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Wireless Signal Booster: Proven to Boost Reception Instantly!

Not sure which type of signal booster to get? Find out the pros and cons of using a Wireless Signal Booster versus a Wired Signal Booster. In today's world, wireless technology trumps and dominates the market. However, you may wonder whether or not a wireless signal booster is based upon expediency or actually beneficial for the purchaser. To understand the answer, one must understand the basics of a wireless booster.

What does a wireless signal booster do?

A wireless signal booster increases the strength of an internet connection by amplifying the data which the receiver collects and reconditioning the signal so that the output signal is stronger. Traditionally, a wireless router is used to distribute the signal throughout the house or commercial space to wireless devices. The issue which arises from a standard modem and router is that they are usually wired and they do not boost the signal strength. The result of such is that computers, laptops, and smart phones which are further away from the router have a weaker signal, sometimes within the same room. Additionally, the distribution of data and speed among various devices without boosting the signal can make the reception and sending of data slack.

What is LAN and WLAN?

When you start talking about a wireless signal booster, the terms LAN and WLAN will be talked about. Local area networks or LANs as they are commonly called refers to the boundaries of your internet signal. In the past, a wired connection was used to establish the range through Ethernet cords. The wired connection, therefore, was greatly dependent upon the quality of the Ethernet cable. However, as the technology and the demand for routers which can be placed on desks, walls, and in places where wires would be cumbersome, the wireless router was developed.

WLAN stands for the Wireless Local Area Network. Essentially, it is the same thing as a LAN but with the wireless aspect. The main difference between the wireless and the wired booster is in the method in which the signal is delivered. Wired boosters require that the devices which are getting the boost have a direct connection to the device. This may be appropriate for some small offices where having wires along the floor, ceiling, or walls may not be too obscuring. However, for most offices, houses, and commercial properties, the wireless signal booster just makes rational sense.

Is a wireless booster, amplifier, and repeater the same thing?

No, they are not the same thing. A booster and an amplifier are the same thing and the wordage in referring to this device tends to flip flop back and forth. The wireless repeater is fundamentally different from the amplifier in that it copies the signal and distributes it to other devices and is typically referred to non-powered devices (as in not requiring any electrical or battery power source). An amplifier boosts the signal by taking the weakest signal which is available and combining it with the strongest signal which is available to make a reconditioned and stronger signal. This is then wirelessly transmitted via the wireless signal booster to compatible devices.

What does using a wireless signal booster accomplish?

Using a wireless signal booster has several benefits apart from increasing the bars on one's phone or laptop. By increasing the strength of internet signal, a person has quicker upload and download speeds. Battery life on wi-fi devices can be increased up to 2 hours depending upon the wireless signal booster you choose. Because your device does not have to reconnect to the network over and over, it is possible to minimize the minutes and data allotted on some plans. An optimized and quicker functionality of the WIFI device makes possible a quicker, more cost effective method of doing business in a small office, a more stress free way of recreational and residential browsing, and less dropped connections all around.

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Find out why glass mount antennas are not suitable for wireless signal boosters in vehicles. If you are interested in a wireless signal booster itself or to find information about specific wireless signal boosters please check the product pages. The pages will give you a more detailed description of the wireless signal boosters which are available. Additionally, you will find the list of compatible wifi network providers. CellPhoneSignalBooster.us offers mi-fi boosters which are compatible with most US and Canadian networks. It should be noted that customers should check their phone as well as the intended wireless signal booster to ensure they purchase the best option. 4G phones should be paired with 4G networks.

If you have any inquires which are not addressed on our product pages, please contact us directly. We specialize in cellular signal boosters solely. Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you in finding the best solution to your weak wireless signal issues.

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