easily accessible anytime by professionals or trained employees on-site, and in the building without calling in original installation technicians.
Built-in Booster Software Adjusts Gain Automatically Built-in Software Adjusts Gain Automatically: Each antenna pathway inside facility ensures best possible connectivity throughout large indoor spaces and within multi-story buildings. All ports are independently and automatically controlled to adjust their gain level up or down as needed, depending upon the strength of incoming signal from outside. This prevents disruption of coverage from any other antenna receiving excessive signal strength from outside. This maintains highest possible Gain evenly, providing stable cellular coverage throughout the facility.
Continuous Signal Connectivity with Extra Dynamic Range (XDR) Continuous Connectivity with Extra Dynamic Range (XDR): This gives Wilson Pro 4000R the greatest tolerance of any competing cellular booster for a strong incoming signal from a cell tower. XDR enables amplifier to prevent shutdown due to too strong of a mobile signal. No matter how overpowering, this boosting amplifier will never get overpowered or shutdown anymore!
Colorful Amplifier LCD Screen for Easy Access Colorful LCD Screen for Easy Access: Unlike other building cell boosters, the WilsonPro 4000R has a colored LCD screen with four-way navigation button that enables installers and users easy and very effective control of the software. This unique feature which is not currently available on any other amplifier brand, drives efficiency and productivity of this awesome commercial grade signal booster kit.
Competitive Advantages:
Highest Downlink Amplifying Power Highest Downlink Amplifying Power: Up to +12 dB higher downlink power than the competition enables stronger cellular signal in environments where the incoming signal is weak. The benefit is a stronger cell signal sent within interiors through indoor antennas, providing larger boosted areas by a single booster amplifier. Up to 16 interior antennas can thus be added (4 per antenna outlet in the rack mount booster).
Highest Uplink Amplifying Power Highest Uplink Amplifying Power: This enables up to +3 dB more strong cell signal transmitted to cell towers than the competition. This generates higher user capacity and increased wireless coverage range from the cell site.
Amplifier Will Not Shut Down Will Not Shut Down Due To Overpowering: Regardless of how strong an incoming signal is, the wireless booster will not shutdown! The unique XDR Technology will keep booster powered on, despite strongest cellular signals that overwhelm other brand amplifiers.
Booster Software Enables Intelligent Control Booster Software Enables Intelligent Control: WilsonPro 460131 cellular boosters automatically adjust signal gain and still provide stable signal coverage evenly throughout the boosted areas of any building or structure.
Sophisticated Boosting Software Enables Maximum Gain Sophisticated Boosting Software Enables Maximum Gain: Cellular signals are constantly fluctuating depending upon the volume of calls, static and dynamic disturbances, weather, etc. Sophisticated boosting software within amplifier unit monitors signal levels constantly and makes real time adjustments as needed. This enables the booster kit to operate at maximum gain, consistently!
Enjoy Enterprise Cellular Connectivity with New WilsonPro 4000R!

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